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  1. I really, really want Euan Murray back. Please, Santa, make it happen.
  2. Just had to watch QT the other night to see what Little England thinks of us. We have nothing in common anymore except language. We need independence.
  3. Also, Annie Wells deserves a boot to the fucking pie.
  4. Finding out Coatbridge (my seat) returned an SNP MP and Swinson got binned will do me. Night, night comrades. Hopefully wake up to the 55 projected from the exit poll, but at least 50 seats will be simply delicious.
  5. Why is that loser getting air time. More live SNP announcements ffs!
  6. Can’t believe that fucking rat Douglas Ross has kept his seat. An absolute p***k of a man.
  7. Oor Alyn absolutely fucking romping the Stirling seat!
  8. I had the best sex of my life in Aberdeen North.
  9. Another Tory bombed out. You just love to see it.
  10. Airdrie and Shotts a given tbh. The Yellow machine keeps going bay-beh.
  11. I was going to go to bed but I’m staying up as this could genuinely be 59/59. Still looks like mid 50s however. Glorious scenes regardless!
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