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  1. Should have won that, but it's another point in the bag. Hopefully Boyce's injury isn't so bad that it leaves us with just Gnanduillet to not attack crosses. No complaints about the way we're playing - some nice stuff for most of the game.
  2. Aye, I think they must be quite young - they can play like f**k, and wee Geordie has a massive voice - the drummer is phenomenal, as you say - he's been playing since the age of 2, apparently.
  3. Another shout for Cavalcade by Black Midi. I hardly ever get remotely excited about modern bands, but I absolutely love the Black Midi lads, and I cannae wait to hear what they do next.
  4. Aye, that was the image that set me off. Thanks for that. It's not even the hair, although that's not helping.
  5. This is what they do these days - blanket coverage of the latest Marvel movies as well. But there's no advertising on the BBC. c***s.
  6. Being Frank - the Chris Sievey/Frank Sidebottom story has been on Sky Docs (channel 121?) this week - fantastic!
  7. Caught a very quick shot of that Lenny Henry c**t while flicking channels (not a euphemism) the other night - god, how I fucking hate him.
  8. In February of 2022 there are 5 UK reunion shows with the original 4. The current lineup are recording a new album for release next year with a new record label and a new drummer who will be announced in due time. The current line up will be touring their new album from Spring 2022 and will be playing around the world.
  9. Sir Bufton Tufton, Jean Paul Sartre Zippy, Bungle, Jeffrey Archer.
  10. Rest in peace Alan Hawkshaw - talented composer and musician. May your god go with you.
  11. Having to spend a lot of time at my Ma's these days. Finding Gogglebox surprisingly likeable. On the down side, I find myself catching bits of River City - it actually offends me how bad it is - the sheer low quality of the scripts and the acting continue to shock. It's got so bad that that Roisin isn't the most bizarre thing in it.
  12. Strongly prefer Art's version to the Flamingo's version, chief - guilty as charged.
  13. It's always enjoyable when Cowan bitches about the cancellation of his TV show, which was abysmal. Just imagine his level of bile when he is righteously papped aff the radio show.
  14. Apparently I was rubbing shoulders with Spizzenergi in Bannerman's on Saturday.
  15. Had to work all day yesterday, so was delighted to come home to this result - brilliant stuff.
  16. Never has the above meme been used more ironically.
  17. Not really - 'well have had a great start to the season, as have both Edinburgh clubs. Today's game could go either way - if I was betting, I'd say score draw. Obviously, we're at home, though, and we should be looking to win our home games - we've drawn at home against aberdeen and hibs, mind.
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