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  1. RED STATE Nice little plot to it, few real world things throwing in (Westboro Baptist Church). Didn't really like the ending as its seemed to go off in a tangent from three kids getting kidnapped and how evil the church was to how corrupt the government was. 6/10 worth a watch, but probably wouldn't watch it again
  2. who could complain about the looks of Lindsey Lohan back then...
  3. the price of fredo's, the price of space raiders, and you only get 1/4 of the bag filed with crisps nowadays...
  4. I too heard this thanks to a "damage" guy. I always planned on donating if I won the Euromillions
  5. I too, enjoyed this movie greatly and often preform the elbow with my good friends
  6. I usually don't get scared at horrors (blood guts gore) but supernatural stuff really creeps me out, love the film although some of it was unbelievable.

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