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  1. Indeed, probably the only one who has even read the laws.
  2. "the words of the prophets are written on the retracing wall". We may be of a similar age!
  3. Yes, any argument in a larger font is always going to be more persuasive ....
  4. Not quite: the SFA appoint an arbitrator, and the two parties can (if they want!) each appoint one. The latter are not there to 'put their case', but to form a tribunal and reach a decision jointly. And they needn't be QCs, or indeed KCs. Just on the SFA approved list: solicitors, advocates or judges. So maybe a wee bit cheaper!
  5. Possibly, but ... If the 3rd placed club beat the HL champs and Club 42, wouldn't that make the SPFL look even more tin-pot?
  6. Apart from the very few fan-controlled clubs, any supporter who imagines he is any more than a "mere customer" is deluded.
  7. No need to be embarrassed. No-one outside Scotland knows or cares that the lower leagues even exist.
  8. Big time players? Whitehill? Leith Athletic? Have I missed something?
  9. You wouldn't expect a fan of a 10-year-old club to understand ...
  10. You will never have that so long as there are regional leagues. Even if you had two automatic relegation places from SPFL2, there wouldn't necessarily be one to the HL and one to the LL. And so on down the pyramid.
  11. Thank you for that information. And your point is?
  12. Neil Doncaster doesn't run the SFA. Yet.
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