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  1. Heard Dodds, Hartson, and some lassie on Sportsound earlier, with Hartson being particularly clueless. I don't think it's hard to understand - Stendell is keen to do things his way, and sees Kirk as someone he can work with, at least for now, and Gallagher is there because you need a goalkeeping coach. Levein is still on the payroll because we can't afford to pay him off right now - he may be useful for this and that now and then, but Stendel won't be seeking his input. Fox and Daly have been side-lined as they're Levein's boys, and he wants them out of the way - too many cooks as well - we can't afford to pay them off right now either. f**k knows what's happened to Donald Park, but we didn't even know he was there a until a few weeks ago anyway. Rankine, Beith, and Darren Murray are working with the youth set-up, I think? Gary Naysmith is Loan Manager, and Locke is club ambassador - few are convinced that those roles are essential. The only real mystery is MacPhee's role - again, he may just be seeing out his contract - MacPhee has been handy in recruiting players, but I'd hope Stendell takes the lead on that from now on - and John Murray can f**k off if he's still there. Far too many in the way of backroom staff. The thing about Kirk being 'the only one he can trust' could, I suppose., be a slight linguistic slip, maybe? Either way, Stendell is setting things up how he wants them -he may well turn out to be shite, and we'll always be a bit wary, especially after Cathro, but I like what I'm seeing - especially today. I think there could be a few Billy Big Pockets in the dressing room, but I don't get the impression Stendell will be shy about putting his message across. I suspect many players and coaches have been coasting, and it's obvious that something hasn't been right - these changes are for the best, imo, but we'll see. Too long - did not read.
  2. Inside Man by Spike Lee with Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, Jodie Foster, Willem Dafoe, and Christopher Plumber - recommended by a pal. 6/10 - meh.
  3. Brilliant stuff from Stendel making his mark and shaking things up - be interested to see how we'll line up tomorrow - dropping the club captain could be another big statement.
  4. So, aye - if you c***s could stop funking up our love-in with our new hunk of German sausage, that would be very much fucking appreciated. Wait 'til Dan gets a load of our multiple chins and belly folds.
  5. BBC Radio Scotland were reporting today that Stendell isn't expecting it to work perfectly straight away.
  6. Can't say I'm shocked or much bothered by that, if that's the case -Scottish football's a backwater. m8.
  7. Absolutely - he seems to have a very clear idea of how he wants the team to play, and looks like he can get his message across - the players that respond well can kick on - the rest can f**k off or rot.
  8. Happy with Stendell, but he's got his work cut out for him. We've wondered for a while whether another coach could get more from these players - he's got a few weeks to work with them, but I expect he'll probably want to punt a few, and bring some in In January. I mind Burley saying not long after he took over that he wasn't much impressed with the squad - I'd like to know what Stendell makes of the quality and condition of the players - he may be in for a shock.
  9. Hang on - if the Barnsley board thought Stendell was in violation of his contract for speaking to a rival club without permission, why put him on gardening leave? Why not just fire him without pay?
  10. Anyway... I've been told we've lodged a caveat against any interim orders being sought against us. See you in court?
  11. Home win all day long - we're all over the place. If Hickie is fit, play Brandon to RB, and move Smith in with Halkett. Can't see Naismith being fit either.
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