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  1. Before you order from Amazon your stringed instrument of choice can I suggest you pull out all your saucepans and a couple of wooden spoons .......you could be the reincarnation of Ginger Baker. It could fill your need to make music and save you some dosh.
  2. Police will be focussing on those wasters who loiter about in town centers with their jakey mates.
  3. The official line is "Don't touch your face" but this guy needs to be "Don't touch your face .....especially after you've touched your balls, dick and erse." Extremely manky behaviour.
  4. We're all missing the Fitbaw lads but discussing the Rose team for a postponed fixture is a desperate cry for help. Going to be a long wait before we see a ball kicked in anger.
  5. A tin of dog food is cheaper and more nutrious. A friend also says it's tastier.....but it sticks to your teeth.
  6. What I am not clear about from the guidance is "roll ups". Let's say you have 4 folk in a house Dad, Mum, Son and Daughter (other types of family are available !!) Dad wakes up and has a cough and temperature and self isolates for 7 days. The other 3 are to be in the house for 14 days as per the recent guidance. At the end of day 7 the Dad is feeling better but the Mum now starts having a cough and temperature........ What happens ? Does Dad go back to work on day 8 because he has presumably already had the same thing as Mum now has (although he hasn't been tested) ? .........and do the son and daughter have to restart the 14 day clock ? Tynierose can no doubt provide the answers.
  7. https://www.nhsinform.scot/illnesses-and-conditions/infections-and-poisoning/coronavirus-covid-19 The latest advice in Scotland is above. If you have the cough and high temperature you should isolate for 7 days. Everyone else in the household has to isolate for 14 days. That's the advice now but it will no doubt change as and when required.
  8. Cormorants sit higher in the water on canals. Diving in deep water causes them to lose buoyancy. Spending a lot of time in the water causes them to lose buoyancy. I reckon this one's been sunning itself and preening and then jumped in the water when a photo opportunity came along.
  9. May be an apt time for a name change to Granny in Danger.
  10. They will shut it's just a case of the timing.
  11. Bulgar wheat is easy to prepare and can bulk up a salad in a similar way to cous cous. You can add it to sauces to bulk up a meal as well. It's healthier than chips......but a lot less tasty.
  12. ..........fear not Jambo I have plenty of toilet paper and pasta.
  13. ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ Masta Pasta Blasta !!
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