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  1. Too soon for that. The OF colts issue hasn't been resolved.
  2. It isn't done until the AGM: all we've had so far is an "indicative" vote. Plenty of time for fans to make themselves heard, and for integrity to prevail. And also plenty of time for more "petty name calling and nasty comments" 😉.
  3. I can't be bothered looking up the WoS rules, but in most leagues new entrants are admitted as Associates (no voting rights) for at least their first season. I seem to remember that in the old SFL it was five seasons.
  4. Good analysis. But AIUI Brechin's concern is that their players' journeys start many miles south of Brechin.
  5. Agreed, good concept. And I can't see the senior clubs rushing to participate if it's under the jurisdiction of wht's left of the Junioe empire.
  6. Apart from organising the Junior Cup, what purpose does the SJFA now serve? Do they do anything for the two remaining junior-ish leagues that the leagues couldn't do themselves?
  7. And how much of a loss would those players be? Brechin's strategy of recruiting players from the central belt has hardly been a success. Time for a rethink, prehaps?
  8. At last, your area of expertise: pointless nonsense
  9. In 1963 they abolished the distinction between amateur and professional players in cricket. Most of the sporting world has followed suit, except Scottish Football.
  10. Indeed. Not like their current local trips to Wick, Brora, Fort William ...
  11. I agree. Being in the "posh seats" at Cowdenbeath or Albion Rovers is not my idea of glory, and in any event there aren't many "peasants" to look down on. It's a pretty meagre reward for the money and effort.
  12. Or maybe too stupid to spot sarcasm?
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