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  1. The Official President Trump thread

    How would the same polling look among Tories, Corbyn, UKIP and SNP supporters. Attacking the media has been the go to for a good few years. The violence would be lower but "enemy of the people" probably as high among those groups.
  2. The Official President Trump thread

    So long as Trump delivers on judges to rescind abortion rights and attack gun control his supporters will back him to the hilt. If Republican legislators lose large numbers of seats in November the party will turn against him, as will donors. His survival as the Republican candidate in 2020 is down to delivering judges.
  3. Rangers 2018/19 European Extravaganza!

    Cant complain at that. It is a real improvement on previous seasons.
  4. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    It was the grave of the founders of founders of Black September, Salah Khalaf, Hayel Abdel-Hamid and Fakhri al Omari. Off course you are not bothered, had it been the grave of the founders of al Queda you would have been very bothered, al Queda murdered Christians and Muslims. Black September is most famous for murdering Jews, this is not terrorism in the eyes of the hard left thus Corbyn did nothing wrong. And before the tedious attempts to pretend he only laid wreaths at the people who died in the Israeli attack in 1985, he stated when he got back in 2014 "After wreaths were laid at the graves of those who died on that day and on the graves of others killed by Mossad agents in Paris in 1991", he is shown taking part in that wreath laying. I know some try to keep his original lies going but its here in the Morning Star. https://morningstaronline.co.uk/a-98de-palestine-united-1
  5. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    It imbeciles that turn up trumping one poll to "prove" they are winning. Lets look at the long term tracker poll (again) The two parties have been near enough the same spot for over a year, all within the standard error. Britain Elects latest poll tracker released on the 10th of August is Labour about 0.4% "ahead". Its the same mentality as Trump, "lugenpresse". A conspiracy theory that all the press are against them because they are so awesome. Why no one buys papers supporting them tends to desolves into basically everyone is idiots and accepts the press lies rather than they are a relatively fringe group in the larger society. Its not popular to point out this is basically a crank conspiracy theory. If the press were so against the mainstream people would move to reading the Morning Star, but no one does because they are basically loonies. The most leftish of the high circulation press, the Daily Mirror has shown the most long term drop in circulation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_newspapers_in_the_United_Kingdom_by_circulation#/media/File:UK_daily_newspaper_circulation_1950_present.svg
  6. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    That would be the place you would expect a moderate Labour party that looked competant to sweep up votes in the marginals in the midlands. (Lets face it you have no fucking clue about who swing voters are and your list is a wild grasp, I mean public sector workers are not by and large "swing voters). But a buffoon that toasts the provos, lays wreaths for Black September, obsesses about Trident when it is really not a big vote winner in marginals, who looks like a complete shambles economically, who has no distinct message on Brexit, who has a shadow home secetary who is widely loathed and with her own long list of very dodgy statements? Since the General Election Labour have done nothing in the polls. A slight up tick from UKIP has clipped a tiny bit of the Tories. No one has come from such middling polling to win an election from opposition in decades Milliiband 15 [spoler][/spoiler] Cameron 2010 2005 1999 1997 1992
  7. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    Jeremy Corbyn "I was present when the EU referendum campaign took place. I don't think I was actually involved in it."
  8. General Politics Thread

    https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/aug/08/boris-johnsons-burqa-comments-bolster-his-grassroots-conservative-support There is a moral "asymmetry" between the left and the right on these issues. If a leftish (as seen by the general UK population, not this place) is seen to transgress on gender equality, race, religion etc it is held much more strongly against them than a rightish person. It has its limits as Zak Goldsmith found out.
  9. The get fit, stay fit thread

    After the weights and abs work as a finisher. Unless you want to do it on a separate day. The general idea is start with the biggest most complex movement lifts, your dead lifts, squats, pull ups. Go to your smaller more isolation lifts like your curls and shoulder presses, then your abs and finally your cardio. The most complex and demanding (in terms of muscle control) stuff first then work smaller until you do cardio with what you have left.
  10. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    You have Gramsci as your avatar.
  11. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    His A level suggest that is about it.
  12. General Politics Thread

    The only race BoJo has not insulted seems to be the London Marathon.
  13. The get fit, stay fit thread

    Couple of possible tips. Start varying the "cadence" that is the rate at which you work. The best is to aim for one second on the concentric and three seconds eccentric. Concentric is when the muscle is shortening the eccentric is when it is lengthening. so pulling up on a curl is concentric and when its going down this is the eccentric on the curl. This is because the eccentric is where you are stronger and will build more muscle. Also have no fear of varying your reps and you seek to increase your weights. 1-6 reps of a heavy weight will build more strength, 6-12 will build more "hypertrophy" that is muscle size and 12-20 will build more endurace, the underlying physiology here is about muscle fibre types. Dont be afraid to mix your sets during a week so if you are aiming for 3*10 curls but want to build to go a weight up aim for 11 or 12*3 (and keep pushing on the reps) on the 1st and 3rd work out but add the 2.5kgs and live with a 6*3 rep set in the middle (or less till you build up the strength). Then as you get more strength perhaps switch the whole week to being able to do 8*3 then spend the week doing 8*3 one weight up till you plateau there again and go to for the split again.
  14. The get fit, stay fit thread

    Weight is not the greatest measure. You have (sort of) two main components: 1)Lean body mass. 2) Body fat. The important thing for health is not the over all weight but the ratio of body fat to weight. Your lean tissue is your bones, organs, muscle etc. The other is your body fat. A person at 90kgs with 60kgs lean body mass will look very different to someone with 90kgs and 80kgs of lean body mass. There are various ways to measure it, most gyms have machines, you can use online calculators with tape measures or you can buy a cheap skin fold caliper. Dropping the resistance training\weights could lead to you losing muscle for fat, even with the extra cardio.
  15. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    Since I have broken my silence on this thread, Corbyn is too stupid to be a real antisemite and be able to hide it. But he is also too stupid to be able to see the more subtle types of discrimination of the world when its on his side of the fence. His political enemies have made hay on his brain dead inability to grasp why the story has more legs than "tories linked to hate group". You know the tories are going to be linked to hate groups, they had the bloody Monday Club inside their parliamentary party for long enough. But when you are making a huge song and dance about an issues that challange peoples views of themselves (as Labour do with sexism, racism, homophobia) you are expected to be cleaner than clean, its why Labours sex scandals never hurt them but the tories get trashed by them (Back to Basics), Tories like to go to town on high moral standards and all that.. Same phenomena on the other foot. The dyed in the wool hating Israel every day type poster will not see this. But I think it will make sense to one or two others.