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  1. Me too used to go down early then when it closed then burnt down we went to the wee Masonic club it was like going into someone's house
  2. I've absolutely no concern about darvel on where they are as a club I was just pointing out the similarities from 30 years ago . No malice and yes we have got a lot of work to do to build our new ground.
  3. Ok your opinion about the pitch but what about the other points you must agree with them?
  4. When the buffs were down last Wednesday at darvel it's was a deja view moment I thought I just entered Abbey park 30years ago apart from the new fantastic dressing room old portacabins tarted up for hospitality a diy shed and paths uneven and fake grass from Malcolm Campbell's window lol . The pitch looked the part but on closer inspection it was ok but won't take the winter weather. The team yes building a good team there where they will go with it who knows as for the result I would say a draw would have been fair. The long term future for darvel will depend on a few things John gall staying and continuing to invest in the team and slowly building of the park with some more permanent building to replace the cabins as everyone knows the buffs went with cabin after cabin until it was too late and we had to move! Also the community will have to turn up and support the club as it grows and the main thing is live within its means for long term stability or you will end up like us and it's taken us nearly 20 years to get the club back to a reasonable level were not at the top but we are there and trying to stay there . Ps this is not a dig at darvel as the saying goes those in glass houses! It's an honest opinion of my years in junior football .
  5. The best JUNIOR team in Scotland you better hurry up after this season then junior football is no more so you will need to be the best non league football team in Scotland 😁 .
  6. Kilwinning Rangers 0 BSC 1 really good game to watch for our first friendly of the new season at our new ground . Still loads of work being done before the start of the season but we won't be far away . We go now to play darvel on Wednesday so looking forward to a strong game and a look around the ground.
  7. Aye there aw nice taps but nice taps don t win trophies ! 😋
  8. Nissy when on his game is as good as any wide player around but like A lot of wingers consistency was his problem not on his game often enough. Mick wardrope young guy spent most of his career at pro youth coming into the juniors was a struggle for him most games he simply could not get into and at time was a passenger in two seasons at the buffs could count on one hand the amount of good games he had .
  9. Nesbit to glenafton wardope to hurlford.
  10. A well near enough local.😁
  11. Suppose someone from darvel can enlighten us where he came from.
  12. I absolutely agree with you about wages bed bug bear of mine but doesn't matter if one team not paying it another will and that the way of the world from darvel to the very top of the money chain at man city.
  13. Sorry I thought he was a local guy I stand corrected.
  14. First off all hertha I'm not having a go at beith here because the people that run the club are very pleasant. But my question to you is where were beith as a team and ground surroundings before John boal came on board and where will they be once he is no longer on board ? Ps as I said not having a go at beith or the good people that run the club. Just like the buffs before Alan mccluckie came to the buffs we were up and down and got the nick name the yo yo,s when he left we then we're up and down from the adl. So to darvel they now have a bit of fortune through a local man who wants to put his wealth into his local team and improve darvel as a team and get the community behind the club just like John boal ,Alan mccluckie and William hyslop at hurlford has done. Yes your right when these guys move on the team does take a hard blow but you look back on all the good times that happened in that era buffs and beith winning the Scottish for example so darvel may or may not experience the same as our club's have been through you never know? Finally yeah the darvel fans are on here shouting from the roof tops about their team and it does annoy a lot of people but they have had nothing to talk about down that way since the 70s when darvel were a decent team before the great talbot teams were formed.
  15. I'm sure they will upgrade the away ones through time rome wasn't built in a day! When your upgrading the ground you prioritise and dressing rooms and other parts were done first. As for winning trophies there is only 4 you can win and we all know the teams who win them most of the time so yes dressing rooms don t win trophies so if darvel done what the buffs done in the late nineties spent a fortune on players to win trophies but played in a dump of a ground they would still get abuse just like hurlford of trying to buy success you can't win so 10 out of 10 to darvel for doing both get a good team and upgrade the ground.
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