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  1. Under 40 days until Sauchie v the BU's. We're nearly there.
  2. Jamboness your denouncement of the Old Firm Colts and Bo'ness Athletic has been long overdue. Look forward to seeing you at a game soon.
  3. The aims of the LL should be to improve the product so it's shocking that they are not addressing the issue. Increased ventilation is required IMO to get more clubs to "achieve their level". There should be at least 3 sides promoted into the LL from tier 6 every season. I want to see a Lowland League filled with the best teams and a big increase in promotion and relegation is necessary to achieve that quickly.
  4. Tranent have put out their list of pre-season friendles. Tuesday 6th July at 8pm is Bo'ness United v Tranent.
  5. Bo'ness Athletic may have found entry to the EoS trickier had they tried to join in isolation but they were swept in with the Tsunami of the West Lothian Juniors.
  6. BU chairman clearly annoyed with how the situation has developed. Makes a lot of good points but ultimately it's up to the BU's to rise to the challenge and show they are the big team in Bo'ness. Re licencing I would be hugely surprised if Bo'ness Athletic don't apply for their licence in the next few years. They apprar to be an ambitious bunch.
  7. On the EoSFL thread there's a list of pre-season friendlies. As well as the Sauchie game there's a game listed Musselburgh v the BU's on Tuesday 29 June. Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere official but maybe I missed it. Edited to Sauchie, for some daft reason I had typed Penicuik !!
  8. If there was pay at the gate the ground would be bursting as there's loads of neutrals gagging to attend a game.
  9. As a Bo'ness United fan I support the clubs view that there should be no place in the LL for the Old Firm B sides. However clubs elsewhere in the league have decided to take the silver and barring a huge turnaround it's happening. Feckin BOO !! I genuinely hope that the LL realises its mistake and takes steps to address this travesty. A starting point would be a decision at the LL AGM that there will be 5 or 6 teams promoted from tier six leagues at the end of next season. I am aware that it potentially would mean a lot of sides dropping out the LL but IMO it's the decent thing to do. The LL has done wrong and needs to make a meaningful sacrifice if it wants forgiveness from the other leagues.
  10. On BU Twitter it says the BU's voted against the Old Firm B sides in the LL. They tried to do the right thing.
  11. Back in 10 minutes..... away to buy some popcorn. Could be a long night of entertaining meltdowns.
  12. Only one way to settle this argument. .. .Rock, Paper, Pizza. Clearly this thread is no place for scissors.
  13. Tweeted by Black Diamond FM :-Tomorrow on Saturday Sport Live we will be talking about the Rangers and Celtic proposal to join the Lowland League. We will be talking to David McQueenie, Easthouses Lily, Vernon Ashe Bo’ness United and Ryan Kelly reporter. Best of luck to Vernon.
  14. Sauchie Twitter announced a few friendlies including:- 22 June (Tuesday) Sauchie v Bo'ness United.
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