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  1. If all you see is the head poking out for a second it's not always obvious. But in the open its easy. Stoats are about 50% bigger than Weasels. Stoats have long tails with a black tips. Weasels have a wee tail. Stoats bound along when they run. Weasels run along much lower to the ground.
  2. End of October when Tranent last lost a league game. Will be a cracking match.
  3. All that counts is the win. Goal difference irrelevant. If the West v East game is a draw there's a penalty shootout.
  4. Just been reading on the BU Facebook page John Spowart's season summary report. Staggering to read the BU have had 37 players this season ! 37 !!! WTF !!!!! Hopefully next season we see a lot more stability AND more importantly success.
  5. With few exceptions female hawks, falcons, eagles and owls are bigger than the males. There's different theories on why this should be. One theory is that having a large female allows it to protect the nest/chicks more effectively.
  6. I have witnessed a few kills in my garden. It's a strange mix of beautiful and brutal. The female sparrowhawk is bigger and slower and will eat roughly 2 pigeons a week. The smaller male is a killing machine and eats roughly 3 starlings a week. When there are chicks to be fed and mums at home protecting the nest the poor male has to kill about 10 birds a day to keep the entire family fed. A lot of these kills are young birds that are easy meat.
  7. When it comes to chilli heat there's a sweet point where its hot , but not too hot. Some of the hotter sauces these days are far too strong for my personal taste.
  8. This thread is getting more pathetic than 2 bald men fighting over a comb. FFS move on.
  9. Been a long wait but just saw some Swallows in Bo'ness. Lazy feckers.
  10. Ryan Adamson goalkeeper signs for Cumbernauld Colts. He was rumoured to be heading to the BU's as Andy's successor.
  11. Best player at Bo'ness is arguably Jamie McCormack........ when he isn't banned !!
  12. Coach Blair Munn tweeted he has decided to move on. All looks amicable. Presumably Hunter takes over the first team coaching role.
  13. How poor was that Southampton performance. Their fans cannot be happy with that mediocre mince.
  14. Sunday May 29th was announced as GTF day less than an hour ago. For anyone who doesn't know GTF or "Go To Forum" day is the day when promoted/relegated teams should start their new threads in the right place. Also encourages fans starting 2022/23 club threads on or after that day.
  15. Dunbar twitter say they play v the BU at Newtown Park on 12 July. Countdown to Fitbaw has started......
  16. Overall it's been a "Seasonus Horrilibus" for the BU's. I am sure next season will be better. Mon the BU's !!!
  17. In terms of value for money Pepe is the worst ever signing in the Premier League. ...... makes Grealish look value for money !!
  18. Agree. Think the post was aimed at a section of the BU fanbase who have drifted away from games the last few months and turned up for the final.
  19. Unless the Kirkcudbright side pulls off a shock result it all comes down to the Darvel v Tranent game IMO. Read previously that if any game is a draw after 90 mins there is a penalty shootout for an extra point i.e.:- Win 3 points Draw and win penalty shootout 2 points Draw and lose shootout 1 point.
  20. Andy Murphy has been superb 99% of the time. Couple of daft moments but that goes with the territory. Talking of goalies the BU's really rode their luck this season playing every game without a sub keeper on the bench. We got away with it this season but let's not do it again.
  21. A huge effort by the BU players the last several weeks. Injured players starting games and no substitutes. Great attitude and resilience by the BU's.
  22. No complaints with the result. The BU's made a game of it but the strength and experience of East Kilbride won the day.
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