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  1. The scorelines Bonnyrigg Rose 2 Vale of Leithen 0 and VoL 1 Spartans 2 in the last 4 weeks would suggest that our visitors this Saturday may have improved their defence. Roll on Saturday....... assuming there's no feckin snow !!
  2. Only 15 minutes were played but I thought the BU's looked the far better side.
  3. Rule 11.2.5 confirms that today's game doesn't count. No Jamie McCormack next week .. BOO .
  4. The gala game was supposed to be the last suspension game for Jamie McCormack. Guessing it doesn't count and he now misses the VoL game next Saturday.
  5. They swept the lines but in the heavy snow they disappeared after 5 minutes. In the cold weather it was only going to freeze up and get worse.
  6. Looking forward to the BU trip to Gala tomorrow. Weather for the match isn't the best. Good chance of some light rain. Temperature will be 3C but if you're standing in the breeze from the North it will feel -1C.
  7. Celtic B v the BU's on Saturday 18th December now a 1pm KO. (source BU official Twitter)
  8. Max Christie says "he's quick, he's direct"........that's my type of player. Roll on Saturday.
  9. He was on the bench in the City v BU's game but didn't get on the pitch.
  10. 8 minutes to clear some snowballs. Scottish Fitbaw......oh the Bantz.
  11. The Chelsea back 3/5 are a different class. James and Chilwell in outstanding form.
  12. Three good goals now showing on the BU Twitter account.
  13. I didn't see the handball amongst the cluster of players.....but when 6 or 7 East Kilbride Thistle players simultaneously shout loudly for a handball and a few BU players sheepishly slope away from the incident it's reasonable to presume that we got away with one.
  14. Murray Carstairs was cup tied yesterday.
  15. Your right Alan, I had forgotten the SoSFL were in the mix.
  16. I think the 5th team goes down if the WoS top team (currently Auchinleck Talbot) beats the EoS top team (Penicuik) in the play off so no East team promoted to the Lowland League. Also needs the LL bottom team to be located in the East so they drop into the EoSFL.
  17. East Kilbride Thistle gave the BU's a problem today. Their big no 9 was a handful for Skinner and Hunter. Meanwhile our midfield couldn't find their teammates never mind control the game. The BU's were fortunate to take the lead and it was fairly even in the chances stakes until the BU's went 2-0 up.......after that the Thistle lost their shape and their legs and the BU ended a very uncomfortable game in cruise control. MOTM for me was McAuley. Energetic performance and a goal to boot.
  18. McCauley 3-0. Great counter attack with Matty Flynn showing a classy assist.
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