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  1. I think he comes across as an arrogant, deluded w**k. This. Emperor Nero vibes from the twat. Worst manager in my lifetime, easy.
  2. Some of the performances that season were on a par with what we are seeing just now. Truly horrendous.
  3. Guy on my street is a Killie fan and he asked if I was looking forward to the football this morning. Didn't know what he was on about, then he reminded me about our circus this Saturday against his lot. Felt like punching him in the throat for reminding me.
  4. We are going down with this board. It’s as simple as that. Fucking shitebag, jobs-for-the-boys wankers.
  5. The board and Grant are absolutely deranged. I honestly think they are constantly pished on German beer.
  6. Patterson is better than SOD. He should be first choice at RWB for the foreseeable. SOD playing just because he is "solid enough" is just typical negative Scotland. Clarke called it right on Saturday. First half he was all over the place, but second half he showed how good he is. He'll make mistakes as he is still a teenager, but I don't see why SOD should be playing ahead of him at all now.
  7. I would only be dropping players if they are injured. Apart from that it has got to be the strongest team possible.
  8. Nisbet got a lot of flack in the Moldova game, where he was absolutely fine. Apart from dodgy anticipation of a through ball, he done his job. He was key to setting up the goal. But that's just typical Scotland fans though. Because he doesn't score a hattrick against a bottom seed he is obviously shite. I'd play him and Dykes tbh although I think Clarke will go for Dykes and Christie. If Gilmour is injured, then McTominay takes his spot with Tierney-Hanley-Hendry in defence. More than enough talent in there to see off the Faroes.
  9. Oooft. I am tender after that one! First time I have organised a bus from our local and it is safe to say everyone is gagging to do it all over again! Quite easily the best Scotland game I have seen, not just in person. It had absolutely everything. Certainly for a neutral’s point of view anyway. For a Scotland fan it was gas and air stuff, but absolutely worth the smashed face, ribs and even tail bone as I fell down about 5 flights of stairs after the 3rd. Just amazing scenes I doubt I’ll ever see in the flesh ever again.
  10. Rangers, with their deplorable fanbase , get plenty of sponsors. It's a totally moot point.
  11. Even during admin you couldn’t beat us, so that’s the logic there. Just guessing we will be incredibly lucky, although getting cuffed 6-0 isn’t unrealistic. Could quite easily happen. I’m just being incredibly negative because a draw keeps him in charge another game. But then again getting cuffed 6-0 will probably keep him in charge as they’ll just blame the refs and the fans.
  12. Our next 4 games. Here's what will happen: Killie (H) - 16th October: Toxic atmosphere outside EEP and inside. Kilmarnock will win extremely comfortably. Perhaps not a total scudding but a comfortable win by 3 goals. Another inept home performance, with a midfield getting totally overrun. We won't score a goal again. Partick (A) - 23rd October: McCall has already sussed us out so expect similar to the home game, perhaps more goals from Partick; they are at home and starting to get themselves up the table. Total scudding incoming. Raith (H) - 26th October: I honestly think this will be similar to the game at Starks. We will be shite, absolutely, but somehow pull off a draw as Grant will be pressing the issue and we'll get lucky. Arbroath (A) - 30th October: Shite weather and Nouble will absolutely maul us. 3-0 to Abroath at half-time due to him causing havoc and us not handling the weather. This result will finally end Grant's tenure. We will be at least 8 points cut adrift at the bottom. Who the f*ck will want the job when we are in that state? We're absolutely fucked and going down thanks to the board willing to die on the hill of Peter Grant. Wasters.
  13. Probably more people outside demanding change than punters going in to the ground.
  14. Oh, make no mistake, we are absolutely fucked now. This goes so much further than Grant being an incompetent manager. We will be absolutely marooned at the foot of the table when they will take action, when no-one decent will actually want the job, therefore we will be stuck with bottom of the barrel appointments: Rice, Hughes, McKinnon etc.
  15. We’re lucky to have as many points as we have. Morton should have been about 3 or 4 up at half time the opening game! Could probably say the same for Raith game last week ffs. They are all living on cloud cuckoo land. Wonder how many people cancelled their lifeline subscription today? Sounded like a hell of a lot judging by social media. Hopefully that and sub 1500 home fans will start getting the message through their thick fucking skulls.
  16. We are comfortably taking over Falkirk for the banter era. Get yourselves strapped in boys we’re just getting started!
  17. Don’t read .nut ffs it is a riot. Full of absolute weirdos.
  18. For me this has now changed from getting rid of Grant to getting rid of Grant and the board. They have threw the supporters under the bus and fans have to take a stand against the utter tripe they have came out with today. Many people have cancelled their lifeline subscription, hardly anyone will be at the Killie game and when Killie absolutely pump us, how the FVCK can they keep it going?
  19. It was a group of young boys shouting at the worst manager we have had in 30 years. Couple of them were held back. No-one made an attempt whatsoever to do something serious ie jump on the pitch or throw missiles etc. It was really standard stuff. I've seen worse.
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