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  1. Dunbar twitter say they play v the BU at Newtown Park on 12 July. Countdown to Fitbaw has started......
  2. Overall it's been a "Seasonus Horrilibus" for the BU's. I am sure next season will be better. Mon the BU's !!!
  3. In terms of value for money Pepe is the worst ever signing in the Premier League. ...... makes Grealish look value for money !!
  4. Agree. Think the post was aimed at a section of the BU fanbase who have drifted away from games the last few months and turned up for the final.
  5. Unless the Kirkcudbright side pulls off a shock result it all comes down to the Darvel v Tranent game IMO. Read previously that if any game is a draw after 90 mins there is a penalty shootout for an extra point i.e.:- Win 3 points Draw and win penalty shootout 2 points Draw and lose shootout 1 point.
  6. Andy Murphy has been superb 99% of the time. Couple of daft moments but that goes with the territory. Talking of goalies the BU's really rode their luck this season playing every game without a sub keeper on the bench. We got away with it this season but let's not do it again.
  7. A huge effort by the BU players the last several weeks. Injured players starting games and no substitutes. Great attitude and resilience by the BU's.
  8. No complaints with the result. The BU's made a game of it but the strength and experience of East Kilbride won the day.
  9. 4-2 . Lennon Walker tucks away after good play by Nicol. 87 mins
  10. 4-1 to EK. Classy chipped finish.
  11. Hunter on. Mitchell off BU cursed with injuries.
  12. 3-1 to EK. In swinging free kick headed in. Not much the BU could do. Perfect execution.
  13. 2-1 to EK. Nice finish set up by a good run by the EK no 11.
  14. 1-0 at HT. I think we are matching our opponents. EK playing the long ball a lot which is no surprise as they are bigger and stronger up top. BU forward line threatening without really testing the keeper. Need a big second half from the BU.
  15. Sure that Cowdenbeath fans will enjoy the Lowland League next season.
  16. £14 and £8 for concessions for 21/22 for anyone interested.
  17. It's Lowland League Cup final day. Woop woop ......Mon the BU's !!!
  18. Stovies made with leftover roast beef = Tory. Stovies made with lorne/sliced/square sausage = working class. Stovies made with corned beef= ignorant corned beef hash eater.
  19. Totally agree with this. Tranent will give Darvel more of a challenge in the play off.
  20. Theo signed for Southampton. Back where he started.
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