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  1. If you can't attract 50-60 paying fans for a cup-tie (national, and prestigious(?)), maybe your future is not in semi-professional football.
  2. Plus two "dont"s and a "too".
  3. Jail for an official is unlikely, but possible (up to five years). A fine for the club is more likely - up to 10% of turnover. Or both.
  4. If any clubs "sang from the same hymn sheet" they'd be committing a criminal offence. Competition Act 1978.
  5. That is a dismal excuse. LU are the customer, they can choose when the work is done.
  6. I imagine the HL are all good republicans and see no need to incorporate the royal standard.
  7. Home strip - white and blue hoops. Change strip - white with blue hoops. Genius.
  8. It's a nice shirt, and I remember admiring it when Forfar wore it in the mid-60s. However, if the only team you'll play in the league that requires a change strip wears green and white stripes, maybe green and white stripes isn't the smartest choice for you.
  9. Maybe everyone else should check again. https://slfl.co.uk/
  10. Just that you identify yourself as a WW supporter. The fact that BSC are able to operate successfully at a higher level than WW might, to some, suggest a wee bit of jealousy.
  11. But despite having no history, no home and no fans they're one whole division above Whitehill Welfare ....
  12. Indeed. If BSC are indeed a "sham", a "disgrace" or a "Mickey Mouse club", what does that say about the 15 clubs below them?
  13. I've no connection to BSC, and no axe to grind. They seem to have broken no rules. Last time I looked, they were second in the legaue, ahead of long-established "real" clubs like East Stirlingshire, Bonnyrigg and Berwick. Do I detect the faint whiff of sour grapes?
  14. Why? They could have taken a train to Elgin and changed for Inverness, or to Aberdeen and changed for Fraserburgh.
  15. I don't think it has. Maybe you're thinking of a full-time club which ceased to exist. Another club was formed, took over their ground and entered League 2.
  16. And how could they have been "brought on board", given the SJFA's ill-disguised opposition?
  17. Look, I don't doubt the strength of your conviction that it's 'a foot in the door mate, but stacked against the fact that's its formally agreed to be one season, you're banging on with no tangible point. Unless they occupy K Park and refuse to leave, they're gone after the season. AFAIK that's not a fact. It hasn't been formally agreed, just an informal 'indicative' vote. The formal decision will happen at the AGM. It may still be thrown out. On the other hand it might be extended to 2/4/100 seasons. There's still time for fans to let their clubs know their views.
  18. Surely LL2 will become the ONLY Tier 6 league, and EoS, SoS and WoS will become Tier 7 etc.
  19. Too soon for that. The OF colts issue hasn't been resolved.
  20. It isn't done until the AGM: all we've had so far is an "indicative" vote. Plenty of time for fans to make themselves heard, and for integrity to prevail. And also plenty of time for more "petty name calling and nasty comments" .
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