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  1. Doesn’t say much for the 46 countries below us and rangers did reach a final last season.
  2. Scottish clubs are the eighth most successful in European history hardly an irrelevance
  3. Also there was almost an Ajax v Ajax colts in the final the colts lost the semi final on penalties
  4. Just read on Aberdeen website fans will not be allowed to take umbrellas into the ground that is bizarre.
  5. Yes conference A will be run by the lowland league B C and D by the east and E F and G by the west.
  6. It would be better if they just kicked the cheats out of football for good
  7. I can remember Talbot officials doing it at holm park a few years ago when challenged they said they believed they had been short changed at a couple of previous cup ties they had played.
  8. Fixtures showing bsc Glasgow playing at springburn have they not moved to Peterson park?
  9. If that’s the case then why does the club website and our match programmes list the honours of Clydebank juniors?
  10. Unfortunately this is what people voted for this is a senior cup final not the juniors.if Clydebank ever do reach league 2 you will be paying in the region of £20 to watch them.
  11. Yoker are lucky if they have two dozen fans them having an sfa license is farcical
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