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  1. Russia's new head of space is making noises about pulling out of ISS in 2024. The previous guy, Rogizin, was a total clusterfarce. Not sure about the new guy and how real this might be.
  2. The Welsh, English and Scottish records were all pretty much shattered. Even with climate change it might be a couple of decades before these records are broken. This was probably much rarer than the 1 in 10 year type event that sets a record with an underlying trend of 0.2C per decade (that is globally, higher latitudes like us are warming faster). The 2003 record stood till 2019, so its not really a big reach to suggest that it could take more than a decade to break. Two big caveats, one being a rearranging of atmospheric circulation bringing warmer southerly air masses here more frequently, the other being a big shift in Arctic sea ice seeing high latitude northern hemisphere summer temperatures jump.
  3. Conningby in Lincolnshire sets the UK record The previous was 38.7C so I think that is 1.6C hotter. That is pretty intense. (edited small chance of a 17:00 temperature beating that one) Edited. A temperature record is usually set where a local station has a freaking combination of local weather factors that mean it is a few tenths of a degree warmer than the other and sets the record. That this heat wave had so many sites above that record shows this is a pretty serious outlier in terms of the over all heat in the country. Combine with Coningsby utterly smashing the previous record with the number of sites breaking that record show this really was a freakish event.
  4. Well it will keep them quiet and happy for a bit.
  5. 12:00 temperatures. Another couple of stations come within 0.1C of the previous record.
  6. From the met office. I thought around 3PM we would see places approach the record. That said Surrey will cloud over later today and so will perhaps not be the hottest places in the UK. But here we are, smashing records in the a.m.
  7. BBC live blog. This makes it one of the hottest days ever recorded in the UK (perhaps top 5 but bit busy to check) at 11 am.
  8. https://www.reuters.com/article/europe-weather-britain-idUSS8N1W802O Its announced provisionally on the day. They do some further checks before entering the record books.
  9. 32C recorded at several locations at 9am. It's all but guaranteed today will be one of the hottest days ever recorded in the UK. Personally I would be surprised if we do not break the 38.7C all time record set 3 years ago. While there is some moaning about the tone of the news reports, today is a day when people who are vulnerable and in poorly ventilated rooms, houses etc are at real risk of hospitalisation and death. Heat waves are the deadliest extreme weather events we get in modern Britain.
  10. Now we wait for this evenings data. Normally we would expect the south eastern counties to be the warmest but there is some cloud for them, so this is why its the Cambs\ east midlands region that will be the most cloudless so the most likely to crack a record.
  11. Over night models seem to think some places might break 40C today, especially around Cambridge and the East Midlands. Very dry ground and warm air in the morning to start, with very clear skies. Tonight will be much cooler than last night. Rain in places tomorrow. So some cooling. By 3pmish we should have a clear idea how likely a record will be. By half 5 all the 4pm results that come in automatically will have been collated and we will know the provisional figures. Yesterday was the third hottest day ever recorded at 38.1C Possibly last night was the warmest night in UK but not seen any official data yet. Suns up so everywhere will now be warming. For the curious, Scotland's record is 32.9C in August 2003.
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