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  1. St Roch's v Shotts Bon Accord

    Ur probably correct on that one thought it was a good old fashioned Cup tie played in the correct manner and very entertaining game to watch. Wonder what the referee observer thought ? No 11 was the difference in both teams well done to him
  2. St Roch's v Shotts Bon Accord

    Fair assessment of the game from the neutral The Real Dembele . St Rochs fully deserved the win as they took the chances they had but you are 100% correct the game hinges on the decision made at 3 2 to St Rochs when the Shotts striker was clearly pulled back when going through on goal . Maybe the referee had his view blocked but the assistant clearly didn’t and bottled it big time . His attitude after the incident and his clear smirking and laughing to our manager when asked about it was a complete disgrace to his fellow colleagues. Well done to all at St Rochs for their hospitality and good luck for the rest of the season and the future.
  3. Player

    Ok the wait is over his name is Jordan O’donnell Previous junior clubs include Blantyre V Shotts Bon Accord amongst others
  4. Player

    Whats your name?
  5. Yoker news today

    No chance of being off pitch is perfect
  6. Pollok

  7. Games off today

    There is plans in place to try and go down the Community route but retain the grass surface with only a couple of teams playing under the banner.The problem is when the park was origionally built there was no drains whatsoever put in the park. We have already had a quote for too put a full drainage system in during the close season subject to meeting the grant criteria. Generally the park has been okay apart from the last couple of seasons. The park has been perfect all week and even at 8pm last night it was okay but due to the heavy rainfall over a short period of time and the water table currently lying very high which isnt helping
  8. Muirkirk Juniors

    Colin Martin is the New Whitburn Juniors Manager
  9. Fauldhouse United 2016/17 Season

    Think you might find that the experienced centre back could be Michael Morris who is an ex Clydebank player i might be wrong though but I have a strong hunch thats who it is.
  10. Fixtures

    All the fixtures are available on the club extranet system up till the 24th September. You have to log in and go to the heading club details and then matches and the fixtures are there at the bottom
  11. Maybole had asked for a free week it was rumoured. Yoker have 5 games left and no league games this week and Cumbernauld have 5 games also and only playing 1 league game his week. Maybole have 4 games left and 2 of them against yoker and Glencairn have 4 left also and 2 of them are against Kilwinning thats 1 reason why we should have a fixture list .It would help avoid this type of thing happening.