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  1. I hate how bland English fitba' commentators pronounce the names of glamorous players like Mbappé, Pépé, etc to make them sound as if they're itchy librarians from Milton Keynes.
  2. Sort of a Stockholm Syndrome Actually, my brother telt me I was a Hertz fan, and that was it - at the time, cats like Donald Ford, Drew Busby, Jim Cruickshank, Donald Park, Rab Prentice, Cammy Fraser, Willie Gibson, Derek O'Connor, Frank Liddell, and a young Eammon Bannon made it an attractive proposition in spite of the fact that they were hopeless collectively. I have some no regrets.
  3. I've seen a few Hertz fans on social media turning their noses up at the proposed return of Dr Funk, as if that would be anything other than fabulous.
  4. Also the late Drew Busby - a cult figure for a few clubs, scored the last ever goal for Third Lanark, the broken nose, the finest moustache, a great pub host - a hard man, and a gentleman.
  5. There had been some 'needle' and hefty challenges before that, and it probably wasn't going to improve. The decision to abandon was taken to avoid serious injury. The Spanish press have criticized the Spanish team mainly, but there will have been fault on both sides.
  6. Three aiberdeen fans, though. And both teams lost their shit. And I'm anything but an optimist. We could go on like this, but it's probably best if we move on with our lives.
  7. Three separate aiberdeen fans leaping on this over two threads. There's no rivalry here, lads.
  8. Very sorry to hear that, bud - terrible time for you all.
  9. Bird at work calls me darlin' all the time - fucking sure I'd be pulled up if I went around calling birds darlin'. Or indeed 'birds'.
  10. Always liked the boy - I'm sure he's turned down some fairly big moves.
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