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  1. I enjoy watching Fitbaw and although I often watch through blue tinted spectacles I do appreciate the skills, effort and organisation of the opposition but the run of league results has been horrific and would test the tolerance of any fan . Since beating a Rangers B team we have had 1 league win v Cumbernauld Colts and our run is :- LLLWDDLLDDLL There's been some bad luck but IMO these things balance themselves out over a few seasons. I for one will keep on believing that things can only get better.....
  2. Forgot to say that stand in goalie Adamson had a decent game and was blameless for all the goals IMO.
  3. Ended 2-4 to the University. Looked to be shaping up as a good game ..,...then Jamie McCormack saw the red mist followed by a red card. Gemmell and Locke as centrehalfs protected by Stevenson and Flynn. Attendance really poor (120ish). Had the University finished better it could have been 6 or 7. No BU subs came on. Few shouts about the linesman but I thought the officials had a good game. One positive was the return of Left Back Kieran McCauley.....,..and he for no other reason gets my MOTM.
  4. Long ball to Kieran Mitchell who slots it in. 2-4. 88mins.
  5. Another quick attack by the University. . Defence all over the place. Good finish 1-4. Time to park the bus. This is getting embarrassing.
  6. Cracking counter attack against a depleted BU defence. 1-3 to the University.
  7. Now McCormack gets a straight red. Lost the ball in midfield, lost the heid and wiped out the opponent. Locke and Gemmell the centre half pairing. Sub Hawkins must be crippled.
  8. Great attack down left wing and diving header by the Bad Guys. Now 1-2 to the University team.
  9. Deflected shot leaves Adamson stranded 1-1. Enjoyable game.
  10. Adamson in gials. Gemmell and McCormack centre halves. Jacobs and McCauley fullbacks. Flynn, Stevenson and Locke midfield. Walker, Mitchell and McLeod front 3. Good start. Hawkins and Munn sub's.
  11. 1-0. McCormack great run beats 5 plays it wide and keeps running to head in the cross.
  12. Missing players has been an issue all season. Nothing new. Mon the BU's !!!
  13. Exciting draw. Let's beat Petershill and keep the dream alive.
  14. Where there's life there's hope. Mon the BU's !!!
  15. Turkeys don't vote for Christmas. No way will tiers 3 and 4 allow change.
  16. Calling all P & B mods..... The BU faithful abide by the mantra "In Max we Trust........where's this rebuild and new manager suggestion coming from ??? Possibility that Johnny Harvey has hacked Boheesians account.
  17. I was through for the Strollers game..... Crowd numbers and the absence of a "Mr Big" are mute points. Fight and commitment at this level are more important.
  18. Some absolute belting posts on here.......as Harry Hill would say....FIGHT !!!!
  19. Thanks for the injury/ illness update Jamboness . Any word on the whereabouts of Murray "Lord Lucan" Carstairs ? What's the injury position with left back McCauley and Zander Miller ?
  20. Blue and White Army says the BU need to "put the money where the mouth is". With declining attendance levels and inflation costs it's time for a reality check. There's no Mr Big in the background waiting to pump money into the squad for next season for a title challenge. Just now we are a very long way behind Bonnyrigg never mind mega rich Kelty. Bottom half of the Lowland League but safe from relegation for 2 or 3 seasons is our level. Sad but true.
  21. Let's give some credit to the Braves who played well and deserved their victory. The BU players available put in a shift but collectively the team has weaknesses and good teams will work them out and punish you.
  22. Only 9 wins in 27 league games. No hiding from that stat.
  23. The return of Nicky Locke was a big positive today........although the manager was perhaps pushing it by asking him to play in 3 positions !!
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