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  1. I think he only played 2 games for us when on loan, but I thought he was magic - delighted with that signing!
  2. Robbie was saying there's no way we'll be selling Souttar after injuries to Smith and Halkett - possibly some bluster in there, but there must also be some truth in it.?
  3. On the game (as my mom and sista are), you can't expect to win games while making those kind of errors, missing penalties, etc. On refereeing mistakes, you can't just say that they 'don't matter'.
  4. Is there another club that has threads littered with comments about terrorism an child abuse, btw?
  5. Probably like a Tardis in that is will seem bigger when you're inside it.
  6. If we're playing Souttar tonight, and it seems that we are, I'd maybe go with Smith at RWB with Atkinson ahead of him on the right of the front three, and take it from there.
  7. Apologies, bud - I might have been confused by the random pops coming from someone other than a hibs fan, which is usually the case, but it's really just me being a p***k. Probably a bit edgy ahead of a rear-ending tonight. And then there's also the fitba'!
  8. And yet, you didnt. Next time there's a celtic v Hertz thread, why not post all of your predictions early doors? This will allow you to post about your remarkable insight later.
  9. Wonder if the celtc fans will join in the pantomime booing of Souttar? You'd think they would, given that he's committed his future to der Sons of Wilhelm?
  10. Nando off to Le Mans - so many people offering to drive him there. Apparently, Damour is at Le Mans as well. My new favourite French team for taking them off our hands.
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