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  1. Max was in the Journal saying the BU postponed the start of team training from last Tuesday until much later in the month. Max didn't fancy too many weeks of non contact training. Leaving it to the guys to prepare for whenever the season starts.
  2. Real Madrid playing in bright pink at Man City. Wow it's bright !! No hiding place on the pitch in those colours.
  3. Fingers crossed 8mile. Pink BU top would look cracking on the promenades of Europe's finest beaches......or until COVID comes a cropper down the Crookies.
  4. My post was spot on - two shades of blue is not a reverse of blue and white.......ignore my grumpiness 8mile I am still raging we didn't pick the pink.
  5. I see the latest from the SFA gives "indicative dates" of 24/8 for contact training, 11/9 for local friendlies and 1/10 for competitive games. .....all subject to blah, blah etc.. Potentially could be seeing a friendly in just over 5 weeks. Whether that is as a fan in the ground or standing on a cherry picker outside the ground will depend on the authorities.
  6. Twitter says the BU's home kit "reveal" and the Club Shop launch is happening tomorrow.
  7. Both are low carb, high fat. The chicken picture is a mystery.
  8. Spring onion or the Scots name syboes .
  9. Link above 8mile. Swipe down to find the pink top then swipe to the side to find the Blue and the White tops.
  10. https://cdn.footyheadlines.com/amp/4140170261868832618
  11. Don't think the home kit will be a straight reverse of the away kit. The current Puma team range appears to have 3 Royal Blue tops. If the BU's go for the same range as the white kit then the Royal Blue kit has got dark blue trim ( not white). I reckon that's the one they will go for. There's another range which has Royal Blue from the moobs down and a wavy lined blue and white pattern above the moobs. There's also a plain Royal Blue with a large honeycomb/hexagon pattern on the front . It has a normal surface on the back.
  12. It got 207 votes according to Twitter. No numbers for the other colours posted yet.
  13. WHITE was the winner for the away strips. HURRAH
  14. Chips !! .....no Lasagne with a salad for me.
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