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  1. Trialist Craig Meikle (aka "Meeks") has signed for the BU's until the end of the season. Speaking to the Falkirk Herald Max Christie said of the 41 year old defender "he's one for the future". In Max we trust.
  2. Colts, Braves and Spartans are probably all expecting the BU's to be at their level i.e. expecting to be top half finishers but will fall short of challenging the big spenders over the season. Let's hope the BU's can exceed those expectations. Mon the BU's !!
  3. Ghengis Khan brought the concept of the flushable toilet from the Far East to the West hence the phrase "on the Khan".
  4. Talking of donkeys where is Harry Maguire ?
  5. I remember in the early 80's at the Disco occasionally treating myself to a plum cigar with my southern comfort. With my pastel blue suit and that duo I was fighting off the lassies with a shitty stick .......if only !!
  6. A big part of the BU's success is down to them working hard for 95+ minutes every game and being well organised defensively. Our most important player in that regard - Michael Gemmell. When I call him a spoiler, time waster and master of the dark art of fouling I mean those comments as a huge compliment.
  7. Reckon we need to see a centrehalf arrive. With Hunter and Snowdon missing yesterday we relied on a 42 year old trialist. It's the one area of the team where we are a bit short of cover .
  8. Brian, At the end of the season the BU's are going to be closer to the top of the Lowland League than to the bottom. There is absolutely no danger of us getting relegated. Relax.
  9. One win and two draws in three games is not title challenging form. Brown Trousers Ferguson must stay.
  10. 0-4 Miller again. From a MacFarlane cross. Couldn't miss apparently !!
  11. Ritchie and Anderson ON for Stevenson and Gemmell.
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