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  1. The stand opposite will still only have 3 rows and seating for 150. hardly worth the effort!
  2. This is what was in the Spartans program after a @Ghost Goal' incident during their game at Gretna on 2nd October. WHEN SPARTANS SCORED A GHOST GOAL ….AND WHAT HAPPENNED NEXT. The main talking point from Spartans game at Gretna was the Ghost Goal and the events afterwards In the game, Spartans took the lead when a header came back from what the referee thought was the post but was actually a wheel on the outside of the frame which was behind the line. The ball was then tapped over the line by Blair Henderson. Despite protests from the Gretna 2008 players, the referee allowed the ‘goal’ to stand. Spartans Head Coach Dougie Samuel hadn’t realised the ball hadn’t bounced off the post. After a discussion with his coaching team and when the ball returned to Gretna’s possession, they instructed their players to allow Gretna 2008 to walk the ball into the net unopposed. As can be seen by the photo the ball goes out of play and hits the wheel. Well done to Mark Brown for being in the right place at the right time to capture the evidence. The news of this sporting action quickly spread via social media and the tweet below is typical of those we have seen. View attachment 17066 Other news agencies have asked for footage of the game so we may see the goal on more than just the Spartans website where it is currently viewable. At half time the home supporters applauded the Spartans off the pitch. However, Spartans scored three ‘good’ goals in the second half to win 4-1. So sometimes the good guys do win! Apologies to Spartan’s goalkeeper who lost the chance of a clean sheet, although I am sure that will happen soon. The thoughts of the referee are not known at this time.
  3. Looks like February at the earliest before Meadowbank will be ready. The council are blaming Covid and supply issues.
  4. Just a reminder that Spartans v Bonnyrigg on Saturday is a 2pm KO.
  5. Lightning has struck three times! also happened to the EOS team in a game v LTHV. Spartans 'scored' when ball hit wheel inside net. Goal not awarded. LTHV go up pitch and score winner.
  6. Might have been Kevin Brown. Mark Brown is twitter guy!
  7. Fair summary HJ. Sammy shuffled the pack with big game on Sat v Dalbeattie. Saying that, Rose looked good and deserved win>
  8. Spartans charging £150 for player sponsorship. Been that for a couple of years.
  9. Tam Heard you are moving back to Meadowbank soon. Any news? As there already has been a New Meadowbank, Old Meadowbank and a Meadowbank 3G what will the new ground be called? New New Meadowbank?
  10. Tynecastle also played there and they upgraded the pavilion with some of the money they received from the Craig Gordon Transfer to Sundeland. The pitch was known as being a triple use facility. football ground, public park and dog toilet!
  11. Spartans are a member's club. There are approximately 70 voting members at present. The community charity runs the academy.
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