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  1. Ooooh, see when you put it like that, it is awfully damning how shit we are. Guess Clarke just puts out players in random positions and hopes for the best, as well as letting the opposition have all the possession.
  2. At least we can go to the stock cars in Lochgelly though eh lads whilst we can’t go to an all-seated ground with social distancing measures!
  3. That's Murray official now. Hibbees raving about about him as well. If these guys we have on loan are as good as the respective club's fans are making out then we're doing well for ourselves.
  4. We had trialists numbered 9 and 11 the other day. They'll be strikers we'll be having a look at. No idea why we've signed Mayo tbh as we have plenty of defensive options, but Sevco supporting friends seem to think he is very talented.
  5. I think we'll have sold around the 2000 mark so far. At a push we could get 2500 before the season starts, but I'd say around 2300 is probably going to be the realistic amount as there is no guarantee this season will even be able to be completed not to mention fans getting in to games. Some folk just cba with the whole online viewing thing and would rather attend games. A lot haven't even got the money. Really isn't good tbh for us as we probably would have got 3000+ sold in normal circumstances imo. The investor backing will probably help bridge that gap this season you'd imagine.
  6. Well, Afolabi, also from Celtic, looked very handy last season. Unfortunately COVID put an end to that. Dom Thomas, on loan from Killie, was also a machine. Fraser Murray is supposedly a bit handy and I'm looking forward to seeing him and Dom Thomas in the same team. So, I'd say, recently anyway, loanees from the Premiership have worked out alright for us.
  7. We look good for 2nd place this year IMO. Two highly rated youngsters on cusp of 1st team football for Celtic and Hibs, respectively, added to the squad now. Haven't been excited to see a certain player in a Pars strip as much as Dom Thomas for quite some time. The guy absolutely oozes quality.
  8. Double for McInroy tonight. Took him long enough.
  9. The one I got was way too big for a Large. Asian sizes apparently. Lucky I was getting my auld man one if they were decent, which it was, so it worked out.
  10. Just turned it on in time there for Gil to make a mistake and then give away a penalty.
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