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  1. Sounds like he'd link up well with carrick.With us allegedly after hemmings too and just signed keatings I hope this doesn't mean we're going to pie carrick.
  2. Just came on to ask the same thing. What kind of what kind of striker is he? One who scores goals i hope.
  3. Tfw hibs are run like a ''proper business'' and still worse off than hearts.
  4. I'm pretty certain if you replace conventional seating with this, it actually reduces the capacity in that area.
  5. Is this gomis felly any good? Not going to lie, i know nothing about him bar he played for dundee utd. What type of midfielder is he? We need a bit of presence in midfield, an almost barr/black type role as i don't think hamill did that very well. Will he be able to play that role?
  6. Its not the logo that's the problem. The logo is fine its the sheer size of it that ruins the strip. If they wanted it that size they should've stuck it in a speech bubble. Edit: I would like to see you come up with something like that in paint!
  7. If I'm honest I've not been too impressed by him.Again he's shown flashes of brilliance but he's lazy and arrogant. Not too sure if it was due to the hype before he started getting game time with us but I'd much rather have Nicholson king and maybe even smith out there before him He really needs an attitude check if he wants to get back into the first team. Mchatties game becomes 10x harder when walker plays because he just doesn't track back at all.
  8. I haven't seen enough of Mcghee to make a judgement tbh. He's looked fantastic and really settled when he's been in the team, although he's not had enough game time to go through rough spells like the rest of them. It's hard to judge any of them at the moment because they've all at one point or another shown real good talent but it would be silly to think we could produce a full team of youth who will go onto play professional football at a decent level... i think That stanton used to be in my friends group and he was well quiet and never boasted about being a footballer or anything. Infact it wasn't until i seen him come on the tv well after we stopped hanging around together that i realised he played for hibs! Good lad, head screwed on and definitely looks like he's got a bright future ahead of him. The birsds love him aswell In terms of arguing amongst fans, there's really no point in being on P&B if you're going to get genuinely wound up by other fans. I'm sure us big clubs will be back in the top flight where we belong sooner rather than later anyway.
  9. Think the only player anyone would pick up just now is Paterson. Looks pretty comfortable at this level and is probably ready to move onto the next step as it is. IMO anyway. Not disregarding the youth, we've got a lot of good young players there but need a bit more time to ''learn the game'' Holt and nicholson will go on to have fantastic careers if they keep going the way they are just now. Who have hibs got left in terms of youth players? Surprised no ones come in for Stanton or Cummings yet. Been disapointed by Harris everytime i've seen him. He looked shit hot in that semi final against aberdeen i think it was but i haven't seen him match that since. I'm surprised he wasn't launched with the rest tbh.
  10. In terms of the strip, i like the sentiment of the 'sponsor' but it would've been good if they could've just chucked it in a rectangular box or something. Despite wonga being pretty decent to us in the past few years, i'm glad that big speech bubble is at least away from the kits.
  11. Aye that one up top is really going to be a massive shocker for the hearts support.
  12. That's how we got into trouble in the first place.I won't be making that mistake again. Do you think it was the same scarf that Vlad gave to the thousands of signings he made? Boy was scarf mad.
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