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  1. Have to say was impressed by the set up at Blackburn . Very forward thinking ending up with a great facility . Work in progress I would think regarding team . Great display by BIs , again a professional team performance . Enjoyed my day .
  2. Liked what BUs were doing re announcements but just tried to spread it out too long .
  3. Is 1150 a record attendance for roads league match
  4. Some bad losers on here tonight . Fact , Bo’ness could have been 5 up at half time . Fact , Rose only came to life after Nimmo went off . Fact , Rose had a big chance to steal a draw but fluffed their lines . Get over it and move on . £7 was great value to see BU’s beat you lot
  5. Game off , really should have been postponed last night in my opinion .
  6. A game that should have been well over at half time but credit to Camelon who had a few good chances in second half . Good game , best team won in my opinion. Very poor refereeing decision when waving a way a bad foul on McKenzie . Lino laughing and gesturing whilst a player lying injured is , let’s say , not very professional .
  7. Are Dundonald under 20s playing there on the Friday nights ?
  8. Yes , but no mention from BU’s of change which has been done according to EOSFL .
  9. On another subject it looks like game v Broxburn on 28th Dec , now on 21st Dec . Not seen that mentioned by BU’s .
  10. If ever a game showed up the need for a strikers instinct this was it . That’s why we won’t win the league unfortunately unless we find one . Thought we played really well and should have won in normal time . Great spirit shown . Pity bulk of chances fell to Nimmo . IMO Murphy made it too easy for player to chip him . It was a good game though but we should have won it .
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