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  1. I don't like playoffs. Relegation and promotion should be settled over a season and not by a couple of games at the end of a season.
  2. Pep surely has to tell his team to finish them.
  3. Torres spills a cross and Berwick put it in the net.......but wait it's offside.
  4. Another penalty to Berwick Musa red carded. Second yellow. Torres on. Lennon off. Penalty scored. 2-2 BU down to 9 men. About 10 mins to play.
  5. 1-2 now. Quick break by Berwick. Second yellow for Toddy as BU down to 10 men.
  6. 0-2 Keir McCauley in attacking mode slots it away.
  7. Stevenson on. Miller is off for second half.
  8. 0-1 at halftime. The BU's are probably fortunate to be a goal up. Berwick took a poor penalty that Musa saved easily. Berwick had a shot that for me crossed the line but the lineswoman didn't give it. Couple of other decent chances that were not taken. The BU's have had a couple of good breaks with wee Lennon being the main danger man.
  9. 0-1...... 3 mins played. Nice move. Lennon Walker slots it in.
  10. I was told on the supporters bus that Max has put Ryan Stevenson on the transfer list. Massive BOO if true.
  11. Sorry Boheesian, Just noising up MrPillock who was having a moan about fans who dare to have an opinion on their team.
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