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  1. I’d really like to hear the thoughts of the BoD with regards to why they haven’t took the necessary action in sacking Grant. Who seriously thinks on that board that he deserves to manage our club any longer? We are already fucked for challenging for the title and look to be among the worst in the league. It’s a long season, but if the aim was to win the league and we’re still bottom by the end of the first quarter, then how on Earth can anyone on that board still consider him to be the man? Not only should Grant’s position be under threat, but serious questions are going to need to be put forward to the ones on the board that decided to appoint Grant and ignore 80 applicants. They have took a massive gamble (probably because it was financially cheaper for them at the time no doubt) only for it to inevitably backfire and cost us financially in the long run i.e. fan apathy/anger causing less match-day attendance.
  2. Probably get the QotS game. Unless we get a proper scudding and things get nasty with fans etc then I can’t see it. Even at that they’d be too scared to give St Peter his jotters. Wankers the lot of them.
  3. Yes. There are plenty of them in our support. There are zero positives around the Pars just now. The football is fucking woeful and we are bottom of the league. This can’t keep up. We are already out the title race and could potentially be 10 points from the promotion play-offs after Wednesday, so we’re pretty much fucked for that already too. It’s a shambles what’s been allowed to happen. I am really starting to worry about a relegation battle if something isn’t done about this relatively soon.
  4. Alan Johnston got sacked for much less btw. Not defending him at all, but shows what a dire situation we are in compared to then. I reckon the board gave him an ultimatum after the Arbroath game to get a certain amount of points by the international break, where the situation will be assessed again. Raith will body us on Wednesday night and I really doubt we can get more than a point at Palmerston, so they ought to do the right thing and punt the charlatan ASAP. Even though the game is only a few days away, give it to Shields ffs. At least he will be able to fire them up for a derby match. This feels like a nightmare but you can’t wake up.
  5. You can’t aim for the title and be put of that and the play-offs after the first quarter. The buck stops with the manager. This is starting to look like a relegation battle. The board need to seriously wise up or we could end up doing a Falkirk, except we actually have a team more than capable of achieving at least a 4th place finish.
  6. He’ll get until the international break purely for the convenience of it, which makes no sense at all, but it is absolutely what they will do. Stats and table speaks more than any disgruntled fan. He isn’t going to walk away, that’s certain from his interviews. The board either grow a set and admit their mistake or watch us get detached at the foot of the table even further. No way are we getting 4 points from the next 6 games, which is what you’d reckon he needs to keep him another few games in the job. He really is just farting against thunder now, and the board really should be acting ASAP. They will still be willing to ride this out until the internationals because they are shitebags. Shambles, and not one iota surprised by it, nor is anyone that has an interest in Dunfermline or Scottish Championship football.
  7. Woeful. Another result that will see Grant still in charge I suppose without total backlash from the fans. We had to lose today for that I think. He will probably get the next two games before the international break because it is convenient for the board, but he needs to get 6/6 points or he should be a gonner. No chance of that happening. I hope the board are starting to look at potential candidates to replace this charlatan.
  8. Grant reportedly over the moon with a 0-0 draw against a relegation rival.
  9. 3 quarters in to a home game against Hamilton Accies and we have had 2 shots, with 0 on target. Fucking grim.
  10. If we can avoid Israel and Sweden, that'd be decent.
  11. We got ours refunded too. Attendance will be embarrassingly low, especially if we don't get a result on Saturday.
  12. Grant mentioned pre-season that there would be no need to make signings when there is youth players available that are good enough, so surely Allan deserves a chance? Even in a midfield of him, Dorrans, and Cole? Playing a 4-5-1 looks to suit us better with Wighton as an out-and-out striker.
  13. I forgot Cole existed tbh. Bit of a luxury player. The three available midfielders are all a bit of a mismatch tbh. Desperately need Wilson back in there.
  14. The board cannot be that blind to the reality of the situation, surely? We are already miles off of top 4 and need to go on a good run of results to claw our way back. Shit-festing another couple of draws before October will see us even further from top 4, not closer. We need to start winning constantly, starting on Saturday. You can’t go in to a season with the projection of challenging for 1st place and then be fucked in the relegation zone after the first quarter, which is exactly where I expect us to be when we have completed the first round of fixtures.
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