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  1. I might be wrong here is it not the ground that gets a licence if so then yoker would be to if they move to the wosl
  2. I said yesterday it's only Ben's and hurlford
  3. Seriously that's like someone living in Australia for 30years but telling everyone in Scotland how we should live our life's .
  4. How can you appreciate junior football when you don t live here.
  5. Probably 1 in a good year 😂
  6. I think your the embarrassment you don t live in this country and watch talbot from afar but got plenty to say on junior football .
  7. Not sure but it hasn't stopped other clubs who have management committee in their clubs to make a statement.
  8. For the information I have that now leaves 2premier club's not to make any statements on the wosl and that's benburb and hurlford .
  9. everything you say is simply wrong I respect you for your opinion and all the things you have done to promote the juniors but the first problem you will find their won't be many teams left to form an association junior football as we know it will end you may not like it but it will. The only thing that will change is the name no more junior and club's like arthurlie will continue as normal over the next 10 years teams at the top will change as they progress as long as the upgrade their ground to meet the sfa licence other than that nothing changes. Junior grounds everywhere are decaying fast like dunterlie and if they can't find money from somewhere then it will get even worse and widen the gap between yourselves and those who are lucky enough to do improvements albeit a junior team of a senior team.
  10. I'm hearing TJ has ran away with the cup and it's his so if he can't have then no one's having it !
  11. Jeezo there's cxxts oan now want to reorganize world fitba ! Get a grip it's aboot a wosl nothing more and who do they think they are the sos league has been there for many years leave it be!
  12. I can tell you the benefits you get from the WRJFA sweet FA.
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