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  1. The hubz boss accusing Naismith of disrespecting Robbie Neilson, as if that was anything other than a great thing.
  2. That would be the lesson for me too - empty it into row Z then re-group. Good player, and still quite young - hopefully he can learn and improve.
  3. A brilliant performer who seems to have gone through so much to survive - always struck me as a very dignified person too.
  4. Good to be actually getting a point and scoring a couple in Glesgae for a change - poor defending for both rangers goals, though - Hill slips, to be fair, but Sibbick has to learn not to f**k about like that - just defend the situation properly, ffs.
  5. Just some night vision goggles for hobbies.
  6. I also don't think Wee Budgie should have any say in the managerial appointment - thanks again, but that's plenty, doll!
  7. Aye, nae particular offence to the boy, but john kennedy can f**k off.
  8. This idea that john kennedy is a promising coach - where's the evidence for it?
  9. While this was an excellent and deserved win for the Jam Tarts, I reckon aiberdeen will beat st mirren through the week, and we'll get fuckall at ibrox, so we're still looking at 4th place at best, imo.
  10. Funny that Marr's otherwise heartfelt eulogy doesn't mention shafting Rourke financially. 59, ffs!
  11. Think third place went North a while ago. Think this will be a score draw - Desmond 2-2. Page 2, and no mention of Jim Bett.
  12. Bass player John Giblin has passed away - one of the top guys with Joan Armatrading, Simple Minds, et al.
  13. There's a Portuguese meat shop in Roslin, of all places. Has there ever been a more obvious front for money laundering?
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