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  1. The rules specify a random draw. https://slfl.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Lower-Pyramid-play-off-rules-2020.pdf
  2. But he went on to say " I cannot change games just because 1 team asks for it. If I was to allow 1 team to do it, I'd have to allow all teams to do it. Imagine the chaos that would cause if teams were allowed to pick and choose when they wanted to play."
  3. History shows that Rangers fans can devastate a city without any help from a big bomb.
  4. Any reason for all the unnecessary and egregiously wrong upper case letters?
  5. I have some affection for Cowdenbeath, with family connections to the town. However ... The last time I saw them was in 1972-ish, in the old 2nd division against Forfar. The stadium was like a mini-Hampden, but had obviously seen much better days (as indeed had Hampden) and the stand in particular (with hindsight) was a Bradford City disaster waiting to happen. The football, and the attendance, were about low Highland League levels. They've done pretty well to hold on for 50 years.
  6. I doubt if the "Rangers" shareholders would agree. The new club has never made a profit, and has in fact lost a total of £100 million to date.
  7. Oh dear. Doesn't he realise that the HL has had clubs from Aberdeenshire since God was a boy?
  8. Well, I believe they can, but presumably they'd lose their licence?
  9. Are you suggesting the clubs and the league have engaged in a criminal conspiracy to fix the prices?
  10. Whose rule is that? It appears to apply to the HFL play-off(s), not the SPFL ones.
  11. Only someone who'd never been to Cowdenbeath could say that.
  12. But hopefully only if they could spell.
  13. Pricing in Scotland overall needs looked at. Should be a maximum of £10 for clubs out with tip two divisions. Even in Premiership and Championship it should be a maximum of £20 Good idea, except that colluding to fix prices is a criminal offence.
  14. When I was at a Coldstream game in the '70s it was a public park. I imagine they must have gone through a lot of hoops to get the ground enclosed. Invergordon should ask them for advice.
  15. So which SPFL clubs are not capitalist? Community- or fan-owned? Workers co-operatives? Not a very long list. Common enough (and successful) on the Continent, but what do Barcelona and Real know about football?
  16. "Couple of years"? It's been won exclusively by Celtic and Rangers/Sevco since 1986.
  17. Are bears famous for hypocrisy? Or have you personally been a victim of some ursine double-dealing? I think we should be told.
  18. You mean the SFA don't follow their own rules? Shurely shome mishtake!
  19. But from LTL's post above, the 200 lux average is only a recommendation, not a requirement. If Oakley can stage a couple of games where the refs say they're OK, then that meets the licensing criterion.
  20. Troll or not, it's difficult to take seriously the views of someone who apparently doesn't have the wit to turn the CAPSLOCK off.
  21. Any evidence for that? The reverse seems to apply when a lower-level club get a big cup-tie. In any event, while lower gate prices might attract higher attendances it certainly won't happen overnight, and the idea of regular "full stadiums" is wishful thinking. Even if tickets were free.
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