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  1. No. Meadow Park is a licensed ground so no alcohol is admitted. However their Social Club within the ground is open.
  2. The Requiem Mass for David McIlroy will take place tomorrow (Thursday 7th January) at St. Peters RC Church in Ardrossan. Only close family and friends may attend. However the Service is livestreamed at http://www.saintpeterinchains.net/ and the link is on the top right hand side of the Church web page. The Mass starts at 1pm and the stream is live from 12.55pm After the Service there will an Interment Service at Ardrossan Cemetery on Sorbie Road.
  3. Two memories of the Greatest of my lifetime. 1979 Hampden Park He was 17 and playing with the 78 World Cup team and he was a stand out then. Nothing more needing said. 1986 Rimini On Holiday Watching Eng v Arg in a Hotel full of our Southern friends. Hand of God scores, Im first up celebrating along with a wee waiter from Naples. London boy next to me 'and ball mate! Room cleared at the Second. Pure Genius. Eternal Diego RIP
  4. Best wishes to John and hope for a full and complete recovery for him. The best and most respected official in the game.
  5. Question. Where do Drumchapel United play. Is it Grass or Astro and what facilities does their ground have. As a matter of interest can anyone answer the same questions for Glasgow University
  6. None of this was our decision. I don't know why you are targeting me personally on this. Well I do actually, but that's not a concern to me. It was your decision along with a few others as it was reported that an implied consensus from the Conference calls on Tuesday agreed to this. There were a number of other proposals put forward, but not taken forward. Is it a an open and transparent members Association? No one is targeting you Glens, no one has raised a voice and I'm only carrying out a debate on a point of principal. There is nothing personal in this and I don't know why you think there is. Not the time to play the victim card yet.
  7. Glencairn are not relegated because the West Region SJFA did not declare promotion and relegation from any of their leagues, they only declared winners. The same applies to Troon and Kirkintilloch Rob Roy, by the way, not just Glencairn. Fully aware it applies to Troon and Rob Roy. Your first sentence contradicts the whole concept of promoting Darvel, Blantyre and Cumbernauld.
  8. Would you like to answer the question on relegation? The change of position if a threat of legal action is brought? Answer the pertinent questions Peter. Everything seems to be worked out later in your latest post. Not very professional and making up policy on the hop
  9. I'm not trying to "sell" you anything. You asked me to post the statement so I did. I've always said it should be conferences for everyone and I still say that, but Rod Petrie just wouldn't section it, so we have to accept it now. Correct the SFA wouldn't sanction it. It was a well known fact. That is why promotion and relegation needs to applied to create a Division of 17 in the first year. But where was the decision to promote 3 teams made. Not by the members, but as there was a concensus? at a video meeting, without a vote of the members. Because of a threat of legal action? This is a major mistake in which a new organisation have left themselves open to threats at any time of legal action that they will cave. This has opened the door to Clubs wholly unhappy with this decision to bring their own action. This leaves the interim management of the new Association weak and ineffective and in the views of some I have spoken to their positions may be untenable. Peter you say are not trying to not trying sell something. If you accept the principle of Promotion, you have to accept the principle of relegation. This would mean that if apply the principal to promote using the West Region PPG as fact, which you ridiculed in other areas, the principal of relegation would apply to Troon, Kirkintilloch Rob Roy and wait Rutherglen Glencairn Decision making in closed rooms by both the SFA and certain clubs within the new structure have protected the self interest of the few. The comment from Dave McKenna LL was that no club should be disadvantaged by the current(Covid) crisis. This has only been applied to 6 Clubs namely the 3 named above and Darvel, Blantyre Victoria and Cumbernauld. However a further 6 clubs in promotion positions within other divisions have been disadvantaged.
  10. Thought you were going to another thread, but you can't help yourself and keep butting in. Its was a great wee season in the Division. We were slow out the traps and I'm sure bc57 will be delighted with Lanarks's position after coming up from League 2. First trips to Carluke and the oldest ground in Scottish Junior Football at Larkhall. Tremendous Clubhouse at Gasworks Park and its wee museum of a hall. Sadly lost a good friend yesterday in wee Les at Shettleston. Love the enthusiasm of Peter and the rest of his Committee at Royal Albert despite all the battles they have to face without complaint (well no many Peter!) Loved the short journeys up the coast and the passion that is that wee corner of Inverclyde with Greenock and the Port. Raging that some arsehole decides it would be fun to set fire to Bellshills Clubhouse because they are bored, but destroy a Club's continuous hard work to have a new home in the town. Great hospitality and gracious in defeat when we stole the game at the Gow. Thanks Andy and committee. Still enjoy our treks to Girvan and Kello after 40 year. Never easy places to go, but always made welcome. Wishaw suffered the same as Bellshill in some moron burning down their Clubhouse. Was looking forward to Robert hosting us in the new set up they had work hard to build. The hardest working guy in the League is wee Billy Adams up at Perthshire. Passionate is an under statement. But love going to Keppoch as its not a place for the faint hearted and it separates the men from the boys. You learn a lot about your own players after 90 minutes in Possil So I wish you all good luck in the new League and hopefully meet you along the way. Yes Peter some of us can take joy out of what we had, but we are happy to move on. You don't need to keep telling people about the demise of the Juniors, I think we know that we are moving to a new grade without you constantly butting in and seem to be reveling in it. I've made a lot of good friends over the past 40 years, better people than some who post on here and look forward to keeping them, making new acquaintances and embracing the new challenges ahead.
  11. Really sorry to hear this. A good friend and guide to me over the years through his role as FOC in the Daily Record and Chairman of the SOGAT National Committee. Many a good day had in Perth. A campaigning Socialist of the old School and on par with Jimmy Reid. Expelled from the Labour Party over Clause 4 and look where they are now. Breathed new life into St. Rochs and at the heart of their role within the community of Royston and beyond. He been unwell for a wee while, but always welcoming when I visited and always able to take a phone call for a chat. Rest in Peace Jim
  12. Neilston v Pollok Auchinleck Talbot v Hulford United Beith Juniors v Kello Rovers Petershill/Darvel Juniors v Broughty
  13. Well done Kennie for having all the fixtures to Season end up for St Andrews Day. No need now for some to rush to their constitutions before starting a complaint thread about not having them up
  14. The Bowlers Rest in the Indoor Bowling Club on Glasgow Street, just round corner from Park for a pre match. Then the Kandy Bar fare of pies, onion pies and sausage rolls at the Ground. The Supporters Club is open prior and after match
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