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  1. Personally I think most teams will be waiting on the out come of Thursday's meeting then every team that's showed an interest will be in possession of the facts that they can then take to the fans.
  2. Talbot were the third team to show an interest after the buffs and clydebank
  3. Let's not kid ourselves on here ever premier club is moving whether some fans like it or not some club's are just waiting in the wings and will go with the majority tomorrows meeting is a waste of time and will show forward thinking club's there's only one show in town and it will be on thursday.
  4. But on the other hand if we choose to stay we will die a slow death and end up having to move and end up in the bottom league and lost more money than you would have if you if you go at the beginning.
  5. There's two ways you can look at conference leagues the premier club's finances may be down for a season or two so will have to cut their cloth to suit? But the so called lesser club's will get a boost from increased attendances so it's not all doom and gloom . Also what you will find moving association's is not about one of two season's it about long term stability in an association that shows it cares and is willing to help their member club's thrive.
  6. I was thinking of Ronney more along the lines of General Gordon, this coming week could prove to be his own personal Khartoum. Was general Gordon not a forward thinking guy where being a pastor wants to keep faith in the past 😁
  7. Before we attend Pastor Ronney,s gathering on Tuesday can someone please find the list of things that eos clubs benefit from its hunners of pages back . Also can someone tell us what the amount of money each club pays at the start of the season ie registration fees and insurance.
  8. Embarrassing ! Can't blame talbot for asking but once again the sjfa beaks make a total c**t of themselves with this decision ! So the next time a team has 7 players missing through injury or illness then the game is off . A few teams this season have been missing players but played on we had to bring in 2 16 year olds to fill our bench so why can't talbot? It's now clear the mindset from the sjfa we need talbot in the final at all costs ! Sporting integrity .😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  9. If you have 8 player's the game goes ahead as it's a cup game you can only play signed players you can go out and sign 5 or 6 players from under 21s or ammies for the game it's 2020 not 1970 .
  10. 48 clubs !! Nah that canny be right Gordon ronney says he's got hunners signed up to his league.
  11. That will send a message to the doubters ! A new West league is happening!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏
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