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  1. Been loads of great work on the community front this year but it’s a bit of a false start without Lesser being available to follow it up. Will be delighted to be back there in any way, shape, form or division next season.
  2. Fairly decent stuff overall and a helluva goal from Bob. Absolutely sensational strike. Credit to Cove for sticking at it but a bit naive from us towards the end. Gave the ball away too many times last 5-10 mins, no need to charge forward like that. If we’ve got a bit more nouse/composure we see that out. Will learn from it though - and feeling pretty good about the playoffs.
  3. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/queens-park-confirm-owen-coyle/ Have my doubts about the process that got us to here but this is an outstanding appointment. Sounds like he’s going to be on the scene. Not too concerned about the 1st June thing.
  4. I’d quite happily take some managerial appointment news roundabout now, if any was going….
  5. All the fitba, all the gigs at Hampden... We surely need to be working this kinda stuff into the operating model.
  6. Here's one - if Greg Stewart is out of contract with Jamshedpur, could he be signed out of the window?
  7. Couple of interesting / revealing quotes from Beuker here. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/former-burnley-boss-owen-coyles-26513466.amp
  8. Good interview here with the magician (as I continue to trawl Twitter for OC content). https://m.timesofindia.com/city/goa/isl-shield-win-with-jamshedpur-is-as-good-as-anything-ive-achieved-owen-coyle/articleshow/90313439.cms
  9. Interesting. Not instantly blown away but definitely take it. No concerns over the training and fitness stuff given the set up these days. Looking forward to the intense speculation and analysis of Jamshedpur playing style over the next few days.
  10. That Darcy strike is even better than I remember it and is right up there with one of the best I’ve seen from us - I’m not blaming anyone for going radge after that hits the net. Fine margins this one. Really good start and rattled the bar a couple of times. If we defend better it’s not a corner. It we defend the corner better it’s not a goal (keeper comes a long way to not get anything on it?). Got to imagine Darcy has played himself into the starting 11. That’s the kind of impact we need off the bench. Less said about the scouse partycrasher the better.
  11. Hmmm, no, not really. As you were, thanks.
  12. Covid isolating. A bit bored. Announce a manager please.
  13. Yeah - same. Maybe strange if they didn't make reference to it in the invite but doesn't exactly scream out we've got someone in the bag, does it?
  14. Decent from us. Looked hungry from the start and could have been out of sight by half time. Really well taken goals and thought McHugh led the line well, good link up etc. Proper stabilising influence from Grant too. He'll get done for pace from time to time but adds so much more to the backline. Big month coming up.
  15. Innovative new model for getting highly-rated young footballers on loan.
  16. Maybe (slight) signs of us going a bit more direct / through the middle towards the end of the Montrose game? Would recommend more of the same tonight - no point in trying to knock it about on the farm.
  17. Even the increased press speculation that we’re supposed to be getting used to had died a death!!
  18. Maybe we’ve actually got a new manager - they’ve just forgot to announce it.
  19. This is honking. Surely the way to announce this is that we receive an email 5 minutes before it’s put up on the website.
  20. I still can’t decide if she’s a fraud or is she’s not involved enough. Surely she’s got enough fitba nouse about her to have recruited a manger by now - so where’s the issue? Haughey, Dempster, committee and now Beuker. Who’s actually in charge and who’s actually accountable? Ohh and I take it we’re still on course for those Lesser Hampden test events in April, yeah? Honking.
  21. That was honking. Honking pitch, honking performance, honking result. Honking.
  22. Wide players are getting off the hook a bit in this sign a striker chat... if we're playing 3 up - they should be chipping in each week.
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