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  1. Members ticket plus 2 kids = a decision to be made. No way I can shell out for an extra 2 season tickets, especially when playing at stenny makes it 50/50 for them to attend (4 and 6 year olds not that committed to 50 mile round trips to the fitba). Alternative is pay as you go an extra £16 a week (£8 each) but no word on how they’ll get to the game if they’re not covered on the bus. Of course, it would be easier to make mind up if I knew how long we were going to be away for…
  2. Good to see all the yoots signing on - bright future. Although not massively surprised there's some confusion on the web with the pics - they all look utterly identical to me! Great news on Murray, real asset to the squad and encouraging comments from Coyle about about playing style and how we intend to use him this season. Quite excited to see how the squad shapes up over the next couple of weeks. Got real faith on the recruitment front.
  3. Good news on the buses.... good news for members and season ticket holders anyway. I suppose this is a good incentive to get more members and season tickets... not sure there will be many making that decision until we know when lesser will be ready tho.
  4. My sources* tell me Calum Ferrie has re-signed. * my wife’s uncle just saw him getting his pictures taken @ Cathkin
  5. I don't think the equal numbers on a surface rule is a thing any more... we should be able to get back in whenever it's ready. Whenever the fk that will actually be. Can't imagine there'll be much happening this week, or any of the other weeks where there's tens of thousands of other punters rocking up at Hampden. Another wasted opportunity unfortunately. Still no word on busses?
  6. Think that was initial plan, but stadium due date slipped again so it’ll be for “a number of league games” too.
  7. New online digs, excellent. Real life digs, TBC. I'm pretty relaxed about the playing side of things this season. We've got a decent core group, already made an exciting addition and with the looks of the release list from last week, we'll be shaping up to be competitive. Hope we can get bodies in the door nice and early and Coyle can whip them into shape.
  8. Pictures of football happening at Lesser should come with a trigger warning
  9. Still stewing on the stadium stuff. Wonder what we've registered so far for the SPFL. That had to be submitted in March (although I think there's some room for manoeuvre until June 1). I also think the default is ground share for a full season - so I'm interested to hear how the 'subject to approval' chat is going to develop. Also note from the press release that they seem to be talking about a 2000+ stadium now. Have we learned nothing from the previous indecision and scope creep?
  10. I don't think we win the play-offs without him... so value for money? Aye.
  11. Happy with the squad update overall - as long as we get the majority of those guys with contract offers back through the door. This is probably where having Beuker taking the team for a bit is really helping shape the squad now. One of the common themes talking to the players after the Airdrie game was their eyes lighting up every time Coyle's name was mentioned - I think we'll have players queuing up to play for him this summer. Really exited by the playing side of things - great people in there.
  12. Nah - you're miles off it here. Big game player, made the difference in the big games.
  13. the fucking hurdles to get my kids to the fitba these past years... honestly, this is such a ballache.
  14. I do not care for that subject to SPFL approval line...
  15. Fantastic to read another ambitious Queen's ParkTM press release. Haven't had one of those in a while. This is shite.
  16. Really depends on what we mean by early part of next season. If it's the early cup games (as suggested at the members meeting a while back) that's fine... if it's the start of the league campaign - that's pretty far from ideal. There's a rule at the back of my mind saying it would need to be 6 months, is there not? Bit of chat on here about attendances and whatnot. The real shame of the last 2 seasons is that we've not been on the southside. Winning the league in the no fans / covid season, doing well in the playoffs, plus all the great community stuff could have put hundreds on to our support already. I know of loads of new people who are interested in coming along next year - some keep asking when season tickets are on sale. And when I was a staggering hungover mess dropping the kids at school yesterday, there were a few parents who were really delighted we went up and are all set up for coming along and bringing their kids next year too. Disastrous if we can't capitalise on this success.
  17. Good stuff from QP tonight. Neutralised Airdrie throughout, probably had the best chance of the first half and and excellent goal from Simon Murray. The penalty is a shame but Ferrie has given the ref a decision to make, especially galling because he was obviously looking to award something in the 2nd half. All to play for... Strangely might be better for us to start that game level, rather than have something negative at the back of your mind trying to defend a 1-0. Roll on Sunday.
  18. Hope we’re leaving space in the stadium plans for the statue of Owen Coyle. The magician getting it spot on in these games.
  19. Well now. Story of those two games is some gritty defending and some excellent subs from Coyle. Changes on Wednesday got us a bit of a grip when we were under the cosh and then a big decision to go two up and take the game to them yesterday (when we’re all probably thinking let’s take our chances on pens). Simon Murray tho. What a dude.
  20. Does Connell do enough off the ball to get into that midfield from last night?
  21. All in all a decent night - happy with the result, the performance, saw ET of the Madrid game and got free chicken wings. Nice. First half was night and day from what we've seen so far this season (yes, Pars fans - we've been that bad). Great organisation and desire off the ball - really got in their faces... forgot to play any football, mind, but one thing at a time, eh? I thought Dunfermline were better 2nd half (wasn't sure if he changed things?) was sure a goal was coming and it was only our subs that saved us - gave us a different option and got us up the park. I thought the Dunfermline subs and/or the reaction too them had an impact too - it seemed to take the sting out of the game and then we were relatively comfortable. Still underdogs but but the tie is live and that's all I was hoping for.
  22. I’ve been fairly critical but I really think these players have been dealt a fairly sh1tey hand this year. Ditching Ray, gambling on Ellis and then having Bueker pitch up isn’t doing anything to help culture and mentality and playing style and the rest of it. Looking forward to cheering them on tonight. Wild that we’re in this position given where we’ve come from and the season we’ve had. A couple of match winners coming back into the team at the right time, too - so you never know.
  23. First I’ve seen us in weeks Some really awful passages of play - at times bordering on performance art. Mad times. Possible back to back promotions, but I also won’t be fussed to see this season in the bin.
  24. QPFC. Putting the ‘Christ, that was murder’ into murderball 21/22
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