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  1. Can't believe how much money Savage gets paid to sit and repeatedly tell us one set of players will keep trying til the end of the game.
  2. All the managers have been shite lately anyway, maybe we're better off without one?
  3. Is there any plans for fans to pull together and let the board know how we feel as a collective? (With a focus on the board being the problem as opposed to chat about poor league form). Are there any plans to withold season ticket money? I think if nothing like this happens, we're just in for more of the same. It seems when the Deans and Fulston were there the fans didn't tolerate this kind of shit but now we just seem apathetic and plodding on the from one shambles to the next.
  4. We really need to starve the club of money. If fans just buy season tickets again we're only enabling this farce to continue for another season. The board needs a clear out with the MSG booted or nothing will change. I'd actually love to hear their justification for why they should remain in charge given the omnishambles they have presided over.
  5. Club has been in decline for years, lurching from one shambles to the next. Several managers, hunners of players, and yet one constant still remains. We really need to starve these fuckers of cash next season to try and force some sort of sale. People say it will hurt the club to boycott season tickets but each year the money is wasted (on shite players) and the club is hurt anyway due to these deluded, arrogant twats in charge. We can keep resetting the squads and management teams but nothing is going to change until we clear out the board.
  6. Whole season has been turgid, even when we've been winning, and no sign of improvement or team identity or playing style. This has been on the cards for a while and even if we do sack them now it's probably too late as partick have now found some form. Shambles from top to bottom.
  7. I'm confused. I've seen penalties not given this season for handball because they ricocheted off a thigh or foot first. Why was that one given?
  8. Ooft. That's horrendous. Reminds me of the scene in The Thick Of It when Ben goes on Paxman. https://youtu.be/ALNjevGdB5g
  9. why is it important about Mr Spock? It's like saying oh, I've got a new pedigree dog that half alsatian half labrador. I go to crufts, oh, can I enter this dog in the Labrador section? No. Why? Cos it's not a Labrador. Correct. Can I enter it in the alsatian section? No. Same reason, now get that dog out my sight. Thanks. I will, you've proved my point. ...and that's crufts.
  10. It's always the same any time a team starts to pose a threat. They did the same with Dortmund, Stuttgart, Bremen and Leverkusen to name just a few. I'm not a huge fan of the whole red bull franchise stuff but thought it might at least present a sustained challenge to Bayern's dominance. Guess not. It's very boring and really kills any interest in the league.
  11. Founder clubs can't be relegated for 20 years... 🤔
  12. Train conductor: "He said his name was Mosely... " Alonzo: "I'M MOSELY!!!" The cast are brilliant in it. Dennis Farina and Joe pantoliano are also brilliant in addition to the three you mention above. It's one of my favourite films, funny, a bit of action, a bit of heart and a great saxaphone soundtrack, what's not to like.
  13. In amongst the football it should be highlighted that Jake Humphrey in an insufferable c**t.
  14. It's a neutral venue but man u still getting an 'old Trafford penalty' there...
  15. Just blitzed it and thought it was pretty good. Unlike a lot of these types of shows I'd say most if not all of the big questions were answered by the end.
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