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  1. It's as simple as googling "get your music on iTunes and beatport". I use a german company which has just been renamed beatrising. So I'm afraid, after a delay due to being hospitalised, I return with the news you didn't want.
  2. In Scandinavia everyone has one. I have one. And a sleeve tattoo. And a brylcreemed haircut. Oh well. Edit: I don't wear tweed or any gash stuff though, catch me cotching in my Stussy and Carhartt all day long.
  3. I've already achieved what I needed to achieve, just wondered how or if anyone else was going about it.
  4. Its remarkably easy to get the distro deal - i can think of about 20 companies right now. Radio play however is indeed a little more difficult.
  5. Lately its most likely as my mental capacity has taken one off the deep end.
  6. You distribute your music via isohunt? I considered going down the road of seeding torrents just for promotion but decided against it.
  7. It really is quite odd how an innocuous thread where I enquire about possible better distribution deals still turns into a mess.
  8. Cheers mate! I'd love that! Do you have any Inta Warriors by any chance?
  9. I am not kidding when I need everything I can get my hands on. I lost 80gb+ of old school stuff so if you want to help id be more than grateful. Im looking for stuff on the 4 hero / ten 9 than remarc style, but still...
  10. And where? Do you just go for iTunes and Spotify, keep it little on Bandcamp or go the whole hog on CD And Vinyl?
  11. Well the way I see it is if I have to through all that shit again, then I do it again. That'll be the third time. I ain't going out like that.
  12. Fucking knew you'd be in. Good job dropping Mayhem and Tek 9.
  13. Thanks man, I appreciate it. Was a sickening long process to even get where I am, but shit, at least I AM where I am.
  14. Completely not old skool enough, but same vibes, and its from Pascal:
  15. Pterzalka is pretty much no go after dark. And you'd be surprised, walk to the end of Na Porici in Prague and you've hit the second biggest slum (Karlin). That was the only place I was really scared at night tbh, roma on meth are not to be fucked with. I saw a pregnant woman injecting it into her tit there once, just thought id add that.
  16. Nah, I have drop foot so I have to be careful when it kicks in. Don't want to be stuck in some woods or something! My ex's dad suffers from a lot of medical problems and had a quadruple heart bypass, so if he runs for an hour, why can't I? Bit of a motivator.
  17. Any Czech or Slovak place outside the old towns (with the exception of Prague - Vinohrady, Strasnice parts of Nove Mesto and Dejvice are lovely) are fucking minging. And in Brno you have a rather infamous street, Cejl. And of course because not been racist in CZ mean not kicking a black man out your pub, i thought id leave this here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roma_wall
  18. As I've said, it's the bus station and the police refuse to acknowledge the problem.
  19. God the list could go on forever but I'll keep it short: Sandnes, Norway. Infamous across Norway for "Ruten", the bus station, which is a no go area. Drugs dealt 24/7 and repeated rapes. And I had the unfortunate pleasure of living about 10 mins away by bus. Kosice, Slovakia: Half of it is literally a slum Newquay, England: Full of lads trying to get their hole in caravans. Fight central. Edit: I second Barrow and Tegel Airport. Mind you Schoenefeld isn't much better.
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