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  1. Juniors Info

    Or try following it on Non League Scotland. The Juniors info sometimes has this wee glitch.
  2. https://t.co/c0NHDahiIK

  3. After Showcasing our New Sky Blue Away strips at Maybole a fortnight ago, we are looking forward to unveiling our n… https://t.co/piW0rb8bfT

  4. Ardrossan Winton Rovers 4 (Jamie McKenna 3, David Adams) East Kilbride Thistle 3 (Ally Morgan 2, Paul Byrne)

  5. https://t.co/QzjwObZLLv

  6. Ardrossan Winton Rovers 0 Port Glasgow 0

  7. https://t.co/Ijo0mhTsF1

  8. West Region KO times

    No this will be General Meeting. The Management Committee and Clubs felt there was to much time between AGM and January General meeting. This will allow feedback to Kennie re fixtures and cup ties and anything else Clubs want to bring up.
  9. Monday 23rd July 2018 Pre Season Friendly Ardrosssan Winton Rovers Vs Hulford United At Winton Park, Ardrossan Kick off 7.00pm

  10. Pre-Season Friendly Largs Thistle v Ardrossan Winton Rovers Monday 16th July 18 Kick off at Barrfields 7.00pm

  11. Tonights Games

    Pre Season Friendly Johnstone Burgh v Ardrossan Winton Rovers. Kick off at Keanie Park is 7.00pm
  12. Pre-Season Friendly Johnstone Burgh v Ardrossan Winton Rovers Wednesday 11th July 7pm KO Keanie Park, Johnstone

  13. Fixtures 2018/19

    At the AGM the proposal on the position of the Fixture Secretary was accepted. As Robert and Kennie had stood for both positions of General and Fixture Secretary, if one of them stood for and won the position of Fixture Secretary would have seen them disbarred from standing as General Secretary. Kennie explained to the meeting that as his platform over the past 2 years of meeting clubs was to reorganise the fixtures for the clubs benefit with the increased work load that the position would bring due to league reorganisation. He felt this was the position he would best serve as he had put a large amount of work to present to the member clubs his outline of the fixtures for the season.
  14. @steadythebuffs @Nugent4nil Not any of the applicants have any links to the management committee so are neither bla… https://t.co/npnqEkccfQ

  15. SJFA AGM this Saturday

    Perhaps you should consult the Club Extranet, they were all there when I last looked.