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  1. Now that’d be horrendous. Luckily our board aren’t that bad.
  2. The only thing about it is he hasn't got managerial experience at a full-time club, but really what difference would that make? He clearly knows how to get the best of a team and get results. He's done an absolutely fantastic job. His win percentage is 48%. That is fantastic. The club should do everything in their power to get him. It could be a watershed moment in our club's history given how much these investors are going to be putting in to it to get us back to the big time.
  3. Is Crawford's club legend status tarnished by his completely meh managerial stint? No. But it's certainly not doing him any favours. Failure after failure. The board have only got one decision right since the fans saved the club and that was getting AJ to win the seaside league. Every big decision when it comes to management since then they have made an arse of it.
  4. I think he is genuinely the most pale man I have ever seen. Just thought I’d get that out there. Anyway, it’s got to be Petrie. A quite remarkable job he has done at Montrose, which could still get better, and is obviously a club legend.
  5. He’ll be given another year to f*ck things up again. Kevin Nisbet was the difference between bottom two and mid-table last season. This season we have benefited massively from having more home games than away as the away form would surely see us finish between 6-8th in a normal season.
  6. You knew right away with those changes that it was going to go tits up. Wighton is our main threat and time and time again he is hooking him and then O’Hara ends up playing a position he isn’t good at. The board seriously have to listen to the fans and not bottle it and take the easy option. Genuinely can’t see them doing it though.
  7. I believe it is a rolling yearly contract so there will be no termination cost. They’ll bottle it and give him another year a la AJ in 2018.
  8. Said it before: they’ll keep him purely because we finished 4th, never mind how shite we have been and having horrendous away form. Good luck to them shifting season tickets.
  9. I avoid .nut but thought I’d check to see what the consensus on Crawford was. No surprise to see the moon-howlers giving it the “Awk, that’s football” and “It’s been a helluva year” burthday caird pish. That’s the fanbase the board pander to unfortunately. Maybe with the new investors having a bigger say next year we will see real change.
  10. I thought it was 72 just before the downward spiral after our most successful period. 40 years then. Still horrendous.
  11. Rovers never outclassed us today. Rovers took a chance outside the box and it fell to your danger man. We had no answer to the goal. We had more than enough chances over the two games to go through and completely failed. Crawford for you though. Absolute loser and that will be his legacy: slowly turning us in to a mid-table team just happy to get the odd shot at a promotion play-off every odd season. What you expect a team like QoS or Morton to be happy with. Not good enough for this club and major change needed.
  12. Humped out the Scottish Cup by Raith Out the first round of the Scottish Cup every season he’s been in charge Finished below Arbroath season 19-20 Beaten 5-1 by Raith Humped out the play-offs by Raith at first attempt Worst away form in a generation season 20-21 He has not done anything close to positive, on the pitch. He has a good eye for signings, but he is not a manager. He absolutely has to go. There is no case for him staying in charge.
  13. Not for the first time either. Wighton has looked like our only bit of hope recently with O’Hara coming on a game but decides to revert back to playing a formation that doesn’t suit him and surprise, surprise we are out the game. He is an absolute fraud of a manager. The board absolutely have to take in to consideration the away form and the fluky results at home that got us to finish 4th. The standard is absolutely appalling, that surely has to count for something? Not just “Oh, we finished 4th and got a play off so everything must be good”. I’m pretty sure this is the worst away form in the league for nearly 50 years. That is disgraceful. Barely laid a glove on Raith today and any manager with a semblance of tactical nouse would have took full advantage of Raith’s poor final ball and playing an absolute bombscare at centre half.
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