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  1. The play-offs were scheduled last summer, long after the pandemic started.
  2. No, it doesn't. Postcodes are designed for the efficient delivery of mail. They don't necessarily follow local government boundaries, and in any case counties haven't been used in "correct" postal addresses for decades. FWIW, local government in Scotland has been reorganised at least twice since postcodes were introduced.
  3. If the WL clubs are left "sitting on the fence" it is of their own making. If they want certainty, just apply to the EoS.
  4. You say "you can't", but no-one is in a position to prevent it. The clubs had a chance pre-season to put rules in place for this eventuality, but didn't.
  5. Football clubs are arranged into leagues, and have been for over a century. What are these groups? Are they a new thing?
  6. Semi-pro football is a part-time job. The rules allowing travel to a place of work do not distinguish between full- and part-time work. A part-time footballer is no different from anyone else with a part-time job, often in addition to another full-time or part-time one.
  7. It is NOT the only way. The EoS and WoS could easily agree a boundary and have it ratified by their members, without any reference to the SFA.
  8. Why not indeed. Possibly the people who wrote the legislation aren't as clever as you or me. However, I'd suggest the meaning of international football is clear and well-known and they didn't think it needed to be spelled out.
  9. The meaning of "International" in a sporting context is well established. Your suggested interpretation would cover every game outside Scotland, which is clearly not what is intended.
  10. Yes it does. You've missed paragraph 1 "UEFA Champions League and Europa League fixtures". That is pretty specific. Para 2 is "International Football fixtures", and 27 is "UEFA Youth League fixtures". So no domestic competitions, or friendlies, are included.
  11. But realistic. If you want a relentlessly upbeat outlook regardless of the facts, call Boris Johnson.
  12. At a rough guess, less than 5% of the local community ever go to games. Maybe another 5% show some interest. The other 90% wouldn't care if the club disappeared.
  13. It's not the absolute size of the cities that matters, but the density of population. I.e. how closely we're all crammed in together coughing and sneezing. As Gordon has said, Scotland and England are not much different.
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