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  1. Come on Chis you have been in the game long enough to know how it works . 70 % of clubs said they wouldn’t survive more than 4 weeks without fans so when the start date of 24 th October arrived 3/ 4 weeks from then and that’s your answer. I predicted that’s what it would be and asked the question before the voting even commenced and was told it was t guaranteed but with the current government restrictions etc was almost a certainty to be applied.
  2. 2 seasons didn’t happen last either I think. No relegation from Premier either for 2 seasons even though you maybe only won 1 game last season ? If a mind right no doubt somebody will remind us
  3. I’m sure there was something advised from the Sfa that there was something that said the contracts didn’t commence till the first competitive game was played . Not 100% on it though I’m looking for article just now
  4. I don’t think I have seen a single email from any Premier league club objecting to the promotion and relegation issue they all seem quite happy with what is happening . Fair play to Talbot , Kilbirnie and Cumnock with Pollok to probably follow suit and decide on their course of action. 2 years in the premier league with no relegation ? they have won a watch. The conferences have been shafted or mislead all along and it would appear that some delegates have miss understood what has been getting said at all these zoom call meetings and at Hampden and East Kilbride . What has happened apart from the change in the 4 leagues to a Premier and 3 conferences has been on the cards all along their is no mistake about it. Have been saying it for months and nobody has been taking it in now boom all emails floating about it only was ever going to take 1 team common knowledge to make it non competitive. To quote the saying from a man we all know Conquer and Divide
  5. Nobody want to be that team that says we are not playing this season and stops promotion and relegation in all the conferences etc hence the clubs are a bit reluctant and feel a bit forced to not be that one but I think it’s inevitable that that’s the way it will probably go as there will be at least 1 team that’s going to say no under the current criteria restrictions
  6. From day one when reconstruction was talked about it was as clear as mud that it was a us and them situation and nothing has changed .
  7. Very interesting zoom call last night on the league restarting with all the clubs views , debates and discussions. No matter what happens with the vote on Friday there will be no winners as it’s all about trying to make sure all clubs survive the current situation. Meeting got off to a good start when there was a mention about a Lawyer . Enough said ?
  8. Listened to The Highland League Secretary on Radio Clyde tonight and I think he is spot on. With the cases still currently rising there is no way we will be starting anytime soon with another 2 week semi lockdown about too be announced also. At least they gave there selves a fighting chance with their league voting for less games if they go ahead. We voted for more 20 team league ? Nonsense. Time to just get a vote done and call it instead of hanging on with the polishing cloth and crystal ball hoping something is gonna change. Save our clubs that don’t have sugar daddies and are having to fork out weekly sums to play meaningless friendlies in the hope that there is a change . The life belt has already been cast adrift and is floating away already. Not letting fans in is just a red herring , no changing facilities is here for a while, with the worst weather months of the year still to come. Nobody will blame you for trying but it just ain’t going to happen.
  9. Ah the big question IF. What If ? Will the park be playable by kick off time ? What IF fans are allowed in? What IF the changing room scenario changes ? You can only go with what is presented too you and right now the facts are. 12 clubs couldn’t even be bothered registering their thoughts on the season. This is all stuff we have been waiting answers on for the last 6 month we are still no further forward and keep moving the provisional start date back. The games a bogey with all these false what IFS somebody needs the balls to say right it ain’t happening this season let’s get ready for next season and get everything in place as best as possible as we can. Let’s try and be sensible about this SPFL clubs are struggling never mind us we are kidding ourselves on. Players saying they will travel after games without a shower ? That’s Money that’s talking nothing else don’t give me this pish they are not in it for the money and will come and go a bit. A referee charged over £60 for a friendly game yesterday he was wanting his money.
  10. Pubs are the problem look at the amount of staff in Pubs that are now getting Covid 19. Now over 130 in Wetherspoons alone never mind any other ones . Shut pubs at 10pm ? People are half pished by that time anyway that won’t solve anything . Our club has voted no fans no football looks like it’s time to take a year out and take stock of the situation. There are no winners here have said it since March and nothing has changed too many people kidding thereselves on and hoping for a chink of light ? From where ? No fans and no Social Club open for functions etc means no income. This is getting more serious as the months go on we need a decision yes or no. Time to get real
  11. Ok guys as survey time comes closer let’s have a wee look at the questions will fans be allowed in ? Don’t know will club survive without gate money ?no Are you allowed to use the showers ? Don’t know is that a health risk in the winter months ? Possibly yes can the full league season be completed ? Don’t know how ca you vote yes on the unknown. Yes we all want to play and watch football . It’s our life and blood but there becomes a point that you have to close the drain. You can’t keep emptying the well . The clubs have had no financial support from the Sfa. The big clubs all got £50,000 to help we got SFA . Some big clubs gave their donation away to their charity foundations could they not have helped out the lower league clubs and gave a donation to the associations. Let’s look very closely at the situation lots of Managers and players would like season to start they are hoping to get paid but club officials and volunteers are working their baws aff to make sure their clubs survive selling raffles getting sponsorship etc when nobody knows what’s happening unfortunately I think it’s a defo no go this season and hope everybody does the most sensible thing when the survey comes out . Don’t vote on the unknown vote on what info is available . A referee when inspecting the pitch on a wi gers morning can’t say pitch will be thawed out by 2 pm . More clubs will survive and come back a lot stronger if we wait and start next season.
  12. It’s getting close that a decision needs to be made to stick or twist. Nobody knows what way it’s going to go my club have already committed to a pitch maintenance programme and also bought new kit etc and with work being done it’s close on 8 grand. We can’t keep forking out with no light at the end of the tunnel. Some clubs will be better off and have budgets that can cover this but also chapping sponsors doors and you can’t get them to commit to the unknown some have been ok others are let’s wait and see . As hard as it is for everybody I think everybody needs to get round the table and decide one way or another. Some of the more financially backed might not be happy but we are now 6 month down the line from the new era and through no fault of the new league set up office bearers we are still playing a waiting game.
  13. I’m sure all the clubs were asked that question in the survey that was done last week. It isn’t just fans not being able to attend that will affect this also social clubs not being open for large functions affect clubs income too in some cases and that funding is hard to replace.
  14. As much as we all want football back for the right reasons as it’s all part of our lives there is too many ifs and butts which nobody can guarantee unfortunately no matter how hard we all try to put the correct protocols etc in place . I think a lot of clubs are thinking the same thing especially with this being a new league set up and there is no point trying to kid on otherwise. It will only take 1 club to say we have serious reservations and there will be a load that will follow as that is the most sensible solution to the current situation
  15. In March when the new league set ups were being proposed our club suggested delaying the new league set up for 1 season to allow everybody to see how it was going to pan out . They voted for a 20 team top league not knowing when they could restart. With it being entirely a new set and for sporting integrity reasons that should have been enough for them to decide there was no rush but we lost out. Now the league and conference set ups look like being altered again so again moving the goalposts for most clubs. In order for most to survive let everybody play all local sectional like cup sections which puts nobody under any pressure next to nothing travelling etc and when fans are allowed back in all local games hopefully would be busy enough to let all clubs survive and keep running costs minimal to allow everybody to get ready for next season and try to get as much upgrades in place as possible does that not seem to be the fairest way. Come on guys let’s give this a bit of thought and take the pressure off everybody. Just playing locally etc gives all the office bearers off the new league set up a bit of leeway with trying to get the new set up organised without any issues and maybe having to stop and start again. Anybody else think this could happen ?
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