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  1. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    Please define Whitehill standards...…...
  2. The Spartans 2018-19

    The view from Grim Towers of the November and December goals
  3. The Spartans 2018-19

    Jobbygate The Movie
  4. The Spartans 2018-19

    Herdy had a lot to be guilty about during the game but not that. The strange thing is that it was an hour into the game before anyone noticed it...
  5. The Spartans 2018-19

    Just some of them? We do try our best.
  6. Christmasbreakwatch 2018

    What time? Must try and get to Humbug Park at Christmas time...
  7. Christmasbreakwatch 2018

    Spartans 3 Mussleburgh 2 tonight
  8. This Friday's game is free for those who donate at the gate for the local Foodbank. Full details from Spartan's Website below. Donate at the Gate this Friday night and watch our game for Free! We’re back under the lights next Friday Night as we welcome Vale of Leithen to Ainslie Park and for the 7th year in a row, we are inviting all fans to Donate at the Gate and attend the game for FREE! Yes, you can come and watch our Lowland League match for nothing – all we ask in return is a wee drop-off of some non-perishable goods as we assist the Spartans Community Football Academy’s Festive Foodbank Appeal. This year they are once again collecting on behalf of TrussellTrust and we are delighted to offer our support. We have been overwhelmed by your generosity over the years in making a difference to people’s lives in North Edinburgh over the festive period and beyond. If you can’t make the game, you can pop into the Academy during the day with your donation too.
  9. The Spartans 2018-19

    Look for some new faces to freshen things up.
  10. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    I think you better get the hoses out.
  11. The Spartans 2018-19

    Oh but we are around. Watching, always watching...……...
  12. The Spartans 2018-19

    September's goals
  13. The Spartans 2018-19

    With Grim preparing the September highlights as I write, here is a preview with Grinchy's goal of the season contender at Gretna earlier this month.
  14. Early impressions?

    So long as it is not HIS round.....