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  1. The main message I'm taking away from this thread is that I have to keep in with the daft bints that run the nail salon if I value my kneecaps.
  2. Nail salons will be fine - what would we do without them?
  3. Yup - hate this - folk at my work are suddenly HR Business Partners and Procurement Specialists - just f**k off!
  4. Rode our luck with the two efforts that hit the woodwork, and a good save from Gordon. County look to have some plers, and they played four competitive games, but we have to start better. Much better in the second half -delighted to come away with a win.
  5. There are rich teams. Then there's fifty feet of crap. Then there's us. It's an unfair game.
  6. If it ends up being Truss, she'll just be the scapegoat for whatever the f**k chicanery they're about to pull next. She is so fucking weak.
  7. You never know how new signings will do, but great to have another bona fide striker who has at least scored a few goals. Competition for Boyce at the very least. and a huge improvement on the likes of big Nando, you would think. Feels like Forest and Grant are an improvement on GMS and Ginnelly - fingers crossed for Rowles being decent.
  8. The c***s that really annoy me the now are the ones that say 'We're fed up with this - just make a decision, and be done with it' - like it's more important to resolve something badly, but quickly, than to take a wee bit of time to get it right - not that there will ever be a right where Tory leadership is concerned, unless it's the far-right, of course. If folk are fed up with it, switch over to Gogglebox or something, and definitely don't turn up on Question Time to waste everyone's fucking time. Penny Mordaunt has better tits, but this is Sunak's gig all the way - the Tory racists won't like it.
  9. Hello there! Whatever happened to wee Heather Weather?
  10. Carlton Cole was in the press last week slating Scottish football based on his time playing in Scotland. Carlton Cole played in Scotland?
  11. Just the one iffy goal conceded by Cheesy last night, so a slight improvement, possibly? McAneff in talks about a possible move to Perth Glory? Is that St Johnstone?
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