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  1. It must be a cost decision: it's difficult to imagine there aren't better players locally.
  2. What did I say to make you think that? It would be splendid if everyone in Scotland could be vaccinated by late summer/early autumn. I was simply pointing out that no-one has yet said that will happen.
  3. The Minister can only speak for NHS England: health is devolved. AFAIK Nicola hasn't set a target. Probably sensibly!
  4. But the decision to "discard the domestic league" would not be made by the league, or by you or me, but by Sevco and Celtic. They have no record of caring about small clubs suffering.
  5. I hope the "bosses", who are all volunteers and have other commitments, are not wasting their time reading the contradictory opinions on here and elsewhere.
  6. This proposal will fail if they do a credit check on Rangers.
  7. According to the Licensing Manual, assessments and documentation have to be complete by the end of March, for consideration by the Licensing Committee between 20-30 April. I'd imagine dates may change as a result of Covid, but only in one direction.
  8. Maybe to you, but not to the scientists, or indeed to anyone who listens to them. Some people with Covid never show any symptoms (including most small children), but they are all highly infectious and need to be isolated.
  9. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish-fa/football-governance/club-licensing/
  10. AIUI Brechin's reluctance to go to the HL was because they tend to rely on players from the Central Belt. How could they abandon such a successful strategy? 😉
  11. Who do you want to confirm it? The rules haven't changed, and AFAIK there is no proposal to do so. No one is taking the piss, all you have is some speculation on the forums about the Tayside problem.
  12. Who mentioned twitter followers? The original discussion was about the ability of Scotish clubs to compete with the English, and the most important factor there is financial. You need to be able to buy, and pay, players of a competitive standard. The cold hard figures suggest that Celtic and Rangers could not. If they were somehow parachuted into the EPL they would benefit from a bigger TV deal, but that's simply never going to happen.
  13. According to the most recent version of the definitive Deloitte Money League, 11 EPL clubs are in the top 30 earners worldwide, from Man United (3rd) down to Palace (30th). Celtic and Sevco do not feature at all. Big fish, small pond. https://www2.deloitte.com/uk/en/pages/sports-business-group/articles/deloitte-football-money-league.html
  14. Unless the cash is in brown envelopes or stuffed in boots, the club needs to process PAYE and NI. Once that is in place, arranging bank transfers is a piece of cake. And much easier than cash.
  15. Will they? Is that an SFA rule? If not, it's surely a matter for negotiation.
  16. Cup Rule 13 says "if a club notifies the Scottish FA that it considers that its registered ground as detailed in the Official Return (Rule 6 and the Articles of Association refer) is unsuitable for the playing of a Cup match for whatever reason, or if the Secretary considers that a club’s registered ground is unsuitable for the playing of a Cup match for whatever reason, and (in either case) the Board is satisfied of the validity of such reason, the match shall be played at the nearest available registered ground of at least equivalent capacity which in the opinion of the Board is most suitable for the occasion." So it's allowed, and there is no requirement to make the reason public.
  17. I'm not sure you've grasped the pyramid concept.
  18. If you're paying wages, and your opponents aren't, you have to ask yourselves what you're paying for. Unless you're consistently more successful.
  19. They aren't being investigated for colluding with other clubs. The suggestion is a pricing agreement involving the kit manufacturers (Hummel) and retailers (JD Sports, etc.). Anyway, the other clubs can't set a price, except for whats sold in their own shops. They can't legally tell the local sports shop what to charge.
  20. The Competition and Markets Authority have announced they are investigating allegations of price-fixing of replica kit, involving Rangers, Hummel and JD Sports. Manchester United were fined £1.6 million for a similar conspiracy in 2004. Umbro and JJB Sports were also fined. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/rangers-facing-price-fix-inquiry-over-replica-kits-sgk2sskc2
  21. Clairvoyance now! Just because no-one has made a spectacular success of fan ownership in Scotland is hardly conclusive proof that it can't be done. The "traditional" structure has seen no shortage of failures.
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