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  1. Cheers, bud - that seems right to me - my auld ma's memory is going - I showed her how to make scrambled eggs last week - raising the bar to the next level this week with French toast, but I think my memory's going too.
  2. So, how do you c***s make French toast?
  3. Just a brilliant band - a proper band doing their thing.
  4. How do. That's actually a lot better - it's The Damned for one thing.
  5. Plastic Bertrand's 'Ca plane Pour Moi' is actually a terrible record.
  6. This tune - the chorus is good, but the verses, and coda are brilliant.
  7. I don't think there's ever been a fly-on-the-wall behind the scenes show about a football club where it's ended well, and this will be no exception. I fully expect that it will be as good/bad/funny for the wrong reasons as the Bros documentary.
  8. No' sure - planning to watch it later - the version that's on the BBC i-player is 2 hours 5- minutes long. I've aye found it a long and slow film, but that's never bothered me. Great film, like.
  9. Apocalypse Now is on BBC2 the night at half-nine.
  10. Cheers, bud - weather forecast for tomorrow is good - actually looking forward to a nice long walk in the sun without any distractions - wot u up to?
  11. I think a lot of folk already have enough on their plate...
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