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  1. The IT geeks who find a way of doing something, and insist on imposing it on everyone else.
  2. They dinnae have celebrity producers these day, right enough.
  3. Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys - have you heard of him? Wilson was so moved by Spector's production of 'Be my Baby' that he played it repeatedly every morning. Wilson was a genius, but his records arguably wouldn't have sounded the way they did had it not been for Spector. John Lennon & George Harrison - heard of them? Who did they ask to co-produce their early solo records? This is like that daft lassie who was editor of Smash Hits at the time George Harrison died - "What's all the fuss about? I could understand if it was Simon Le Bon or Tony Hadley"!
  4. To be fair, Henderson has what we're crying out for, which is a wee bit of pace.
  5. That starting line up is a shocker. Wonder of Wighton is injured or on the verge of a move, maybe?
  6. Had heard it was a head injury - he's on the bench the day, so it cannae be that bad.
  7. Vanilla Fudge, Beck Bogert and Appice, and Cactus bassist Tim Bogert has died aged 76,
  8. I noticed that lawell says that the 'outcome' of the trip is regrettable, Just the outcome, aye?
  9. Our mob refers to its services as our 'offer'. Their latest bit of nonsense is calling guidance notes 'crib sheets'.
  10. Covid 19 has affected glasgow celtic probably more than any club.
  11. He's 33, and may want a decent wage, but he can score goals, so I'd have him back rather than take a punt of some beanpole from Walsall.
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