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  1. Livi have the measure of us, so we'll have to be prepared to battle - hopefully Vanacek can give them something to think about. It's going to be fucking freezing, but see you there anyway.
  2. Favourite MILF Thread

    Any of you c***s seen Carol's 'video'?
  3. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    Transfermarket says he has returned to Hearts. How was he for Forfar? Notice you have Adam Eckersley these days anaw - blimey!
  4. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    Just spotted that he's turned up on our Wiki page as a squad member rather than being on loan.
  5. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    Has Lewis Moore's loan spell ended?
  6. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    You don't say. If Gordon is meant to be impartial, he came down quite heavily on the side of the authorities - the very definition of safe reporting. However, he's a Dons fan, isn't he? I'm assuming you're jumping in for him on that basis - the SFA don't have a leg to stand on, and he's fighting their corner. Also, Pat Bonner and Chick Young aren't experts.
  7. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Heard a wee bit of Sportsound yesterday - liked hearing Billy Dodds fighting the good fight against the SFA and referees while standing against the bland apathy of Richard Gordon and Chico Young who was defending the SFA on the grounds that they're 'between a rock and a hard place'. Dodds was having none of it, so good on the jug-eared c**t.
  8. Why aren't you dead yet?

    My wee sister died when she was really young - I was just a wee bit older than her - we don't or probably cant talk about it, understandably. My nephew was touch and go a couple of years ago - worst day of my life - nothing bad actually happened, but it was the fear of what might happen. Lucky white heather, eh?
  9. Why aren't you dead yet?

    Lassie I work with had a horrible accident a few years ago, and was in a coma for six weeks, but survived massive brain surgery - she has issues with memory, and has a bit of an attitude problem, but she's alive and working. Her brother recently tripped and fell, and was in a coma for ten days, but didn't survive the brain surgery, sadly. Pretty bad luck for one family to be hit in this way.
  10. Substance Abuse Rock!

    This one's an anti-heroin song:
  11. Heart of Midlothian Season 2018/2019

    It's good that he's gone - that was just awkward. One of Amankwa's team mates, incidentally, will be https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eggert_Jónsson
  12. Pie & Bovril Dead Pool 2019

    This must have been posted already, surely, but... "He's dead, Jim!"
  13. Heart of Midlothian Season 2018/2019

    I think he maybe did, aye, but I cannae mind, tbh. I just found it frustrating having so few options up front when we had three attacking players out on loan, and they've all been doing well and scoring. Zannatta won't have the pace of Mulraney, but he surely has a better brain for football.
  14. Heart of Midlothian Season 2018/2019

    Shame to be losing Dunne who was great. The loan moves will have been good for Edwards and, especially, Burns in terms of getting games. I'd be looking to bring back some of Keena, Zannatta, and Currie, all of whom seem to have done well on loan. I've been looking forward to us bringing in Vanacek - time will tell, eh?
  15. Heart of Midlothian Season 2018/2019

    How was he for you guys? Fairly bland, I'm guessing?