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  1. Accies v Hearts (Edinburgh’s good guys)

    Was hooked after half an hour in one game.
  2. This time with Alan Partridge

    Can't read this post without hearing it in the voice of Alan Partridge - lovely touch that sets it apart.
  3. Bob Mortimer

    Very much this -I don't have a TV, and have never fished, but have watched three episodes of Bob and Paul's fishing show, and have recommended it to two of my mates who run a fishing club - wonderful stuff - Bob's a fucking legend.
  4. Accies v Hearts (Edinburgh’s good guys)

    Completely missed as I was working. Sounds like a deserved win for Hamilton - fair enough. The only way Levein keeps his job is if he somehow manages to win the cup, which isn't going to happen - should really be looking at potential replacements, but he's already signing players for next season.
  5. Still Game & Best Bits

    I've no doubt that there are young up-and-coming writers in Scotland - not convinced that the Burnistoun lads or even Limmy are massively better, as good as they can be at times. If the BBC Comedy Unit are content to fall back on their roster of staff writers (and I would include Limmy and the Burnistoun boys in that), I don't think it would be a great improvement on the Still Game writers. If we're seriously talking about a series going out on a high, that would have been two or three series back - this is a wee pension booster for the cast and crew - pleased for them to be getting it.
  6. Still Game & Best Bits

    To be fair, it's nowhere near as bad as the descent of The Simpsons, which is as bad as it used to be good - with the budget the makers of The Simpsons have at their disposal to employ whole teams of writers, they have no excuse for the insulting all too slick corporate pish they've been turning out for years. Still Game hit an all-time low with that Lone Wolf shite, but I don't begrudge the lads and lasses one last paycheque - this series feels like a testimonial match - fair enough, because the early shows were great.
  7. Actually agree with this. Standard, though - if the authorities can help the old/new firm, they absolutely always will.
  8. What Are You Listening To?

    Why don't I remember this song?
  9. We have better players at the moment, on the whole - we were an absolute basket case from 1977 to 1982.
  10. Happy with a win - especially after losing an early goal. Bon chance, Thistle.
  11. Aberdeen v Sevco - Scottish Cup QF

  12. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    Poor show from Berwick, imo.