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  1. Some of the tolerance comes from the police having to deal with the gun culture and gang violence of the US. They also have had a lot of trouble from crack then meth being drugs of choice. It is also a much more rural country than many other western countries so there is a kind of mentality of their cities being almost foreign and crime riddled to many of them. On top of that there is a broad support for violence in general in things like "stand your ground" legislation in many states. This is part of an explanation, but its not an excuse.
  2. A couple of months ago any criticism of Corbyn was being met with emotional melt downs and screams of "you want the Tories to win". Today it seems we once again live in a world where the obvious flaws in candidates for parties we would rather see win can be discussed. Nature is healing itself.
  3. People virus shed when asymptomatic with Corvid19. Wearing a mask is thought to help reduce the amount of virus ladened droplets you exhale when you have the disease. This may help reduce community transmission. They have a minimal impact on an individual wearing a mask's risk to contract the disease.
  4. So five months into the decade where are we? The coming demographic changes in Europe are going to have huge social and economic impacts. The drop in in younger people will begin to bite this decade. This means less demand for the kinds of goods young people buy and liquidating the assets of the older generation (done by their pension funds to pay the pensions). This may see less buyers for state debt but then again, they can sell it at nominal negative rates at the moment. The US seems to be driving a deglobalisation, they are pulling apart almost every multilateral institution and treaty they are part of. There fracking industry was built on junk bonds so that is likely to blow up in a subprime fashion in the next couple of years as struggle producers cannot roll over commercial paper. The "heartland\flyover" type states are now pretty sick of foreign wars so their is a big push for a pull back from the world. And it is now pivoting to see China as the New SSR. Iran started the year cock-a-hoop. The US drawdown in Iraq and pull out of Syria seemed to put it into poll position in those countries. But its oil industry is taking it harder than Texas right now https://www.reuters.com/article/us-iran-oil/hit-by-coronavirus-and-trump-irans-oil-exports-dwindle-to-record-low-idUSKBN22Q0U3 All the money they had for those fun little proxy wars (with zero condemnation from the left) is drying up. Their mortal enemy however has a big bank of savings. Saudis fortunes seem on the up in the region. A country that seem to have the aim of spreading the 8th century AD as far and wide as they can. Dark times for the region. In Asia China seems to be going of the deep end. There notorious shadow banking system https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China_shadow_banking seems to permanently be on the brink of collapse. Over the past 6 years they went from being everyones friend to suddenly seeming to see the 1930s as the decade to emulate. Japan is getting old, but it seems the cannyest of the operators there. RoK is going the same way but has built a really impressive resume. HK and Taiwan are between a hard rock and the deep blue sea... certainly Xi's determination to dominate any Han majority country in the region seems to make it likely blood will flow (Singapore is not in the region). In South Asia Modi is showing Nick Griffith what a real ethno nationalist looks like, but they have growth and good demographics. Pakistan is ..... well its Pakistan. Not really a tour of the full world but an introduction. And of top of this we have climate change, the population boom in Africa, debt crises in South America, Putin trying to play the chess grand master with the draughts set he has been left since the USSR collapsed..... A thread for thoughts and stories from the world outside the usual UK\US domestic politics that dominate this sub.
  5. Virgin Galactic's first orbital effort has failed. They are trying to become a small sat launcher. I think they are looking at up too about 400kg. They launch from an old 747, using a strong point on the wing Boeing put there for airlines to carry spare engines around the world. There "unique selling point" as that as an airlaunched system they can put rockets into any orbital inclination. Most launchers are constricted by either not being close enough to the equator or not being able to lanch on more polar orbits due to land mass in the way. This is why its very unusual to get a polar orbit from Kennedy, you have either America to your north or Cuba to the south. The US military is really interested in this and is looking at what it can do with a sort of satellite on demand type service. (edited for clarity, the US military has a dedicated launch facility at Vandenberg, California to launch polar satellites, its more the on demand nature that this kind of thing offers).
  6. Blah blah blah. Things happen in the world that are nothing to do with Donald Trump. No matter what nonsense fantasies your peanut brain concocts.
  7. The only interest you payed to Chinese internal politics is to blame Trump for their years long rolling back on the Hong Kong Basic Law. The only evidence you have linking this move to Trump is your imagination. Its like the months of protests against the extradition bill passed you by. 1 in 6 human beings alive today live under Xi Jiaping's direct rule, he controls the worlds second largest economy with an increasingly iron fist, he runs the worlds second largest military. But instead of being aware of the huge surge in oppression and increase in hypernationalism.... the only way you can react to his authoritarianism is to blame Trump. This is another excellent example of the parochial world view, the small mindedness that only sees everything in the world through the lens of your personal likes\dislikes in UK and US politics.
  8. https://pv-magazine-usa.com/2020/05/18/morning-brief-secret-us-air-force-space-plane-experiment-to-beam-solar-power-back-to-earth/ "Secret spaceplane to beam energy to Earth". Cool but the 5G loon buckets are going to have a metldown.
  9. One of the more important battle in November will be for state legislatures. Many of the narrow Republican leaning states have democrat majorities but heavily gerrymandered boundaries. As these houses are flipped, the new administration can redraw boundaries so setting more Congress seats to Democrat and tying in the state house to its majority of voters.
  10. Its like celebrating the Pools Panel awarding you an away win based on form.
  11. You need a red rear reflector to be legal after dark.
  12. First American human crewed mission since the last Shuttle flight scheduled for next Wednesday at 21:33 British Summer Time. SpaceX have now pushed a delayed commercial launch till after this to clear the decks. Brand new first stage as NASA do not want humans flying on reused hardware.... yet. Press conference Wednesday. US Airforce used to fly missions to keep the skies clear during Shuttle launches so its an excuse to post this picture. ... SLS first launch seems delayed again so that likely puts a big red flag over their 2024 date for a Moon landing but the flight hardware for that mission is already starting to be assembled and the landing hardware now has contracts written for it. So it does seem very likely that humans will be on the Moon in the next few years anyway.
  13. They are an utter pain in the arse and very famous for creaking. I have had to replace them when they start to fail but lived with the creaking noises.
  14. Not by anyone worth listening too. Fantasising future schadenfreude. I guess its what you do when you have no real connection to reality.
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