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  1. Scottish Labour by numbers

    Reported for reporting.
  2. Realistic number of SNP MPs after 2015 General Election.

    Do you want a wee hug? Would that make you feel better? Actually, I'd better retract that offer, BerwickMad would see it as homophobic or sexist, I'm sure.
  3. Top 5 places you'd like to visit...

    Best steer clear of your kitchen then.
  4. Realistic number of SNP MPs after 2015 General Election.

    Off you pop, there's a good lad.
  5. the neglected demograph

    Where did I mention Wings as a source for this?
  6. the neglected demograph

    Who do you think wrote it then? Dave, Nicky and Eddie, all sitting round a table with a packet of felt tips and a determined frown?
  7. Nicola Sturgeon

    That is entirely how he operates. P&B's laziest poster by far.
  8. the neglected demograph

    All you had to do was ask and not get your panties in a bunch. http://www.google.co.uk/ Knock yourself out. Stop being lazy and getting others to find out information they already know. Now, a little less of the anger and passive aggression, please.
  9. Nicola Sturgeon

    You started off so well as well. #textbookbants
  10. the neglected demograph

    Ah the lesser spotted No voter. If all else fails, resort to seething about Salmond or WoS.
  11. Nicola Sturgeon

    All my posts are of substance. Yours consist of taking absolutely nothing on board whilst battering on with your strange little agendas.
  12. the neglected demograph

    Yup. Quite why you think I'm eager to prove myself to you is another thing. But if you want to think that Nick and Ed and David all sat down round a table and wrote a line each, you knock yourself out.
  13. Nicola Sturgeon

    Oh dear. Banterman, like so many No voters, has only reappeared since No won and has spent that time since then talking pretty much utter shite. I'm sure he'll be along in a second, all hurt, asking for evidence of how he's been talking shite.
  14. the neglected demograph

    The Record didn't report it. They had a hand in creating it. That's how biased they were.