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  1. 1-0 at halftime. BU so far comfortable against a very young team.
  2. Starting line up changed. Grant didn't start. Nicol did.
  3. Correct. Most fans would hope for a different outcome but its not realistic to expect it.
  4. Having lived in Dumfries for 3 year I am qualified to answer this one. Wellingtons.......so much rain.
  5. Can only think of one worse BU penalty. ......Fraser Keast at Crossgates. Somehow managed to give himself a serious injury !!
  6. Nicky Locke played centre half all game. Did well. As did Ryan Adamson in goal. Excellent handling and distribution.
  7. One BU fan commented "it just shows how good we can play when the opposition is sh*te.". Harsh but fair.
  8. Cody McLeod on. Keir McCauley off.
  9. Penalty for the BU. Mitchell to take it. ......woeful effort........almost didn't make it as far as the keeper.
  10. Tom Grant flies down the wing......plays in the speedster that is Kieran Mitchell and its 5-0
  11. Kieran Mitchell knocks in from close after a good BU move. 4-0
  12. Gemmell off. Tom Grant on. Halftime change.
  13. 3-0 halftime. BU well worth that lead.
  14. 2-0. Hawkins heads in from a free kick.
  15. Weather forecast looks great for the visit of Gretna to Newtown Park. Just have to hope that the players have managed to avoid the dreaded COVID.
  16. ............and how many times in those 22 games did he play the full game ? Be surprised if it was more than 10. We were expecting a player who would control games, create chances and drive the team forward. Only two or three flashes of that this season.
  17. Arnie, "good player" ? .........assume you mean several good players" as we need:- A right back Two centrehalfs Three midfielders Two strikers .........all at first team LL level. Not to mention a back up keeper. We have ridden our luck with Andy all of this season.
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