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  1. Millionaires imitating NFL millionaires. You are catastrophising the current state of society. We have made huge strides in reducing racism across society. You are simply rationalising your desire to polarise and humiliate. Knock yourself out. Have fun. You are wallowing in self indulgent emotions of a sense of heroic purpose over a triviality. You are gloating at how polarising it is. Barring a major financial crash, the Tories will win again in the general election in May 2023. Between now and then people will have many many great "victories" where you rebrand breast feeding "chestfeeding" to "trigger the gammons", or where some companies change their logos for a few weeks to "reflect pride" to "trigger the gammons". In your filter bubble you are heroic fighters for everything good. Outside your filter bubble most of this shit has nearly zero impact on wider society. The UK will continue to become an increasingly less racist society. The current cabinet is among the most racially diverse in history. It also gets to write the countries economic policies. That is where the real prize in politics used to lie. Now its dull buffoons swallowing the most puff piece gesture politics and leaving all the grown up stuff like winning elections and writing economic policy to the right. By the time the next likely government is up for re-election (2028) most of you will be at an age when things like pensions suddenly become a big issue. The trend in national demographics will be for their being far less working aged people for more retirees. The tories will have had 18 years of writing the economic policies you will be living the last decades of your lives struggling under. I do not care if some English footballers "take a knee". Its corporate marketing to sell England football shirts, nothing more. Its also a distraction for those in side their information filter bubbles to puff out their chests and fantasize they are doing something heroic. Next you will be telling me how the pride flag at Tesco's is all about "contrition, submissiveness, supplication, I would advice (and will be ignored) for people log off the internet. Re-engage with the real world. Relax and start thinking more, feeling less. People need to take at least a month a year away from online politics to help reset your brains responses. These places are simply training tools for outrage. You are programming yourself to be outraged and emotional rather than using reason and rationality to come to conclusions. This drives the political atmosphere of catastrophising every incident or getting sucked into these kind of online mobs. My other advice (most will ignore): If something makes you angry online, put your hands flat on the table, take your shoes off and feel the ground. Take 3 deep breaths and then name 5 things in the room. This is a "grounding technique". It is used to help break people out of the kind of brain fog they get into. People booing some corporate gestures as "marxism" is laughable. But it should give you an in site in to the kind of idiocies that online filter bubbles suck people into. Its not just "them". Have a nice day. Enjoy the football. Dont get whipped into a fantasy of relevance over the irrelevant.
  2. A great many people managed to not be racist, homophobic or sexist without "wokeness". People have been publicly challenging racism for decades without the febrile, smug hysteria every "culture war" issue attracts online these days. The sudden outburst of almost adult sensibility in looking at Robinson age and the nature of his tweets is commendable, if more than a touch self serving from those who may have skeletons in their own closets. It would seem "never any excuse for racism" needs to be amended to "never any excuse for racism except being at school in the 2000s." On the other hand Michael Carberry and Ramps have had their say. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/57398052 The ECB will have clear guidelines for what is acceptable to post on social media. Those guidelines apply to their young players at 19 as much as veterans at 39. They will have to navigate the toxic atmosphere of modern politics and online activism. Not an enviable task. Their rules rather than the mood on Twitter should be the the standard this played is judged by.
  3. Fusion is decades away. It will play no role in the low carbon transition currently underway. With current grid scale prices of around $30 kWh for solar and around the same for onshore wind, these will be the mainstay with fission nuclear and hydroelectric. The main costs being their intermittency requiring energy storage. In places with good solar this is only needed for the over night, though with wind and less regular insolation you will need longer and less often used storage so in those locations achieving deep penetration of renewables without gas back up will be more expensive.
  4. The first image on your list is a 6th century Egyptian depiction of him. If you were a Mediterranean noble who lived indoors all day you would tend to have a light skin tone than field workers. That is not racism, though in modern terms its classism. Its why old painting show fat pale women as idealised images of women, they are in doors and well fed. This is Mark the Evangelist from 6th century Aksum Christianity. (Ethiopia.. ) Are they racist? Art depictions of The Christ changed over time and cultures. Its what happens. People depict their gods as similar to them. Religion played a hugely important role in our societies for millennia. But in my opinion the time for them is over and we need to embrace rationality, science and the coldness of a universe that does not give a shit. No one is come to rescue us from global warming or our shitty politics. Its us alone in a fucking huge and empty universe. Us. Alone. The arguments against it are not cultural depictions not meeting modern trends. Especially trends that are not aware of the way a Mediterranean culture of Late Antiquity may have seen its leaders then trying to mix that with early second millenia west European art and drawing f**k knows what conclusion. Its us, all alone in a universe that gives no fucks about us and if we are to improve the world we need to work to make it better for others knowing that when we go we will reap no benefit but those who came before us reaped no benefit for making our lives better. For the tiny blip on the billions of years of existence we will make, we should work to make those who come after us existence a wee bit better. Our countries, cultures, politics, art and pish will be forgotten. Just dont be a c**t and try to make it a bit better for others.
  5. Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II Nirvana - Nevermind. Jimmy Hendrix - Electric Ladyland The Smiths Meat is Murderer Boards of Canada - Geogaddi
  6. There is nothing "weird" about this. Its a sodium cooled reactor. They have existed since the 70s, but they have not yet been scalable as a commercial power source. There is not even the hint of a conspiracy here.
  7. A pair of shitposting edgelords. Best to dismiss their drivel with a condescending smirk. Its the sort of thing a stoned 16 year old might think of as deep.
  8. So a complete nobody with some wild crank political views attending what was likely an illegal house party in Peckham (more than 6 people) got shot. Instead of it being an unnoticed statistic in London it became national news because her "party" (800 follower in twitter) tried to insinuate a political motive, from there all the speculation and wild takes emerged. Hope she gets better. Hope to never hear of her again.
  9. The USAF has a secret aircraft flying at the moment called the NGAD (next generation air dominance fighter). This is "astonishing" for a plane that only got budget three years ago, hinting they had experimental types flying to get the next generation technologies ironed out for a while. They also announced they wanted to trim their fleet down to just 4 types, some cheap new F15s, a new model F16, the F35 and the NGAD. What this means is they seem to think their new aircraft can completely replace the F22. May be a coincidence but the USAF has been pressured by Congress to be more open about these "UFOs" (so not really the USAF pushing for this) and someone has been leaking some of these videos round about the same time the USAF will have to go public with a "black project" that is a project hidden from the public. For those a bit older you will remember they had an entire fighter bomber (the f117) and a freaking huge bomber (the B2) developed in secret in the 80s. Plus you could hide a mid sized developed world economy in the US defence budget. Linked, maybe not. But its a shitload more likely than someone travelling across the stars to look at our military technology. The most common view from scientists on aliens is a mix of the Fermi Paradox (where are the aliens?) and von Neumann Machines, these are in a century or so we will be able to build a machine that could arrive in a solar system and assemble models of itself from the material available. So in theory any civilisation can send out probes that travel at well below the speed of light and arrive at star systems, then send out dozens to hundreds of copies of themselves and visit every star in the galaxy in a few tens of thousand to one hundred thousand years with technologies we will likely have in the not so distant future. If "they" exist and have the slightest interest in other life, they have been here for million or tens to hundreds of millions of years watching the Earth. This was the core plot of the novel 2001 A Space Odyssey.
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