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  1. All jokes aside, every time I hear the death count, it gives me the absolute fear - if I catch it, I'll probably have an absolute c**t of a week or two with a b*****d of a flu, and I may even shuffle off - too bad. for me. Hearing local stories, though, of grimmer than usual funeral scenes for folk who were vulnerable. Shan SHAN times. Stay safe, you c***s.
  2. See also the US version of Red Dwarf.
  3. Saw that - hopefully he won't be cut off in his prine.
  4. Yup, but surely it's implied that the 50% pay cut will happen whether the players agree to it or not - because the cash won't be there to pay it, and because she can?
  5. Have we established what 'Naisy' has said yet? I'd be interested in it.
  6. Re-start the season in September - end it early December - start the new season late Jan/early Feb - we're forced to give Summer fitba a go - boom. Best case scenario, though, is to declare this season null and void - not because it would save us from relegation, but because I want to see neil lennon's head explode.
  7. Drummer Bill Rieflin has passed away. Some CV the guy had.
  8. Apparently, Bob and Paul Whitehouse will be on BBC Radio Scotland's Afternoon show tomorrow....er...afternoon.
  9. Oh, Nim Nim Nim Nim Nim fucking Nim!
  10. John Hartson is on the now - between him, Pat Bonnar, and Kris Commons, are there any ex-celtic players that aren't thick as shite in the neck of a bottle?
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