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  1. We've improved under Steve Clarke, imo, and youngsters like Paterson and Gilmour bode well. As folk have commented above, we've found a way to accommodate Robertson and Tierney. Some rare positive vibes re the men's national team for a spell - it's about fucking time.
  2. I like Irving as a player - not everyone's cup of tea, but good luck to him for trying something a wee bit different - could make him a better player, or... Heard a few weeks ago that his agent had strong links in Germany, so it's not a big surprise. Also heard that the deals offered to him by Hearts weren't massively tempting, so can't really blame him for moving. Our midfield options aren't really much better than they were two years ago - Neilson needs to get some dig in there.
  3. For a guy with so much talent, ability, and musicality, he disappoints for too often, but when he's good he's very good. The Police were great, like.
  4. Do folk drink the same day as they've had their vaccinations?
  5. Sensible re Naismith. Love the Zal Flag. Wish we could get this on a flag, though:
  6. Nicola hates will find some rationale to seethe at this.
  7. David Marshall's garden must be massive.
  8. Just feels like we've been mugged off here - too many mistakes - poor finishing - a wonder strike, sure, but avoidable goals conceded. Take your chances, and cut out the silly errors, and it's a different game. They've missed chances anaw, mind.
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