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  1. Jimmy Calderwood had an unreal home record, very rarely got beat out-with the OF, but his away record is utter horse shit. What can you say? Leave Fife and the air must hit you differently.
  2. He was dropped because the pitch was not suited to his style and it was going to be a total scrap, hence why our more physical players played a la McCann, Whittaker, Wilson
  3. Turgid, awful football will ensue, if it's even on.
  4. I’m confident we are in a good place to finish 2nd; drawing away games isn’t so bad as long as we’re winning our home games, which we have done, minus that shit show against Morton. It’s obviously a shorter season so there isn’t going to be much more room for error if we are serious about finishing 2nd. Tough double-header coming up which, in my opinion, will decide which direction we’ll be heading.
  5. I love how the BBC pundits tried their best to big this up pre-match as anything other than a scrap between two utter horseshit teams. “Dunfermline have been so impressive” Yeah, fair enough we were quality at the start of the season, but ever since that Hearts game we’ve been our usual shitbag selves. Can’t speak for Morton, unfortunately, but I felt the BBC were polishing the turd a bit too much and then acting all surprised when it turned out to be a turgid shitfest. Call a spade a spade ffs: we’re lucky the rest of the league is even worse than us, enabling us to be in the position we are.
  6. Fon-Williams a total spectator tonight. We never done anything to take advantage of Morton not being very good at football, but that pitch truly was terrible. Naturally I’d take a draw at Cappielow but with them beating us at EEP that is a pish result.
  7. As much as I’m concerned at our form, tonight is a total write-off. We play football with free-flowing passing on the deck, and that is totally off-limits tonight. I’ve no idea how we get the win tonight. Maybe play for set-pieces and get Murray in about it and hope he gets on the end of something? F*ck knows.
  8. No surprises to see that there has been not one bit of quality tonight with that pitch. Dreadful. Only chance we’ll win this is getting another penalty.
  9. OH, JESUS CHRIST! FENTON! I will not shout that out whenever I get the chance.
  10. Mac as in Mac n Cheese. We'll just call him Cheesy as a tribute to the main man McAusland.
  11. Bit of a pisser that the Raith game is midweek now. I have family that are big Airdrie fans and they like him very much and are glad that he's been loaned straight back. Interesting signing.
  12. Fantastic. Will rob my granny's pish-stained bedsheets for a mural in time for it.
  13. “Her Majesty’s Government” That club is honestly weird as f*ck. Obsessed with a corrupt institute that doesn’t give two shits about them. A strange, strange bunch of people. Like, the gesture is appreciated, but calm the staunchness for one second, eh?
  14. Lampard very much has him as a first team player, he's said as much himself. He's only just back from a bad injury so he'll be gradually eased back in.
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