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  1. Tam Heard you are moving back to Meadowbank soon. Any news? As there already has been a New Meadowbank, Old Meadowbank and a Meadowbank 3G what will the new ground be called? New New Meadowbank?
  2. Tynecastle also played there and they upgraded the pavilion with some of the money they received from the Craig Gordon Transfer to Sundeland. The pitch was known as being a triple use facility. football ground, public park and dog toilet!
  3. Spartans are a member's club. There are approximately 70 voting members at present. The community charity runs the academy.
  4. He walked into the first team age 19 and looked as though he had played there for years. Won the league and made captain the next year. Strength, pace and can pass really well. Definitely capable of league 2. Was in the Lowland league team of the year a couple of times. Sometimes the decision making isn't the best but if paired with an old head he will do a job for you.
  5. The Crowd for Spartans v Shire in April 18 was 781. This was league winning game. I think that is Spartans LL record crowd beating the 500+ for the game v Edin City the previous year. I remember thinking it was a big crowd because I had to queue to get to the turnstile.
  6. LISTENER'S TEAM [emoji2792] Congratulations to @Mr_Mark_Brown aka the @spartansfc twitter guy who was voted as our social media man. Mainly seen around the pitch at Ainslie Park with his phone and his camera. Mark brings the best of patter and personality to the club's socials. https://t.co/rRuTGnGdTj Spartans Twitter Guy wins listeners poll at Catch up podcast. Who would have thought that would happen?
  7. He did play for East Fife before joining Meadowbank so there is a good chance it is him.
  8. Spartans second PSF confirmed as a visit from Raith Rovers on Tuesday 7th July. I expect a strong squad as it will a return match from last summer's PSF.
  9. Spartans have announced their first Pre-season friendly for this this summer. 27th June 2020 Spartans V Dunfermline. TTBC The Pars have said they will bring their first team for this game which will be the first on the new carpet. Spartans will be re-laying the main pitch during the summer. It is now 10 years since it was laid and it is being renewed as per the normal life span of a 3G pitch. For a well used pitch it has certainly lasted well, but is beginning to show signs it need refreshed. The community pitch next door was relaid 2 years ago and from my limited experience certainly has a bit more 'bounce' in it.
  10. Only reason we had Stewards was we expected a bigger than normal away support from Kelty. However the weather put paid to that. For our bigger cup games we didn't segregate but did use the extra entry gates.
  11. TJ - The man who killed the Juniors with intransigence.
  12. I am sure there are probably enough for a thread on it's own. Probably in General Nonsense....
  13. I thought the Lowland League record is 781 for Spartans v East Stirling when winning the league 2 seasons ago.
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