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  1. Founder clubs can't be relegated for 20 years... 🤔
  2. Train conductor: "He said his name was Mosely... " Alonzo: "I'M MOSELY!!!" The cast are brilliant in it. Dennis Farina and Joe pantoliano are also brilliant in addition to the three you mention above. It's one of my favourite films, funny, a bit of action, a bit of heart and a great saxaphone soundtrack, what's not to like.
  3. In amongst the football it should be highlighted that Jake Humphrey in an insufferable c**t.
  4. It's a neutral venue but man u still getting an 'old Trafford penalty' there...
  5. Just blitzed it and thought it was pretty good. Unlike a lot of these types of shows I'd say most if not all of the big questions were answered by the end.
  6. The only positive thing he's done in that time was a spell with ICT where he did well with an inherited team. Even then his success in the Scottish cup fell into his lap due to a bottle job by the opposition that day (☹️). He did well with us although sometimes I wonder how much of that was down to having latapy as the tactics were basically to give it to Russell. Anyway, as well as he did with us, it's been mediocre elsewhere he's done nothing to suggest he could repeat the kind of success he had with us first time round.
  7. No faith at all in the current lot to make a decent appointment. As for the mental shouts for yogi, he would fit in well with the current board as both have been on a steady decline for the past 10 years...
  8. One of the most outrageous things I've ever seen in a football match at the end of Freiburg - Frankfurt when the Frankfurt captain poleaxed Freiburg manager Christian Stretch sparking half the subs bench trying to lynch him. Stretch is a tough character but it was still shocking to see a 54 year old man flattened that way. Abraham got a red card but I hope he gets further sanctions, disgraceful behaviour, especially from someone who is captain of his team. https://youtu.be/f85rgm5kvWs
  9. Soon as Rovers pulled a goal back it was clear where that game was headed. Get McKinnon tae f**k
  10. Atalanta miss a pen. Not sure how VAR allowed it in first place as it was a blatant dive.
  11. Absolutely honking today. Airdrie were poor, we were poor, no football on show, just high balls and headers for 90 minutes. As others have said, the team is clearly set up wrongly with strikers running the channels, no width or urgency in the middle of the park, and terrible quality out wide from the full backs. Can't see any positive solution other than a change of manager.
  12. Ivo Den Bieman, what a player he was, wasted as a winger all his career (at shite like the Pars) when he was majestic as a centre half. Another memorable Airdrie game was a 5-1 hounding dished out on 'Red Card' day (when we were trying to shift the Deans - not a bad shout for this Saturday BTW!!) and the whole ground were waving them at Kenny Black when he got sent off along with a chorus of "away, away, away, away, f*ck off, f*ck off".
  13. Forget all the talk of dodgy business deals and surreptitious behaviour, this 'more than a full stop not quite an ellipsis' two dot behaviour should be all the evidence we need that this guy should be nowhere near our great club.
  14. Sad thing is, because it's a game between two less glamorous sides, this incident will probably receive next to no coverage after the match despite being an absolutely shocking/baffling decision.
  15. All three games on BT sport tonight. LASK just conceded a penalty against Brugge despite VAR appearing to show the Brugge attacker being offside!?
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