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  1. Sigh. This will probably take the heat off him. Still nowhere near good enough. That’s the first quarter over and we still haven’t won a game. Grant still has to go. We are bottom of the league and are not getting promoted. Conversely, we’ll be battling the drop.
  2. It’s never existed. Don’t even care anymore. Just the usual shite every Saturday. It’s just the norm. This is the legacy Grant and Meggle have built. How many home fans there? About 2k?
  3. Grant will be in charge until the 30th October, at least IMO. Could lose about 6-0 today and he’d still be given praise and the usual excuses will come out from the board, including blaming the fans.
  4. Bold of the Tit to drop our only creative player and continue with the chocolate fireguard midfield. Walk in the park for Killie today. 0-3.
  5. Different feeling from 2013. There was a lot of togetherness back then, even on the edge of disaster. It felt like the fans truly mattered and could make a difference. Our voices mattered. Fast forward and it seems like all that hard work to get our club back has just been flushed down the drain. Like many others, I welcomed the investment but aired caution. It feels like this Meggle guy is just hell-bent on Grant leading the line no matter what, as it was obviously his decision. It sounds as if he is the man making the big decisions and McArthur is just a proxy. Clearly Meggle’s too embarrassed to cut ties with Grant. He’ll know himself he should be doing it. This has totally alienated the fanbase as a good 99% have been screaming for him to be sacked since the QotS game. But that doesn’t matter a jot now what the fans think as we’re clearly not a fan-oriented club once again. We’re back to being a business that is so distant from the people that keep it ticking. For Meggle to listen to Grant’s pathetic post-match interview and still stand by him is a complete joke. I’m still a Pars fan but the powers that be have decided to ditch the fan engagement and give off serious Emperor Nero vibes. I certainly won’t be back until wholesale changes are made. What done it for me was that disgraceful statement that was put out after the QotS game essentially blaming us for the current situation. Everyone in Scottish football can see how disastrous this is except our board. This is now much more than Grant being an incompetent manager for me.
  6. I think he comes across as an arrogant, deluded w**k. This. Emperor Nero vibes from the twat. Worst manager in my lifetime, easy.
  7. Some of the performances that season were on a par with what we are seeing just now. Truly horrendous.
  8. Guy on my street is a Killie fan and he asked if I was looking forward to the football this morning. Didn't know what he was on about, then he reminded me about our circus this Saturday against his lot. Felt like punching him in the throat for reminding me.
  9. We are going down with this board. It’s as simple as that. Fucking shitebag, jobs-for-the-boys wankers.
  10. The board and Grant are absolutely deranged. I honestly think they are constantly pished on German beer.
  11. Patterson is better than SOD. He should be first choice at RWB for the foreseeable. SOD playing just because he is "solid enough" is just typical negative Scotland. Clarke called it right on Saturday. First half he was all over the place, but second half he showed how good he is. He'll make mistakes as he is still a teenager, but I don't see why SOD should be playing ahead of him at all now.
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