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  1. As a BU fan it pains to post this but Dylan Patterson is a brilliant signing for the Rose. Watched him several times for Athletic usually wide right but sometimes more as a 10 and everything about his game is excellent. A real joy to watch. He is the James Madison of the Lowland League. Rose fans are in for a treat.
  2. £22 K .......and don't forget their parachute payment !!! Will the financial power of Cowdenbeath propel them back into League Two this season ?
  3. It's a nice wee windfall for Cowdenbeath. Let's be honest all the other Tier 5 teams would have taken up the invitation without worrying about the fairness of it.
  4. Big Stuart will have a busy few weeks bringing in several players. Let's hope he lands a few crackers.
  5. Stuart Hunter announced as new BU manager on BUFC Facebook. BigGameHunter is back. Excellent appointment.
  6. Serious question for Albion Rovers fans....... where do you expect to finish in the Lowland League table ?
  7. So any idea when interviews are being held for the managers job ?
  8. Says who ? As long as it's a constructive moan it's OK in my book.
  9. ............with the lights off and everyone wearing a blindfold.
  10. Yes 9. That's what happens when your manager shafts you.
  11. Time to look forward to a new season...... News, gossip, predictions and moans are all welcome here. With a new manager about to arrive followed by several new players it will be interesting times for the BU faithful. Mon the BU's !!!
  12. No Plan B written by Lee Child AND Andrew Child. It's the latest "Jack Reacher" book. I have read every one in the series and this will be my last. The first 20+ books all written by Lee were excellent. But then he "took a back seat" and his younger brother Andrew took over writing duties and it's boring, lazy writing.
  13. Out for a stroll and the word on the street is there is a lot of interest in the BU job. Nine was the figure I heard. Assume interviews will be held soon. Andy Shirra an applicant I heard, must be in with a shout.
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