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  1. What is it they're not getting, out of interest?
  2. Sorry to hear that - seemed like a good guy - rest in peace.
  3. Poor, ponderous, pedestrian, powderpuff pish from the Hertz. Arbroath will feel aggrieved not to take anything from that. I heard the commentator use the word 'swanky' quite a lot when they were on the ball - Arbroath's play was decent, but 'swanky' is a wee bit of a stretch. Still, shree points, and clean sheet, and much room for improvement.
  4. I had a persistent cough a few weeks ago, so checked the NHS site. The cough I had wasn't affecting my breathing, and I didn't have any of the other symptoms, so I left it, and the cough is much better - I reckon it was probably an allergy or something. I'm no expert, obviously - best to keep checking, probably.
  5. Arbroath have some decent players - I've always thought that Bobby Linn was a bit of a player. Dick Campbell is a sly old codger, so this could be a trickier game for us than last week. Quite liking the Friday night fitba' on the telly - hoping for a win for the Hertz, obviously.
  6. So it's not a Malthusian positive check on population, then?
  7. So, just to clarify, you blame governments for over-reacting to the virus, and you're blaming Bill Gates for the actual virus itself? What is Bill Gates hoping to achieve?
  8. This is your worst post by some distance, Todd - disgusting.
  9. Bumping in case folk have been looking for the thread. Hope all is well.
  10. And when other clubs are already in danger of going under. Sheer fucking greed.
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