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  1. It's as simple as googling "get your music on iTunes and beatport". I use a german company which has just been renamed beatrising. So I'm afraid, after a delay due to being hospitalised, I return with the news you didn't want.
  2. In Scandinavia everyone has one. I have one. And a sleeve tattoo. And a brylcreemed haircut. Oh well. Edit: I don't wear tweed or any gash stuff though, catch me cotching in my Stussy and Carhartt all day long.
  3. I've already achieved what I needed to achieve, just wondered how or if anyone else was going about it.
  4. Its remarkably easy to get the distro deal - i can think of about 20 companies right now. Radio play however is indeed a little more difficult.
  5. Lately its most likely as my mental capacity has taken one off the deep end.
  6. You distribute your music via isohunt? I considered going down the road of seeding torrents just for promotion but decided against it.
  7. It really is quite odd how an innocuous thread where I enquire about possible better distribution deals still turns into a mess.
  8. Cheers mate! I'd love that! Do you have any Inta Warriors by any chance?
  9. I am not kidding when I need everything I can get my hands on. I lost 80gb+ of old school stuff so if you want to help id be more than grateful. Im looking for stuff on the 4 hero / ten 9 than remarc style, but still...
  10. And where? Do you just go for iTunes and Spotify, keep it little on Bandcamp or go the whole hog on CD And Vinyl?
  11. Well the way I see it is if I have to through all that shit again, then I do it again. That'll be the third time. I ain't going out like that.
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