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  1. Tesco meal deals all-round. I smell a sponsorship opportunity.
  2. Looking forward to Perth’s branch of the Kyle Lafferty fan clubs inaugural meeting. Each new member to receive a £5 free bet on the virtuals.
  3. Feedback appreciated. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must attend a book burning behind Home Bargains. The serfs, they are learning to read you see.
  4. The congregation of Letham St. Marks is far more diverse than I remember. Praying for the rapture after today no doubt.
  5. Put them on the brexit bus and drive them off a cliff ✊🏼
  6. True story, it’s a conspiracy between the SNP, The orange lodge and Scottish water, there’s antibiotics in the tap water captain.
  7. Homophobic innuendo is one of the pillars this country was built on
  8. Over-age for what? Is the under 21 rule not still in place?
  9. Is the issue not that Comrie was an over-age player and the guy from Celtic isn’t?
  10. 1. Somebodies deed 2. Some wee tadger is born 3. Ma dug is lost 4. Ma dug has been found 5. Ma neighbour keeps shaggin’ ma dug
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