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  1. Adam won’t drop down to our level ffs unless it’s a decent paid coaching role. Doesn’t sound as if he wants to particularly play anymore tbh with the send off he gave. Can see it if he is coming in as a coach or assistant to McPake, if it is to be him* *It will most certainly be McPake
  2. There was no way we were getting someone unless they were (i) unemployed or (ii) their contract was running out end of this season. The money wasted this season, plus the massive drop in income with League 1 football, should put pay to that. It's still an uninspiring choice.
  3. You're going to be one upset bunny this week then! It's a shite appointment, definitely. He'll have to hit the ground running and get the fans onside instantly. Basically, do the EXACT opposite of Peter Grant. I'm not raging tbh. Just more "meh" and just accepted we're happy to be an unambitious club accepting failure or, at best, mediocrity. Can't see me going to EEP any time soon tbh.
  4. If we’re going for Petrie, it’s now or never, but sounds like they want someone young (late 30s early 40s) to build the club up with a longer term strategy in mind. Totally understandable, because you simply can’t keep chopping and changing managers constantly. That’s exactly what Falkirk have been doing, and look at the state of them. This is going to be a crucial appointment. I’d be very, very disappointed with McPake or Kettlewell. Ian Murray would be “meh”. Probably Thomson the best out of that “young managers” category but he is possibly away to Raith.
  5. Kettlewell got interviewed the last time, and we went with Yogi. He’d be an incredibly underwhelming appointment, as would McPake. But that’s apparently the kind of coach the board are after. To hell with them being any good at football management! The only one out of the list there that I’d get really excited about would be Petrie, but it is just not going to happen.
  6. Dun Pharlain is probably the most reliable? A Par is also a young fish with black and white stripes. Who the f*ck knows, but I think we have a great nickname regardless. Great badge, great stadium, great city, shite team.
  7. Now the manager has been sorted, we can focus on the players. We have Edwards, Comrie, Breen, Mehmet, O'Hara, Wighton, Todorov, Allan, Todd, Chalmers, McCann all signed up for next season. Can't see all three of the strikers (Wighton, Todorov, O'Hara) staying tbh. Obviously McCann is a young player so he'll be here. I'd imagine Todorov and Wighton especially will want away. They'll have joined us looking to challenge for promotion. I'd imagine there will be deductions to wages which they will not be happy with. Mehmet, Breen, and Chalmers are nowhere near good enough. Unfortunately I can't see us getting rid of any of them, so think we are stuck with them, but hopefully the new man can take them aside and tell them they aren't getting game time and should ask their agents to put feelers out. No idea about any potential signings or who could be in the frame, but out of all the players Yogi signed, I'd hope we could keep Donaldson, but I doubt it. Massive rebuild required so you'd hope we get a new manager sorted sharpish.
  8. Yikes. Not beyond the realms of possibility given the club's track record. Kettlewell or McPake would be utter shite appointments but McPake especially fits the "young coach" bill the board talked about. Trouble is, he is absolutely shite at being a football manager.
  9. Who is realistically out there that has that experience? Should we just go for Allan Johnston because he won it a couple times? Ian Murray has a good win record and has had Airdrie challenging, when they are probably miles behind a good few teams in that league, finance wise.
  10. Liam Fox Should be nowhere near it. Be better off with Hughes ffs. I do genuinely believe now it'll be Thomson or Murray. Can't see it being anyone else tbh.
  11. He applied and wanted it. There are some members on the board that don't like him (not sure if they are there now) but he would have had no chance anyway. Like others have said, we had 80+ applicants and not one person got interviewed. It was a cock-up to end all cock-ups
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