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  1. Fixtures showing bsc Glasgow playing at springburn have they not moved to Peterson park?
  2. If that’s the case then why does the club website and our match programmes list the honours of Clydebank juniors?
  3. Unfortunately this is what people voted for this is a senior cup final not the juniors.if Clydebank ever do reach league 2 you will be paying in the region of £20 to watch them.
  4. Yoker are lucky if they have two dozen fans them having an sfa license is farcical
  5. Yoker athletic have never played a home game in Glasgow they have always been a Clydebank club despite their name
  6. Unfortunately that won’t happen back in 1972 the night rangers won the cup winners cup Scotland played Wales at hampden so the European final wasn’t even live on tv.
  7. They played Clydebank u20s a couple of weeks ago won 2-0
  8. Move on ? Unfortunately to many of our fans think we were to good for the juniors despite the fact that since we returned to them we never won the league the junior cup the west of Scotland cup or the evening times trophy and to be honest I think it will be years before we win anything else.
  9. So you don’t care about the 81 years our club spent in the juniors?
  10. The rules clearly state that if one side has less than seven players the game must be abandoned
  11. Actually no having re read the post item two also has absolutely nothing to do with Clydebank juniors I assume whoever posted this nonsense is someone from Largs thistle because they printed a lot of the same garbage in today’s programme.
  12. Clydebank and Yoker both play in Dunbartonshire and the street where bsc Glasgow will play next season is half in Dunbartonshire and half in Glasgow so not sure which list they should be on
  13. The current Clydebank played back then as Clydebank juniors and played in the Glasgow junior league and the Scottish intermediate league.the other team were a professional club that played in the Scottish football league.two entirely different clubs historical fact nothing to do with spin.
  14. Entity one and three nothing to do with The current Clydebank fc that started as duntocher fc in 1899.
  15. That was the club’s original name.
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