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  1. Without doubt Nicky Locke is a good player , always rated him at Broxburn , but no player enjoys continuously being played out of position . So going on that I will be surprised if he signs on again but certainly hope he does .
  2. Please no signings from Sauchie or Camelon .
  3. Correct , I can’t find any other team who has done that and not managed any subs on so many occasions . We are tier 5 of Scottish football .. time to act accordingly .
  4. Great keeper but can’t understand his lack of ambition , home town or not .
  5. Suggested this at start of season and was told by committee member to do it myself ! Good to see BU getting this onboard at it is a must going forward .
  6. See the Rose stuffed UoS last night , something we haven’t managed to do yet . Also 3 of the Camelon 6 in the team . What went so wrong with them at Bo’ness ?
  7. Must be a record in Lowland League for 2 central defenders to total 82 years old . Ah well let’s see how it goes !
  8. Well if he does put money into club that explains it all .
  9. Did we not play 4 games a week at this time of season in the juniors ? How many excuses are we going to use for this season . We’ve had transition season , small squad , injuries , suspensions , 4G , referee , to name a few and now 15 games in 53 days . We’ve had our manager starting off with a small squad if you don’t count the Camelon guys . Signing players from teams below you in league when moving up hasn’t worked . Ten players offloaded within the first 2 months of season , 7 or 8 loan guys to try to make it up , falling out with players , allowing suspended players to sit on bench only to receive further red cards . Losing to a club that haven’t won otherwise in going on now for 3 years . Ruling over the worst home season I can remember . What does it take to be sacked at BU ? No other manager has got away with so much . I’m sure there would be plenty interested . Anyway , the view outside of Pie and Bovril re management is a bit different hence the fall off in gates . If BU are looking here for the general views of fans then they may be well mistaken .
  10. Agree fully . If anyone can come on and give us the last time we had a home season as bad as this , please do . 9 defeats , 1 to a club that hadn’t won for 2 years and still hasn’t apart from us . 5 wins with an argument there that we could have lost 3 of them . 3 draws . Average of 2 goals a game conceded . That is a very poor record and frankly some games have been abysmal to watch . Somebody pointed out the other week that our top scorer is Xander and he hasn’t kicked a ball for 7 months . I fully understand that the financial position might stop BU getting some players but several teams that we have played have less money than us to spend and they have beaten us too. So it’s not all down to money . I also understand that sometimes there is bad luck , injuries etc but that can’t account for a full season . Where we go I don’t know but we are in a bad place today . I just hope tomorrow is better .
  11. Well that was a hammering that was coming . EK destroyed us and really should have had double figures . Can’t remember the last time we lost by six goals at home but somebody will probably come on with that fact . Looking back at the Shire highlights , they could have had 6 too . Tried to count the crowd , probably under 200 . Too many people come on and keep defending the team and management but they all have to take a share of the blame . We are dire , really dire , supporters frustrated , player telling supporters to [email protected]@k up .Thank god the season is almost finished .
  12. Well it worked in getting the information which hasn’t been forthcoming from the club so far .
  13. Why don’t BU inform supporters better . Want the money but never tell us about injuries , why players are left out etc . It is after all a small amount of people that are interested . Rumours have been going around for a while that things are not so good within club regarding players , is this the case ? That I may say from reliable sources . Did the BU vote against B teams ? More rumours circulating about that one too .
  14. Yes BU were poor but we could be still playing you next season . This season could all be for nothing yet . Good luck though .
  15. Take it there will be a testimonial match at some point ?
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