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  1. As its relevant to the current situation in Ukraine, the value of air defence is not in what it brings down, but what it protects. Drones worth a few tens of thousands of dollars brought 5% of the worlds oil production off line in 2019 when Houthis attacked a Saudi refinery. Ukraine has been using old and cheap technology like Igla's and Geperards (and old Soviet shoulder fired AA missile and German radar gun system respectively). The current trend is for much cheaper systems to fill the gap in capabilities, various "C-RAM" type projects like turning naval defence guns into land based systems and the Israeli Iron Dome type small AA missile system. We had decades of air defence systems being set up to defend against increasingly sophisticated and faster targets, but now there is a huge push to meet cheap, low cost saturation attacks as has been suffered by Ukraine. Meeting these is not a technological problem, but one of insufficient fabrication capacity. Like many of the problems they are facing, we just dont make enough of the simpler kinds of stuff, relying on world leading technology.
  2. Xi and his faction took total control of the CCP in the 20th party conference a few weeks back. It seems his foreign policy is continuing to become more hawkish as he is now supplying a belligerent in a war. They did this a little in the 60s and 70s but to no great effect and simply disappeared from that in the 80s. So it seems to mark China now actively supporting belligerents, specifically those against US allies. Seems quite the change. I'd assume what Russia wants more than anything from China is the DJI Mavic drones and others. Though other subcomponents and machine tools for their defence industry and even perhaps things like clothing and armour might be among the non lethal kit being bought. Hard to read what it really means but I think it may be pretty significant. And it may be that Xi "feels" he cannot see Russia lose. But still not willing to swallow the razor blade of supplying lethal aid. (Sorry for the metaphor). Speaks loudly to how much influence Scholtz had on him.
  3. When we were training in trenches it utterly pissed down one night and I had to spend it in the cold clammy clinging mud. It is vividly one of the worst memories in my life. No one was trying to kill me, I knew hot food was only a day or so away and I knew a dry clean change of clothes were waiting for me when we rotated out.. Day after day, week after week of that energy draining, hope sapping mud must be a vision of what real hell is like. The mud gets into your food, you constantly have to clean your weapon, even taking a shit becomes a task of getting the slimy cold things off off you to somewhere they will not get slimier and finding a way to dump and wipe without getting more mud on than shit off. Trench foot is a huge risk. The skin becomes cold and wrinkled and circulation to the outer bits gets cut off. The skin dies allowing in disease and things like blisters and open sores develop leading to further infections and worst case the foot can end up being lost. Prevention is theoretically easy, keep the foot dry and change socks regularly. But, well those pictures... taking those boots and socks off once a day for your foot inspection will be another chore of mud, cold and discomfort. Bleak pictures. f**k Putin and f**k every one of his apologists.
  4. It comes in multiple variants. USSR used the original version exclusively as nuclear armed cruise missiles. But the Russian Republic created a conventional warhead variant that entered service in the very early 2000s (so its much newer with more modern components). These have been used in Syria and Ukraine. But now there is photographic evidence that Russia fired the older version (thus the story). So it will look like just another cruise missile except to trained eyes. Its not the only weapon they have fired that could be nuclear, the Iskanders also have a nuclear variant.
  5. Not one club per se but its usual 3rd and 4th tier (and lower) type teams like Lincoln, Walsall, Mansfield.
  6. Amazons treatment of workers is "dreadful". This https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2021/feb/23/revealed-migrant-worker-deaths-qatar-fifa-world-cup-2022 is horrific. For context about 123 workers a year die in the UK, a country of 66 million people. Qatar is around the 4th highest GDP per capita. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(PPP)_per_capita So while worker deaths in South Africa or Brazil would have had some excuses (nothing on this scale) this is just utter contempt for human life in the pursuit of slightly more wealth for its subjects. Small amounts of effort would have cut that number hugely. I do not think you are even pretending to have a serious point. Just trying to think of something to say to get reactions.
  7. Anyone loosely following this topic (and ignoring the on thread attention seekers), Cold Fusion has a break down on what we know about FTX so far. Its a pretty wild ride. Like a lot of these scandals and disasters: Long Term Capital Management, Enron, WorldCom, dot com bust, housing collapse; Once rip the roof off and you see the underlying financial wiring of the company or system, the failure is easily explainable. The success of these schemes in pulling in investors is largely down to how they hide that, sometimes with criminal intent but often out of the hubristic beliefs they have invented a whole new way of making risk free money that the "normies" and regulators would simply not understand. Pay attention to the personal links to regulators and politically connected people:
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