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  1. Soon as Rovers pulled a goal back it was clear where that game was headed. Get McKinnon tae f**k
  2. Atalanta miss a pen. Not sure how VAR allowed it in first place as it was a blatant dive.
  3. Absolutely honking today. Airdrie were poor, we were poor, no football on show, just high balls and headers for 90 minutes. As others have said, the team is clearly set up wrongly with strikers running the channels, no width or urgency in the middle of the park, and terrible quality out wide from the full backs. Can't see any positive solution other than a change of manager.
  4. Ivo Den Bieman, what a player he was, wasted as a winger all his career (at shite like the Pars) when he was majestic as a centre half. Another memorable Airdrie game was a 5-1 hounding dished out on 'Red Card' day (when we were trying to shift the Deans - not a bad shout for this Saturday BTW!!) and the whole ground were waving them at Kenny Black when he got sent off along with a chorus of "away, away, away, away, f*ck off, f*ck off".
  5. Forget all the talk of dodgy business deals and surreptitious behaviour, this 'more than a full stop not quite an ellipsis' two dot behaviour should be all the evidence we need that this guy should be nowhere near our great club.
  6. Sad thing is, because it's a game between two less glamorous sides, this incident will probably receive next to no coverage after the match despite being an absolutely shocking/baffling decision.
  7. All three games on BT sport tonight. LASK just conceded a penalty against Brugge despite VAR appearing to show the Brugge attacker being offside!?
  8. Some strike. Some noise from the crowd as it flew in as well.
  9. Brilliant piece of business for Everton there. Can't believe the fee is so low and there is no buy back clause.
  10. Do we know if he even went through due diligence with Sunderland as the only place I've seen it mentioned is coming from MC himself. The other thing that strikes me a bit strange in all of this is that Park is lined up to do the same role at Falkirk as he was going to do at Sunderland. Surely the wage for both these roles is not the same given the difference in size/turnover of the two clubs...?? Also, this Toronto guy is clearly EDI - show us the deeds sunderland fan's evidence or piss off.
  11. Think Cutrone is a really good bit of business at that price (given the current market). He gives wolves a slightly different attacking option to what they have already and is a significant upgrade on helder Costa and cavaleiro.
  12. Business 2 is more valuable but why would you buy it as in that prospective scenario it would already be at its peak with nowhere else to realistically go/grow to. This, alongside any debts accrued getting there (or building hotels and indoor facilities etc) would negate the return on investment.
  13. Agree. It raises questions about his integrity and credibility for me that he gave that answer. I'd be quite comfortable if he said he wanted to keep a rent going (like sandy Alexander on the ss), or keep all/most of the profits from the side developments. To suggest he's here out the goodness of his heart is fanciful and simply not true. That said, while I still have concerns, I hope some of these details will be clarified further over the coming weeks and we can move forward as a change is desperately needed at the top.
  14. Yeah, with the new astro pitch round the back, any structure would be limited in size which would in turn, limit any commercial facilities. We'll see, I'd love to see the ground finished in some capacity and for development around the stadium. I think the main point for me is that if they harp on about player sales, crowds and league positions as the plan to make money then there are major doubts about their credibility. Either way, I still fail to see where the return is on the investment here which is a concern.
  15. We have a great core support given the lack of success at the club but it's naive in the extreme to assume the numbers (of home supporters) would change drastically from Championship to Premiership, 6th place or otherwise. What would be the reasoning for a fourth stand? If the plans are around hotels and infrastructure as a potential return on investment then that is a more reasonable suggestion than making money on players sales and improved league position.
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