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  1. Complaints to the BBC ? Aye good luck with that....you may get a refund for your licence...NOT. Personally I love the bias and dreadful commentary. 86 mins and still wittering on about a comeback WTF .
  2. Cannot believe commentators think this is still a contest......1 goal in 80 minutes yet the Gers will score 2 in the last 10mins. DREAMLAND.
  3. Pass, pass,pass pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass in safe areas.........then feck all .
  4. Young Rangers players look not bad but St Johnstone defence much better organised. Numbers wise when Gers on attack they face 8 or 9 defenders. St Johnstone on attack its 2v2 or 3 v3. Naive in the extreme.
  5. Glad we were playing there today rather than during a windy wet winter day as there isn't any shelter for the fans. Pies were really good ........only negative was they had sold out 20 minutes after KO.
  6. First half the BU's worked hard and should have scored far more than 2. The Broughty Ferry players struggled in the first half to string together 3 passes and looked out their depth. Got themselves sorted out at half time because they played far better in the 2nd and had plenty of chances to get a goal back.
  7. Watched Broughty on the highlights a few weeks ago and some of their players look BIG.......I reckon some of their players must be sponsored by Greggs. Nice day for the trip to Dundee. Mon the BU's !!!
  8. Problem with wingers is they blow hot and cold but if it's consistency you are after Nicky Walker at Boness takes some beating.
  9. He ran into Devine with no intention of playing the ball. Cowardly action well worth a card.
  10. RoseyPosey get yourself down to Specsavers. The line "He never even touched Devine" is laughable.
  11. ...............you and Fuzzy can make a guest appearance as The Ugly Sisters
  12. My opinions having seen the highlights are (1) Strickland a yard onside when ball was played and would have been through 1 on 1 with BU keeper. (2) Batchy should have been booked for challenge on Devine. (3) Weir swung the elbow and it should have been a red (4) Goalie should have had a red for penalty challenge on Walker (5) Poor penalty by Gribben and (6) The Rose fans could raise more funds for their club than FOLR by having a swear jar at games......actually make that a swear bucket !!!
  13. you can judge for yourself by checking out the highlights. There is a link on the Boness United website...........but turn the volume down to avoid all the swear words from the Rose fans.
  14. Some managers get sent off for saying very little and others get away with dishing out ridiculous levels of abuse.
  15. Rose front 3 were playing more as a unit whereas the BU front 3 after we went a goal down were looking like they didn't want to pass to each other. Lots of room for improvement in the BU ranks.
  16. Surprised to see Philp at full back. We played better when MacGregor came on in that role.
  17. . The point I was making was that the Rose defence have failed to hold onto a lead a couple of times this season.
  18. Officials were poor today and got loads of decisions wrong which was frustrating for both teams and their fans. Rose players will be wondering why they didn't win this game comfortably given the chances they had.
  19. Point gained rather than two points lost. Over the 90 mins Lithgae should have beaten us today. Thank feck the Rose defence couldn't hold on for the points .....AGAIN.
  20. We had to score in first 20 when we had the upper hand. Since the goal Lithgae Rose had several chances and should be 3 up. AMcG needs to get injured Devine off, put on McGregor and put Donnelly v TC. Big 2nd half ahead.
  21. The candidates should be told at the same time as the party conference. Would be hilarious looking at their faces as the winners name comes out a golden envelope like the Oscars.
  22. Corbyn v 3 weak centre right candidates who differ only in haircuts and dress sense is the truth of the matter. He dared to be different and be himself and he is striking a chord with a lot of labour supporters disillusioned with spin and empty words.
  23. Currently 50/50 chance of rain during the game. See the summer sun is gleaming......aye right. Mon the BU's brighten up the day.
  24. If Corbyn is elected leader David Cameron will think Christmas has come early.
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