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  1. Eh? Don't Scots & Welsh pioliticians blame Westminster?
  2. Maybe because they're being told different things by different teams/players?
  3. Sir Sean Connery has passed away.
  4. Surely it can't be too difficult or expensive to hire industrial-strength extractors if necessary? Mind you, In February in Scotland I wouldn't even want the window open.
  5. That's probably why he said it "may" happen.
  6. I knew Hartlepool played at Victoria Park, but the Staggie badge is news to me.
  7. The player's views don't absolve the employer from their responsibility under the Health and Safety At Work legislation.
  8. No, sanctions apply only after the four-week stage, i.e. 14th November. See https://wosfl.co.uk/update:-13th-october-2020/
  9. What has that got to do with anything? Paying £1,000 for advertising no-one will see is a dumb idea, even if it only costs £800 after tax.
  10. AFIK you don't need planning permission for a fence up to 2.0 metres.
  11. If the club and player have signed a contract, there is nothing the SFA can do to change it without both parties' consent.
  12. Rubbish. The clubs have two options at the moment - start without fans, or don't start at all. The fans are not affected either way.
  13. It's when you take off your normal clothing and get into your football kit.😉
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