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  1. You were asked about why no midweek games a few weeks ago for teams who have games in hand and we were told you wanted to give teams free midweek to prepare for cup games on a Saturday and now we find buffs and talbot have two midweek games before a semi final cup tie ? So what changed your mind there!
  2. And that's joonyur football in all its great glorious history and that's how it's no longer there As for the 19 points the Secretary who I trusted at the time signed him.
  3. Talbot are tier six not the spl they dont need to go to the sfa for an emergency permission to sign a keeper because sparky was cup tied for the South challenge they then had to sign another keeper who wasn't cup tied and for some reason they missed that he had played for clydebank in the early rounds.
  4. It's clearly lost it's magic like a of of things you will be one of these guys still driving a Ford cortina and try to convince everyone it's still the best car out there!
  5. When you chat to other clubs it used to be not for us we can't afford it now you are seeing club's all of a sudden putting lights up and more now saying they are proactive trying to get the funding in place so it is more promising than we think .
  6. Also Rob Roy next season if and when they move ? When chatting to the guys at hurlford they are also planning for the following season so that should give the West a good amount
  7. Troon and hoping once funding in place beith will be going for theirs next season
  8. 100% agree on everything you say but someone has to start the progression of teams going I would like the buffs to go soon as but we're t the wrong end of the table for that to happen.
  9. If beith win the league them they will get all the same plaudits as any other team being licensed doesn't give you the right to finish top to go into a play off . Looking from the outside of makes us in the West look poor that we still won't have any of our teams moving up the pyramid where in the east apart from linlithgow all their top teams have now got out of tier 6 . Some fans in the West dont want their teams to go up because the way the West league is and most want to wait until it suits them to go when the West tier 6 becomes weaker but reading on here and talking to others it seems to be an East Ayrshire thing that( we dont want to go up ! ) they seem happy with the status quo and the junior cup .
  10. Good entertaining game today carlo,s goal well worth the admission money ! Beith were well worthy winners full is energy from the start and throughout the match darvel lacked ideas and even when they made substitutions they kept playing the same way without really troubling beith.
  11. I would estimate between 300_350 at best I could be wrong though
  12. Not moaning just asking a simple question.
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