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  1. Pal was telling me that he and a few other mates were forming a band in the late 70s - one of the stipulations in their advert was 'no poofs'! How times have changed.
  2. Just a couple of Buzzbomb stories (possibly exaggerated, but probably true): Busby's team mate Willie Gibson, who I think was a decent player and goal scorer in a relatively poor team at the time, was getting it tight from the Hearts fans in the shed - Drew didn't appreciate that, so walked up to the shed and got them telt - no-one gave Willie a hard time after that. On another occasion, Drew and the late Rab Prentice were supposed to attend a fans event at Tynecastle - the Buzzbomb turned up on time suited and booted happy to meet and chat to the fans, and noticed there was no sign of Prentice, who was never the most organised guy - when Busby heard Rab wasn't coming, he excused himself to make a very quick phone call - Busby came back to say that Rab would be arriving in a taxi asap - I can only imagine Prentice was telt anaw. A massively respected player and man, by all accounts. His name was Drew Busby.
  3. If we are getting VAR, can we also get the Countdown music to accompany it?
  4. All the chat about consolidating 3rd place, getting closer to the old firm, and European football - it's probably more likely that Neilson will be sacked by November.
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