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  1. https://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/politics/general-election-weather-forecast-snow-rain-2019-uk-labour
  2. Well all we can hope for is a systematic error. A failure to account for younger turnout or a late breaking demographic not picked up by the polling. Uncertainty breaks both ways, and all pollsters have said this is a difficult election to call for a lot of reasons. On about the 31st of October a lot of people seemed a lot more confident, forgetting what an appalling campaign May ran. The Tories know their business, they know how to sell a message and target demographics. Waving around some things you like and assuming everyone else will as well is not really got a good track record in terms of modern elections.
  3. The UK has to decide what kind of deal it wants, it needs to work out how to meet the Good Friday Agreement, it needs to do so under pressure from the other major trading blocks like the US and China that will be applying their own screws to try to isolate the UK plus the dunderhead brexiters do not want to commit to EU rules. And there is the outstanding bill for programs in the EU the UK has signed up too. And and fucking and. And the buffoon is going to the country on the promise it will be all done by 31/12/20. So if he is lying about that then he is not fit to be elected.
  4. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-delay-boris-johnson-deal-general-election-eu-barnier-leak-deadline-a9242346.html https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/dec/06/alexandra-hall-british-diplomat-resigns-letter-cant-peddle-half-truths-uk-government
  5. You argument is that should vote for Boris on the basis he is lying.
  6. In other words he is lying to his voters on his core promise, the one he has built his whole campaign around? "Trust his because he is lying."
  7. ComRes. Outlier and still a slim Tory majority. Though a mountain of caveats apply.
  8. So your argument is that the PM is lying to the public and we should then vote on the assumption he is lying! Jesus wept. The bandwidth has been consumed getting a deal to leave not some magical deal after we leave that satisfies all including Ireland. You are trusting a PM you say is going into an election with the expectation that he is happy to break one of his keystone pledges.
  9. Because his deadline of 31 December 2020 is non achievable. Pull the other one, it plays tunes.
  10. ComRes has us with a Tory majority of 6 on uniform swing. Things may be tight enough that the toss ups in Norn Irn may come into play. DUP do not want the current Boris deal and most Labour leave rebels are out the equation. Of some interest, women show the greatest Labour lean and the greatest "dont know". Couple of more polls to come apparently.
  11. As for tidying up the last from Panelbase and BMG. Again no change. Still IPSOS Mori to come.
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