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  1. Big time players? Whitehill? Leith Athletic? Have I missed something?
  2. You will never have that so long as there are regional leagues. Even if you had two automatic relegation places from SPFL2, there wouldn't necessarily be one to the HL and one to the LL. And so on down the pyramid.
  3. Thank you for that information. And your point is?
  4. Neil Doncaster doesn't run the SFA. Yet.
  5. Is there some subtle reason for phrasing it that way, rather than just saying 60/40?
  6. A team in green and white hoops playing Linfield. What could possibly go wrong?
  7. All of the Cowden fans I've read on here were very realistic about their prospects at the start of the season. Promotion would have been wishful thinking, not ambition.
  8. To be fair, the BBC have vastly more resources in London than in Glasgow.
  9. If they do, the ref should issue yellow cards to the whole team. Including the subs. Ungentlemanly conduct.
  10. Indeed. The Times says it was a bush, and even has a photo of the plant in question.
  11. Indeed, but you're not loaning him. The bank lends (or loans) you money to buy a car, you borrow it. Basic English, but unfortunately that's not a language spoken by football journalists.
  12. No, Hibs are borrowing him. Man U are loaning him. At least in US English. In the UK we usually say "lending".
  13. Scottish football became professional in about 1895. Do keep up.
  14. The FA Cup has six preliminary rounds, so their QF (round 6) is actually the 12th round.
  15. 1. Couldn't those two home shirt guys have gone to the bog before the photoshoot? 2. Home shirt - blue. Away shirt - blue. Shurely shome mishtake?
  16. But only since the practice of selling replica shirts to gullible fans at inflated prices began, and thus required regular changes of design. Not something to be encouraged. White served well for decades. End of rant.
  17. So far then, we have blue, white, red, green, yellow and pink. Oh, and don't forget maroon. Have I missed any? Is anyone seriously saying those are all "our" colours? Stop this nonsense - it's navy blue and white.
  18. Scotland 'home' jerseys were pink and yellow between 1899-1901 and 1905-8.
  19. There was also the primrose yellow and pink "Roseberry" jerseys worn around 1900.
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