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  1. Until very recently, I thought that Judge Rinder and comedian Tom Allen were one and the same person.
  2. After all this palaver interrupting tv schedules for days on end, I thought we might get a day aff, but no. c***s. That's what I would write in their book of condolences. anaw.
  3. Kingsley had been earmarked for a return in this game, but he won't make it, and White came off injured last week - I'd put Halliday at LB as he does fuckall in midfield anyway. Both Irvine and McEneff could do with being 'rested'. but who else is there? Wonder of McGill could get a run, but is it wise to throw a young lad in to the current mess? - Robbie seems to think Halkett did well enough last week, so he will play - If Popescu could be trusted, we could play Smith in midfield, but that won't happen either. Gordon Logan - Halkett - Smith - Halliday Haring - Irving Walker - Boycey - GMS Nando Subs: Stewart, Popescu, McGill, Hendo, Naismith, McEneff, and Soapy Souttar, even though he's not fit enough to play.
  4. We're supposed to learn from history, so maybe just behead those that are involved in pedo activity. Anyone left can join the queue to sell the Big Issue or work for Wetherspoons pubs?
  5. "Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest" [Denis Diderot]
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