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  1. It is fairly obvious this league suits him. Having quick players around him in this league will enable him to do his thing, but in the Championship when it is proper nighty-gritty, he goes missing in the midfield battle because he has no dig about him. He’s good on the ball and can take you up the pitch because of that, but again don’t think that luxury quite cuts it in the Championship. He still gives the ball away plenty but gets away with it because the opposition is nowhere near as good as what he was up against last season. Can’t say I’m enthused about that one
  2. Don’t want that clown anywhere near my club. Horrible wee bigot.
  3. Shades of Chiellini-Bonnuci if Murray signs to play alongside Bene.
  4. Looking at getting two deals done. Centre half got to be one. Anything else surely just reinforcements unless an exceptional player is available.
  5. Working with Maloney might be a factor. Maybe better wages too, never know. I’ve got a feeling we’re trying to sign Fisher permanently.
  6. Usually good with ITK stuff. Doesn’t look likely we’ll sign any more than one if we manage to get some business done. Wonder who it is we’ve tried to buy. Possibly Fisher?
  7. We should be absolutely pissing this league tbh. Some games the finishing has been very poor. Wighton had a brilliant chance at the weekend that he should be scoring. He tends to do that. Score worldies one week, then the next either miss a golden chance or try and skin the full team in the box to get a shot away.
  8. Fucking settle down. Falkirk will draw plenty and we will win plenty. It’s piss poor though yet again dropping points to the team rock bottom.
  9. Arses needed booted after that. Embarrassing not smash this team never mind drawing with them.
  10. 6 points in total dropped to the bottom two after today. Very poor.
  11. Finishes like this today we’ve had a fucking nightmare. Get the fucking finger out Pars.
  12. Thank f*ck. Need to be much better 2nd half.
  13. It’s obvious they are willing to sell if the price is right but apparently he “wants to focus on Hibs”. We’re never getting that money, are we?
  14. Meekison is someone I have seen play for a few years. He is a solid signing. Not sure who the other boy is on loan. Jordan Allan is going through a purple patch just now, so Clyde will have commanded a fair whack from Falkirk for him. I just don’t see how we don’t win the league in all honesty. Falkirk are that far behind that they are going to need to rely on us making a complete c*nt of it, and it just doesn’t look like happening any time soon. We just need someone to replace Sam Fisher. Other than that, we have the best team you could hope for, with players all putting in good performances week-in, week-out. We’re grinding out wins that Falkirk drop points in. I just don’t see us suddenly deviating from being that team we have been all season. But if they want to gush over signing Jordan Allan, and profess he will win them the league, then that’s fine. I won’t lose sleep over it when I’m cuddling in to my Craig Whighton* pillow *Best striker in the league
  15. Use the money for the following, in order: 1. Hot tubs at the corner flags 2. Disco Lights 3. A Japanese striker 4. Time machine 5. New sound system at EEP
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