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  1. Just to confirm that Calvin Shand is the Musselburgh manager and is actively adding to his squad for the challenges that lie ahead next season in the EoS league. He has the full backing of the New committee and the supporters. Any outstanding players wages are currently being sorted and they are aware of this. Charlie has stepped down from his role at the club. The debt figures quoted earlier in this thread are very overstated. The new committee are working extremely hard to resolve any issues and supporters, manager and playing staff are being kept informed. Personally, I'm very optimistic about the future for Musselburgh athletic.
  2. Having just watched this it's a shocking decision by the ref. Should've given a penalty.
  3. I've no idea but as a supporter I'd be delighted if my team made the move to EofS league. The sooner the better.
  4. Surely it's about a better chance to progress to later rounds in cups with home ties. Why would you think it's about money when the gate s are shared in cup ties.
  5. Strange that you live round the corner from Olivebank and don't know anything about the club. Have a look at the club website if you want to know anything.
  6. crisis is obviously beating Nitten midweek and only winning 5-1 at Sauchie. I'll take a crisis every day.
  7. Agree completely. Team today got a great result. The clubs all the better for getting rid of doubters.
  8. Give us a clue. When did you leave the club? If your who I think you are, your letting yourself down badly. If you've nothing good to say - SHUT IT.
  9. Jimmy, you seem to be a man in the know. Anything else to report sponsor, signings in/out, backroom changes etc?
  10. I've been really calm about the final ever since we won the semi. Even through our recent spell where we've had a few of dodgy results. Now I just can't wait for tomorrow. Needing a few drinks today so that I can sleep tonight. Talbot may be favourites but favourites don't always win. Tomorrow will be a great day for Musselburgh Athletic and the town. Hopefully it will be the greatest day in the clubs history. Hope it's a great game to watch for all neutrals. Mon The Burgh
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