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  1. Yesterday’s performance wasn’t good enough, but it is a notoriously difficult place for us to get a result and it would have been a win if not for a jammy 2nd goal for Morton. There is a lot of things Grant needs to address ahead of this game, which will be difficult. The performance of Graham was absolutely shocking yesterday and he caused panic any time the ball was in or around the box. He was also at fault for a terrible goal we lost to Dumbarton in the League Cup. Breen or Gaspuitis need to be playing ahead of him, simple as that. There is no way we can keep this 3-4-3 up against better, full-time teams. We had absolutely nothing in the middle of the park yesterday and I am not sure Dom Thomas is a central midfielder at all either. Comrie is not a centre-half as well. He is totally wasted playing there. He is arguably our best defender; he simply needs to be playing at wing-back. For being “possession-based” and playing “total football” we didn’t half lump balls aimlessly yesterday and treat the ball like a hot tottie, which highlighted our lack of a midfield well. Big improvement needed next Saturday. If we’re serious about winning the league, this a game we need to put on a show and take all 3 points. Anything less will be an extremely poor start to the season. Peter Grant talks a good game, but he needs to start backing it up.
  2. What is clear is that he has to change that tactic for the league. It’s alright in (what is essentially) pre season cup games against part-timers, but your going to get found out big style in the league. No matter how weak Morton’s squad is, they got the tactics spot on and Graham made Ugwu look like prime Zidane with the high balls up to him. Grant is going to need to drop one of the strikers for a midfielder and Graham also needs dropped. Comrie is not a centre half and, as much as MacDonald doesn’t deserve to be dropped, it doesn’t help the team overall by fudging your best defender at centre half because we didn’t have anyone else pre-season. Unfortunately that means MacDonald needs to make way. Gaspuitis would have thrived in that game yesterday. You need centre halves that are no-nonsense like him and get right through strikers akin to Ugwu. Would prefer to see a back 3 of Watson, Vytas and Breen. Edwards and Comrie as the wing backs. Won’t happen though.
  3. I’ve heard from someone close to the club Vytas hasn’t settled and will be offski. Play like that against Sevco and it could be double figures. I think Grant expected us just to turn up today and be this free flowing team and score plenty goals. Reality check.
  4. Graham doesn’t look up to it at all and Comrie is not a centre half. Graham needs to be dropped for Breen and get Comrie out at RWB. Think he stuck with that because it was the norm during the League Cup but today has shown that it simply won’t work in league games. Another midfielder needed as well in place of one of the 3 strikers. Totally overrun through the middle today. The most disappointing thing is making a donkey like Ugwu look like prime Ibrahimovic. Graham should be dropped purely based on that alone.
  5. Looking forward to Raith_Raver’s score updates. Anyway, pish game but take it. Morton got the break with the 2nd goal and we never took a glorious chance through Cole with an open goal after that. Draw about fair. Definitely take it as Cappielow is cursed for us. That and Arbroath two away games I dread.
  6. Lol. Going to be a long season if this is how we are “playing the game”
  7. Of course it’s Oliver that scores it. For a team that’s possession based, we aren’t half treating the ball as if it’s on fire.
  8. A thoroughly deserved lead for Morton. We are fucking all over the place here.
  9. Can’t string two passes together, Dorrans and Thomas not getting a kick of it and making Ugwu look like Ibrahimovic. Get it fucking sorted Grant ffs.
  10. Pish start from us. Morton unlucky not to be winning tbh. Can’t make it out, but think it’s Graham that is struggling to handle that donkey Ugwu.
  11. The style we play give people like O’Hara to plug any potential holes in midfield. They look like they know what to do well, but I’m never confident of an away day at Cappielow.
  12. Quite surprised to see Watson and Dorrans starting. If we can’t smash Morton at Cappielow with this squad, we never will.
  13. The days of us getting regular crowds of 12,000 are long, long gone. Halcyon days of Leishman. If we deliver on the pitch and get back in to the Premiership and play regular, top-flight football, we'll be doing well to get an average of 6000 a game. EEP is far, far too big.
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