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  1. I recently sent a private comment to the moderators of this site which alluded to celtic followers getting preferential treatment in what they were allowed to say and the language used.

    I made no comment of you within what was a private conversation and would not do so. I mentioned you in an open forum which would allow you to answer back, I may not agree with it, but that is your call.

  2. The Mighty Ducks 8/10 Great performances and genuine conflict augmented by excellent plot twists and a stunning surprise ending. Emilio Estevez has rarely been this good.
  3. You're a very confused individual judging by your comments

  4. I'm not Kev ya numpty

  5. Awrite Kev.

    You've been quiet lately, that's not a complaint though.

  6. I thought that comment was really incisive and you're right; it's knowing the audience. You're also right about progression; I adore Steinbeck as a 20th Century writer but before that there were absolute belters being written especially in the 19th C.
  7. I said there are a lot of classics that should be read in my opinion before modern pop novels. I have read "War and Peace" for example and it's an excellent read with compelling characters, a gripping narrative and an excellent psychological dimension that transcends time. As for plays and films, I thought we were talking about books? Taste is the main differentiation to any reading preferences but whereas I found any Tolstoy book rewarding I find a lot of pop novels, quick and easily forgotten. i did find the Epilogues in WAP a bit heavy going but they're more akin to a sociological thesis rather than a novel.
  8. The journalists had very low sexual morals and showed a lack of faithfulness to each other. The old man was obsessive and apparently conducted a meticulously researched investigation with all the resources he had at his disposal and found nothing in spite of one of his family being guilty (Implausible and a character I couldn't warm to). The only one i could moderately warm to was the woman who had killed her father and whose brother (?) was the murderer. I generally don't remember the names of characters of a book I didn't like btw. Lisabeth (thanks for reminding me) tortured a man who treated her abysmally and raped her and she in turn exercised control over him which were all sadistic acts with a sexual connotation. Mikeal was able to trace people from 20 odd years back based on faded photographs; slighly ridiculous but how come the CEO of a global organisation who'd been analysing this for 20 odd years found nothing. C'mon mate. I have no doubt the author was a good journalist but to me a very by the numbers thriller that would have been written in a better narrative by Harlen Coben or Michael Connolly.
  9. The Girl books were either badly written or poorly translated in my opinion. However, even allowing for that the lack of subtley and the way in which the narrative unfolded according to investigations which didn't seem plausible contributed to my dislike of the book. Also, it was drawn out and the characters were all amoral without drawing the reader's sympathy except the Girl herself and even she indulged in sadistic torture which ironically contributed to the mysoginy. I read it based on recommendations but there are so many excellent classic novels that I haven't read that modern pop cr*p like this should stay in supermarket chains imo.
  10. Tortilla Flat - John Steinbeck It's about a group of Paisanos (Countrymen) who inhabit a small rural area in Monterey on the Californian coast after WWI. They spend their days trying to acquire wine and Steinbeck embellishes these uneducated men with a dignity which makes the story funnier but also seperates perceived and largely psychologically constructed social divides. I love Steinbeck so the novel has great positives. However, it's one of his early novels and doesn't have a formal narrative although that doesn't stop it from being an excellent read. 8.5/10
  11. Old Firm for this pash mwon! The way that the film depicted Ireland tearing itself apart once that violence had been used in the struggle. It proved a saluatory lesson that friends and allies become enemies and murder each other. The film didn't implicity or explicity state that "Divide and Conquer" wasn't the Government policy though.
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