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  1. Cannae win them all. Daft c***s booing an unbeaten side, and losing their shit on kickback about players who've been decent can just f**k off. We had chances, but so did Livi. This was always going to be a tough game - a point's a point - we'll take it.
  2. It's cool - A st mirren fan told us Uche is the worst player in the league, so...
  3. Heart of Midlothian Season 2018/2019

    Oh, for fucks's sake!
  4. Was hoping Clare would make the bench, but... Zlamal Smith - Souttar - Dunne Morrison - Lee - Haring - Djoum - Mitchell Uche - Naismith Subs: Doyle, Garuccio, Bozanic, Mulraney, MacLean, Dikamona, Wighton? Unlikely to be a back three in reality, tbh - bringing in Garuccio and playing Mitchell further forward is a shout, though. This will be a battle - gies a win, please.
  5. P & B Curry Club

    This was the place we went to a few months ago: https://www.vinyasaedinburgh.co.uk/ a bit more spacious, and more conducive to a blether.
  6. P & B Curry Club

    Last night, the lads from work were in Mother India's Café in Infirmary Street in Edinburgh. It was good, but busy, and a wee bit loud, so not the best for a blether - very efficient, though, and we were in and out pretty quick - possibly too quick - they must be used to a high turnover of customers, which will be good for business, but it felt a bit rushed - I thought the food was good, but one gastronome felt it was a bit bland. I might be my turn to arrange the next one - where would you go?
  7. The Storms & Severe Weather Thread

    Front door blew wide open earlier, then the side windae blew open - tonight's work pub quiz has been cancelled - need to brave the storm to nip out for beers - it's worth the risk, imo.
  8. Heart of Midlothian Season 2018/2019

    Craig Levein was being asked about Souttar, and he said that Dundee Utd nearly wrecked Soapy's career by playing him out of position against his will - United's statement was a response to that - something along those lines.
  9. Sent home from school for haircut

    Mine was when I nipped out to Woods in Drummond Street for a quick trim at lunchtime - the lassie said she could fix my coo's lick - when I got back to work, I checked my hair again in the mirror in the bogs, and couldn't believe the c**t she'd made of it, so I phoned my boss on my mobile, and asked for the rest of the week off!
  10. Sent home from school for haircut

    I had to take half a week of work due to a bad haircut. True story.
  11. Heart of Midlothian Season 2018/2019

    Absolutely loved that game!
  12. Depression

    I always say health is more important that wealth, Philpy, but that's just me. As hard as it can be to get out sometimes, it's important that you go to the doctor's tomorrow - maybe mention the depression thing as well. Hope it goes well, man - let us know, if you feel like it.
  13. I was only joking, mate. It was a 50/50 caused by a poor pass-back - Uche has to go for it, and he did.
  14. Watching Livi at the end of last season, I thought they were all about team spirit, and that they might struggle without Hopkin - seems there's a fair bit more to them, judging by how they've started.