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  1. Great result today. Earlier in the season I was moaning about our lack of midfield options - Haring is decent, and Halliday is ok - if we could just sign a couple that would be good enough to keep them out of the team, that would improve us. Early days, but Beni and Devlin look good.
  2. I couldne find anything either. Good luck, flower!
  3. The person who threw the firework onto the field is an idiot and a coward. Griffiths is an idiot- as if it wasn't bad enough having a firework thrown at him, the football authorities will surely throw the book at him.
  4. I used to love Kevin Keegan's Newcastle side - it was pretty much all-out attack - Gillespie on the right, Ginola on the left, Beardsley bombing forward - one of the centre backs was essentially a midfield player - full backs getting forward - strikers like Shearer, Ferdinand, and Asprilla - probably could have done with a better goalie. They were brilliant to watch, but, ultimately, won f**k-all. Newcastle fans probably would have settled for less excitement if it meant winning something that season. However, I reckon Newcastle fans would be much happier with what they had then than what they've had since. In practical terms, though, most fans would rather watch turgid utilitarian football and win than fail with thrilling football.
  5. I imagine Livi's win over celtic last weekend will give them a bit of a lift. Great.
  6. I'd never heard of a Discord Server until now. But now that I have heard about Discord Servers... I really want a Discord Server. Div - kindly raise a Purchase Order.
  7. Thank f**k for that. Heard locals talking about this on the radio this morning, and it just sounded ominous as f**k.
  8. While it was good to see a theoretically attacking side, it was probably a bit top heavy, if anything, with GMS, McKay, and Woodburn playing in behind Boyce and Nando - that probably left Beni a bit short in midfield. Think we changed to a back four due to Smith's injury - Moore more or less managed RB, but probably couldn't swing the RWB gig. Harsh on Cochrane to drop out, as he's been decent. Devlin looked ok, so could give us something different in centre mid. We go on.
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