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  1. Happily proved wrong. Long live the glorious reign of General Supreme Clarke.
  2. Think it's time just to get "decent for that level" type players, because the squad is absolutely threadbare. Couple injuries and we are fucked.
  3. McTominay is suspended and Armstrong is supposedly down with a sickness bug.
  4. If we had a full squad I still think Clarke would be playing for a draw and setting us up to be hard to beat, rather than what we have seen the past two games. Comprehensive victory for Ukraine unfortunately. Far too many players missing and the regulars we have left will be absolutely fucked.
  5. My aurl fella (in his 60s) will always mention Costa Rica, but he will concede that Kazakhstan has got to be the worst in his lifetime. ETA: Forgot that he mentions the Iran 1-1 draw in 1978 often as well, but a draw is hardly worth mentioning, but given Scotland were one of the favourites, that would probably have been just as bad as a defeat back then.
  6. There are far worse than that, Christ. Embarrassing formation and tactics, sure, but result wise? We only narrowly lost the game, and Czechia were pretty decent, certainly had a better pool than us. We got humped 3-0 in the summer there off a dreadful Ireland team. There's one quick example.
  7. Of course I was meaning registration etc. Transport there is no problem.
  8. Surely it's too late now for players to be called up?
  9. Adams has been training today, so it might not be as ominous as it sounds. Dykes hasn't been seen at all in training, so you can pretty much mark him out. If Adams can make it, I think we'll see a return to the 3 centre-halves and wing backs. Gordon Hickey--Hendry-Gallagher-Kingsley--Taylor Jack McGinn McGregor Fraser Adams Just pack the midfield and try and shitfest a result.
  10. Draw will be fine. We should be aiming to finish top 2 now anyway. Getting second seed will absolutely help that, unless we get a complete cnut of a draw. Israel are in pot 2! If we don’t end up in pot 2 but they do, it’ll be an absolute joke. They are fucking pish!
  11. Next Friday then is the cut off for loans, but out of contracts any time? We need players pronto.
  12. No. Can't believe Turkey are in Pot 4 btw. I suppose that's what a poor run in the UNL will do to you.
  13. Never heard of this lad Conway at Bristol City before today. He has got an impressive 7 goals in 12 games so far playing in the Championship/EFL Cup.
  14. Beating the record would be extraordinary. Can't see it happening though. Players like him tend to drop off when they hit 30 onwards. We just don't have these strikers other countries seem to produce that can put the Law/Dalgleish record under serious threat.
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