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  1. That build up from the back was pretty good. Under Gerrard we are quite good at prodding the ball these days. Should please my old dad, he always told me to support a good proddy team, I am sure this is what he had in mind.
  2. Elon Musk has just bought two oil platforms to use as landing sites for his Starship vehicle. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/19/spacex-bought-former-valaris-oil-rigs-to-build-starship-launchpads.html He is naming them Phobos and Deimos after the moons of Mars. So a billionaire now owns off shore oil platforms called "Fear" and "Terror"....
  3. Calimovment is a youtube channel run by a couple of physiotherapists specialising in calisthenics. They have lots of tutorials and programs from beginner to very skilled. https://www.youtube.com/user/Calisthenicmovement/videos?view=0&sort=p&flow=grid There scientific knowledge is pretty top tier. There explanations tend to be about the best of any fitness youtubers. As physiotherapists (like AthleanX) they are really big on mobility which is generally over looked by most lifters on social media.
  4. Boards of Canada. Music has the Right to Children and Geogaddi in particular. Music is Maths is used as the backing track to an old (and super weird) video series called Salad Fingers. Not really "ambient" but Bonobo has come cracking stuff in a very down tempo style. Future Sound of London have some amazing stuff, ISDN and Lifeforms may be the highlights. Some of the Dead Can Dance stuff would fit here though I would have to think about which ones. Again not quite ambient (sort of deep house\folk) but David August has some pretty ace mixes, his 2014 BoilerRoom is on Youtube and probably will hit the mark for ambient fans. Radiohead definitely had some ambient high points around Kid A and Amnesiac. Everything in its Right Place being perhaps the standout of that genre. (This fan video is worth a watch.) The Avalanches first album Since I Left You has some great use of ambient in its no one knows what genera it was (sadly only really known for the single Frontier Psychiatry) Since I left You being a highlight. Burial already mentioned but their team up with Four Tet for Moth is amazing (again strictly more downtemp) Aphex mentioned already but his Analogue Bubble Bath is another top album from this kind of genera (released as AFX). Lots of Warp and Ninja Tunes artists. Speaking of which Chris Clark is  techno and pretty meaty techno at this but Herzog is very sound scapey in its use of cymbals is awesome (seen him at Bangface 2017, what a bloody night) Odd factoid. The KLF are an offshoot of The Orb, Jimmy Cauty was in the The Orb with Alex Paterson but split to form his own band The KLF hence why The White Album is so ambient. While absolutely not ambient, the king of downtempo for me is Leftism. I think I have seen it live 3 times when they were touring a few years ago. As an album (for me) its on a par with Aphex for the best electronic music album ever released.
  5. Hard to quantify per launch. It shares many costs with other programs. But Apollo was a far far larger portion of US GDP and US government budget. NASA is currently funding most of the ISS, two private human rated launch providers, a couple of private cargo teams, a big chunk of the Russian manned program and its Earth resources, planetary science, etc out of a fraction of the budget they had in the 60s together with Artemis. The technology in Artemis is decades ahead of Apollo. But the rocketry is mostly Shuttle derived. That was a purely political decision and a fight between the Senate and the W Bush, Obama and Trump administrations. The project was constantly getting revised, defunded, redirected etc. About the one success of the entire Trump administration was Jim Bridenstine navigating the program to the point actual hardware exists and actual launch dates seem feasible. One of the reasons he favoured a lunar space station was once it was their the various factions in US government would have to commit to using it rather than kicking the can down the road in another set of redesigns. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunar_Gateway ISS is closing in on retirement. We need something to do in space for human spaceflight soonish. Badly thought out as Artemis is (like ISS) it will keep the staffing in place for human space exploration. Shuttle was such a blind alley and its legislative benefactors have hung its legacy round the necks of the US engineering for decades (ISS was largely to give Shuttle something to do).
  6. The Senate defined the rocket, not the engineers. Engineers at NASA hava wanted a new ground up rocket for this since Challenger, presidents have cancelled and amended this project going back to W Bush. It has always been the Senate allocating pork.
  7. He would have won the league if it was not for massive fraud and has asked the Green Brigade to storm Hampden and make him champions of 2021.
  8. Well Trump has been banging on about something along those lines. But he is nuttier than a squirrel's shite. And he did not understand the laws he was shouting about. I doubt most governments have seen Covid19 as anything close to that kind of emergency. The conspiracy theories on it have not had that much impact other than those refusing to wear masks. Governments would leave a massive paper trail over investigating something like this. They civil service from multiple departments would be digging through the legality and mechanics of it. It would leak like DoSAC. Governments tend not to work how many people think. Its not a couple of people with dark capes in secret rooms making all the decisions. Its a huge mess of competing interests arguing with each other over where to put a bus stop. For the most part so long as about 60% are prepared to get the vaccine then that is pretty much the exit strategy for this crisis. "The government" was not really trying to shut down Blackbury. The Met and a few inside the homeoffice were making noises about something they had little legal power over to try to strong arm the company into doing what it wanted in lieu of legal avenues. The way interaction on social media is designed it does favour polarisation. The angrier you are the more likely you are to be "engaged" i.e. stick around their site and read the adverts. You ever notice how its always "them" getting radicalised and driven to extremes by social media, never "us". The problem is bigger but much more subtle than Covidiots. But that said I stopped posting about Covid on here many months ago (other than the occasional humorous post) due to the "expert at everything" type posters taking over the discussion. And its very likely healthy for everything to disconnect from social media for a few weeks to month every few months. As with everything your mileage may vary.
  9. Well last nights bike ride was unusual. I pulled into a secluded layby for a rest and a bite to eat. There was a car there with tinted windows and a running engine. Thought nothing of it, cruised in on my silent bike and had top up meal. Then got up for a pee and noticed two bare foot soles sticking out from the back seat. Everything became clearer almost instantly as I noticed the flabby white arse between them grinding away. I was like lol but eeeewwww. About an hour later, after it had gotten dark, I heard the usual gunning of an engine behind me. Sounded like he was going wide so no real concern. He had not noticed the central reservation though, someone had wiped out the signs and it was dark. Went over it at x mph what ever x was. Lots of banging. About 100 meter up the road he was pulled over and out his car. As I passed he was shouting at me that he fucked his 4 tyres swerving to avoid me..... ummmm matey, that is called "over taking". He was looking rather unhappy so I carried on as to be honest I do not carry 4 spare BMW tyres in my rucksack. He tried to follow for about 2 seconds before remembering about the tyres. If I was to sum it up, fuckers and fucked.
  10. Gerrard must be near the top of the shopping list for a lot of EPL clubs looking for a new manager over the summer.
  11. I wonder if Celtic will be thanking BEIN Sports (Dubai based) for so frequently mentioning their trip to Dubai? Must make their fans glad they are getting away to Dubai.
  12. A game of two laughs, Bitton's sending off and Duffy's clearance. Not great, not even decent, just good enough against a team that could not capitalise on their possession. The distribution by their full backs in the first half was poor, all that possession and position and way too many wayward passes. Rangers were poor and lucky but had enough between the sticks to survive and eventually enough threat to force a howler out of the makeshift centre back that changed the game. Celtic's loss, Alan McGregor's win.
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