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  1. Next Scotland Manager

    We 100% have the players to be competitive and qualify. It's all about making them believe in themselves and make them competitive. Surely Steve Clarke was the best candidate in that respect?
  2. Scotland squad face June

    He'll be there unless he picks up an injury.
  3. Scotland squad face June

  4. I think he done well to fill in at right back, but really hasn't done anything of note at the club. I wouldn't have kept him on tbh.
  5. Jed Steer

    If they're good enough and willing to represent us, who cares? I don't know about anyone else, but not seeing my country at a major tournament for over 20 years is absolutely brutal. We're hardly in a position to decree non-Scottish born players as unrepresentative.
  6. Scotland squad face June

    ^^^ Smoking crack IMO
  7. Agreed. He can clean the boots for proper strikers that will be coming to the club.
  8. No, no, no to this. We aren't St. Mirren. A Pars kit is either black candy stripes on top of white, or equal black and white stripes, black shorts and white socks with a dashing of complimentary scarlet red.
  9. Next Scotland Manager

    Yeah, that speech pretty much confirms to me he's off. "Sorry I couldn't win you a trophy" Official unveiling at start of next week IMO.
  10. A postive case for the union

    Doctor Who before, now Eurovision!? I for one am flabbergasted and will definitely be voting to keep that SNP from destroying my United Kingdom, in the name of Jesus! #brexit #britishandproud 🇬[emoji1058]🇧
  11. A lot of folk probably said that about Alloa. Arbroath will be no mugs, but you’ve got to fancy them for the drop. Certainly won’t be on the same shit level as Brechin were two seasons ago.
  12. He was referring to Alex Salmond.
  13. Milk

    Good thing I don't eat those, dairy products and other things humans, quite frankly, shouldn't be drinking/eating.