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  1. No person thought a 20 team league was acceptable but you are on here with lots of different theories the someone did ?
  2. Jim your going over old ground here it's been argued to bits with all different opinions why we had to run with 20 team league I've got my opinion but you wouldn't like it because it mentions your team . Go back over all the old threads and you might be able to work out who's to blame .Ps you will get it on the junior forum there's a clue!
  3. I dont know it was a rutherglen can claiming it
  4. Totally agree but if it's true then the glens get awarded a 3.0 win
  5. That's glenafton safe according to another thread blantyre can't field a team on Wednesday
  6. Fair enough if the teams involved dont make any effort to move it then that's their problem
  7. The question you want ask is who the fxxk arranged a fixture on the night a Scottish team is involved in a European final no matter who you support it was total madness
  8. I think it's unfair on Willie Harvey what's being said about him I've met Willie a few times over the years and the guy puts his heart and soul into the club as well as his money so for folk to come on here to go clearly have no idea how to run a club . When you look at the glens and the size of club they are they dont have big crowds and as far I'm aware a big wage bill which tells me they have been punching way above their weight for years and I'm sure Willie will know when to pass over the reins and when he does he will probably continue to be at the park on a daily basis because like the rest of us we do it for the love of the club.
  9. When you look at the premier spl league Dundee United finished 4th with 48 points and in the West premier a team looks like getting relegated with 50 points only 11 points behind buffs and hurlford who are in 5th and 6th place at the start of the season I would have said 45 points would be more than enough to stay up just goes to show how crazy football at any level can do .
  10. In hindsight that would have been the better option with a 38 game league teams were always going to struggle but I still think it could have been fitted in earlier in the season .
  11. I see Darren Henderson in the paper saying he is down to 10 signed fit players and by the time next week's cup game comes round he maybe have less if he gets anymore injuries and was told if he had 7 players then hurlford must play the tie ! I'm sure there are other teams in the same boat and that's why last week I questioned why this cup is now being played as an end of season cup it would be an embarrassment if teams had to play with less than 11 players or have to forfeit their tie doesn't look good on the sponsors when things like this could happen.
  12. They need cover for 100 people for their sfa licence
  13. Yes medda and the buffs fell to bits but medda are now back and are stable licence club. The buffs got it harder as they had a crumbling ground not fit for purpose and had to move to get the club where they are now and like medda going to be a licensed club which now makes us a bigger and better club than we have ever been in our history.
  14. Can't answer the question but trying your best to change the subject ! You have been found out again startwe a debate then when you get called out talking nonsense you try shite talk like have you been drinking the guys on here are right you are an embarrassment to talbot on here.
  15. Are you talking about how you will get to talking of the talbot support as a whole
  16. The stadiums fine I just don't think finals should be played on plastic. I don t like plastic but rugby park has been used for a while now but talbot fans have never complained about turning up there annually in their droves
  17. Not getting at yourself personally it was more at the talbot support as a whole
  18. Are you talking about your circumstances and how you are going to have to use public to get to the game or are you speaking for others ? Of course everyone can't afford a car but you can get a lift from a friend of use the supporters buses they are plenty of them.
  19. Why use public transport when you can use supporters buses or cars ! Do they run around auckinleck and surrounding areas on cycles and scooters ffs it's 2022 so easy to get about even on a sunday.
  20. Another excuse easier to get on a Sunday unbelievable
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