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  1. They were kilwinning rangers u21s then join the amateur league as kilwinning rangers afc they have now become Eglinton and play at the astro next to the buffs park. Eglinton were a team formed away back in the early 1900s and have a lot of history if someone wants to check and in recent years before they folded in the early 2000s they were an amateur team.
  2. And if a premier club gets promoted to the lowland and the lowland team does not come West then it's 2 teams down and 3 teams up
  3. How many fans did man Utd ,real Madrid and every other team that's ever been formed have when they were first formed got to start somewhere don t get this obsession with fans?
  4. 4hours 45 minutes or 226 miles from castle Douglas to campbeltown what a day out that will be .
  5. How poor is that you have to wait until a draw is made I thought they had modernised and telling everyone they are not the old co ?
  6. Every club that has ever formed has had to start somewhere most in the past were amateur guys getting together and over the years they grew into the teams they are now it's now in present times most new teams forming are generally boys club's or like the past are amateur clubs so it's nothing new.
  7. They have been good at bragging how much cash they have been paying out and trying to tempt club's to join their membership but not very forthcoming to tell everyone the size off their membership I wonder why that is !
  8. I wonder how many club's still members could it be less than 100
  9. That statement says it all well written and telling it as it is ! Nothing more to be said on this thread now the good people of whitletts have put it to bed.
  10. Traffordtabb is got another account
  11. There is the 1st as I'm aware there is another that's seen the light.
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