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  1. I agree with the post 8Mile. I think we play better and look more solid as a 4-2-3-1 as opposed to the (diamond) 4-1-2-1-2 we play to accommodate a front 2. But we are just fans watching the game. Max is working with the players so maybe his focus is on getting the team and individual players at peak performance levels for the visit of the Banjo boys of Auchinleck. #InMaxWeTrust
  2. Stirling University are a decent team. "The students" are essentially full time footballers who can run all day and are well coached. They always give the BU's a tough game.
  3. 4-4-2 tonight. Musa made one error tonight but generally is a good keeper. Defensively the BU's back 4 look good. Gemmell was as usual solid in Midfield. Hamilton and Alassan were OK in wee flashes but needed to do far more. Walker looked good and troubled the opposition defence when driving forward. Our problem is up front where Big Dan and Zander are not clicking as a front 2. When Dan came off and Smith came on things didn't really improve. Grant and Hughes didn't make any noticeable impact when they came on. We really need to do more work on set pieces as we are hugely ineffective. I have lost track this season of how many times the BU's have missed the goal with headers from 3 to 5 yards out. The players also need to shoot when they have the chance . Too many times there's an extra touch or an extra pass. Ugly goals count the same as wonder goals. Max needs to get it sorted.
  4. Final score:- Fitbaw 0 Whistle 1. That's how it feels after watching the 0-0 game tonight. The game never got going as the whistle happy referee broke the game up at every opportunity. Frustrating for both teams. The red card fir the strollers defender saw the visitors slowing down the game which you would expect. The BU's had more chances to score and almost nicked it at the death but alas it was not to be. Saturday we head South to invade England. (Berwick to be exact).
  5. Hamilton off. Tom Grant on. Still 0-0 with about 20 mins to play.
  6. Great run by Walker who is pulled down 29 yards from goal. Red card for Strollers.
  7. Watt off. Smith on. Second half started.
  8. 0-0 at halftime. Not many chances and frustrating for both teams as the referee is blowing the whistle far far too often. Gemmell, Todd and Hawkeye (all defensive players) the BU star players first half. Hamilton, Alasson and Walker (offensive) not getting into the game. The game is there to be won.
  9. 18 year old Ciaran Heep's. Attacking midfielder. Left footed. Was at Berwick Rangers.
  10. BU substitute HEEPS ..... ..who dey !!!!
  11. Fitbaw under the lights tonight. 7:45 KO as the BU's take on high flying (3rd place in the league) Civil Service Strollers. Mon the BU's !!!
  12. Noooooo!!! Scotland fans want him there for shits and giggles.
  13. I agree with you about the red card John. A yellow card is only appropriate in circumstances where the referee is satisfied that the defender commits an "accidental foul" in the box. A good example is where a defender sticks his foot out to get the ball, doesn't get it and trips the attacking player. That's a Penalty + yellow card. "Deliberate fouls" will still incur a red card. Those include holding, pulling or pushing or deliberate handball in order to deny a goalscoring opportunity. The East Stirlingshire player clearly pulled back the Bo'ness player while making no attempt to play the ball. That should always be a red card. The lesson defenders need to learn is to always try to make it look like they were going for the ball.
  14. The beauty of the pyramid structure is clubs find their level. The better teams go upwards and the poorer teams go downwards.
  15. ........and the illegal immigrants. (always an easy target in the blame game)
  16. Based on what I watched yesterday they don't offer much going forward and there wasn't a standout player in the team. Timid team performance.
  17. Alasson Jones is a classy player. Scored a good goal today and was only denied a second by a great freekick save by the Shire keeper. Enjoy him while we can.
  18. East Stirlingshire escaped with a 6-0 defeat. The red card didn't help their cause. BU should have scored more.
  19. Quick free kick sees Jack Smith knick it in. 6-0
  20. 5-0 Miller penalty saved and Miller nets the rebound.
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