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  1. Ipsos Mori poll shows 63% of Scots want another IndyRef at some point in the future. It broke it down in to within or after the next 5 years. When you crunch the numbers it worked out at 63% want one at some point. Quite surprised it was as high as that tbh.
  2. I know a few. A couple of my family are Tories. The reason: they are the only party that can stop independence. It's really as simple as that. The Tories seem to be the "staunchiest" of the Unionist parties, so that goes hand in hand. All Rangers fans, which is of no surprise. The people that vote Labour are most likely people in their late 50s onward that still think they are some sort of "Party for the People" or whatever bullshit they trundled out post Keir Hardie. Absolutely no-one my age (mid 20s), bar the odd heed-the-baw, is going to grow up* seeing any other party as "vote-able" other than the SNP. That is of course should Scotland continue to be part of the UK. *I say grow up in terms of the political world, given I've only been allowed to vote in a handful of elections.
  3. It's mental. Absolutely mental. Scottish Yoonballs are actually defending Johnston and Cummings throughout this whole affair.. They are a strange, strange bunch. Also hearing "Not listening to Nippy if lock-down is lifted in England before here" a lot. Yes, the evidence, which shows that per head of population, the UK has the worst death rate of COVID 19, but aye, lifting lock-down is a smashing idea at this point. Has worked so well for Sweden, who most likely will take over from the UK with regards to that stat. Batter in; risk you and your families lives because you don't like "that SNP" or "Jimmy Kranky".
  4. Pars offering you £500 a week. A team like Morton, for example, offering you £400. Nah, think I'll patch The Pars because of that furlough scheme nonsense. Away ye go.
  5. This. He fills a gap, controls balls when there is space around him and finds an easy pass. He really doesn't do much more than that.
  6. Would be interested to see an opinion poll after all this carry on. Probably still 50/50, at best.
  7. And this is exactly why things have happened the way they have. Let’s remember: these guys weren’t “let go” or “sacked”. They had a contract that ran out. We were under no obligation to extend it. Call us whatever you want, but that’s the facts. The club aren’t in a position to take any risks whatsoever, no matter how small, as DA said above.
  8. I imagine we didn’t have one. Or maybe used the Dunfermline coat of arms. I think it’s a common misconception that football clubs had badges as we know them from the off. Maybe they had symbols or the like but you don’t see badges, especially on football kits until the 50s really.
  9. Reminds me of the time two roasters from the away end tried opening the doors to the main stand demanding a refund for the called-off challenge cup game against the Wee Team. Proper "Yer Da in full meltdown" moment from them as we "Stole their ticket money" from them 🤣
  10. Just won League 1 based on a freak technicality and they think they can start giving Fife's massive a bit of a slagging. They'll never learn.
  11. Yeah, the whole conversation is about up and coming strikers tbf m9.
  12. It's a small minority of people that are blinded by nostalgia. He is 100% done at this level.
  13. Jealous because he pied your rabble to sign for Fife's massive
  14. Think Comrie had an option of a further year, so I presume he will be staying.
  15. Club have announced that no-one out of contract will be kept on to protect the future of the club itself. Very sad to see, but the club has to put itself first.
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