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  1. Burnistoun Sarcasmaholics Anonymous for you.
  2. Our form against United is shocking and this run is bound to end at some point. A draw would be most welcome.
  3. I remember going to a game at the Rec circa 2002 and we were stood in that stand. Was it just a big forestry type area that was there before the KFC was built?
  4. SNP will get anywhere between 40-45 percent of the vote at Westminster. Simply, simply loveleh.
  5. 3 points off 3rd. We're coming.
  6. If your team Folded ?

    It nearly happened not too long ago, but never once questioned what other team I would “support” should the worse happen, which was very likely at the time. Would go and see my cousin play in my spare time in the development league tbh if it were the case, just to get a wee football fix.
  7. I'd have bit your hand off for 8th place after that Raith game, so I'll not be too upset should we miss out.
  8. Heading back to the Premiership be like...
  9. Pars vs Queens

    Ryan Blair is a bit of a player tbh.
  10. Pars vs Queens

    We’re in a play-off spot. Absolutely mental.
  11. A bigger and brighter fan display is being arranged for our home game against Falkirk in April. Imagine if we could potentially relegate them in this game. The scenes would be absolutely glorious.
  12. Pars vs Queens

    Tories must be put down no matter what the situation is. We’ll win today. Fairly confident of that.
  13. Pars vs Queens

    At least Dunfermline voted SNP tbf. Kirkcaldy on the other hand [emoji23] Get in tae this David Mundell-loving scum.
  14. We actually have a good shout of promotion via the play-offs. Just shows, yet again, that the Championship is absolute fucking murder.