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  1. Not tabled yet but multiple news feeds quote the tories as saying they will start the process.
  2. No confidence vote in Nicola Sturgeon to be submitted after Alex Salmond case legal advice published | Politics News | Sky News
  3. 4-1 scoreline reflected Man City's dominance of possession.......but Wolves probably thought it was a tad harsh.
  4. Drained Haricot beans mixed with a spoonful of Heinz ketchup.....sorted.
  5. Try making pizza with chorizo rather than pepperoni.....a game changer.
  6. John Grisham ...."A time for mercy". A well paced story about a small town American lawyer defending a disadvantaged boy who kills a drunken cop.
  7. Moss grows easier than grass in shaded areas. It's an awful lot of work to replace one load of green stuff with a different type of green stuff. Scarification, moss killer , improving the drainage, reseeding etc, etc.
  8. You never know how an Arsenal games will go. Their defending is like russian roulette at times. Good fun trying to guess the outcome.
  9. Tierney cracker 2-2. Arsenal going out on away goals rule if they don't win tonight.
  10. Ceballos fecks it up for the Arsenal. Arsenal need 2 goals in 30 minutes.
  11. I don't think MAC THE KNIFE knows about posting etiquette.....or maybe he's just a bit shouty.
  12. Definitely......May 2022 might be ok though.
  13. Gary McLennan and Tam Balanowski were voted in as the central midfielders in the fans XI.
  14. They are not in need of resurrection.......Bo'ness Cadora AFC are alive and well.
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