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  1. Can we put this thread in the bin and start again please? Looking forward to getting along on Saturday. Hoping QP can continue the good run... can see Dundee getting a bit jittery if we start well. Big day for Simon Murray - was half expecting him to pitch up at dens this season tbh.
  2. How far in advance are the Friday night TV games announced? We must be in line for an away game being on the box sooner or later? Also notice the QP Twitter advising fans not to book travel for the Cliftonville game. TV or Scotland game related wranglings?
  3. My whelm is still pretty undered by this but hey-ho, it’s not nothing. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/queens-park-giving-kids-a-chance/
  4. Yeah trains off is a pain in the arse (but back the workers). Last minute looked like I’d be able to drop the shoulder and get to this one but trains had other ideas
  5. Like the look of this one. Bit of steel in the middle of the park and cover in defence. Wonder if we’ll dabble with 3 at the back at any stage…
  6. No. It just wasn’t explicit in the update. Good news.
  7. How about voting to go full time to try and get away from the trap door, and then becoming a full power ermine benefactor’s play thing on the fly. We’re this fucking close to signing Haughey’s weans and playing them up front.
  8. Is it even fucking doable to get to stenny and back on a Friday night on public transport at the moment? Free busses for all is the only reasonable mitigation. Dicks.
  9. Yet another kick in the stones for the fans. Less of an issue for me because I’d already decided I couldn’t renew. But if I had coughed up for me and the two kids I would be utterly fucking livid right now. Great that we’re doing well on the pitch. Back to back promotions were absolutely unthinkable when I started going to see this team. But that’s also not the reason I started going to see this team and it’s not the reason I’ve spent so long trying to get my kids involved. The Committee needs to take a proper look at themselves here. Stop playing at being big time and represent the values and interests of the supporters.
  10. Josh McPake on loan from Rangers a possibility according to Jordan Campbell (the Athletic).
  11. Yeah, they specialise… in casual sportswear for a young, fashion-forward demographic with a carefully curated mix of timeless brands …
  12. Good luck. I'm still waiting on a reply to my email on pricing policy for families, and process for reinstating membership at some point in the future.
  13. Shall we file this missive under 'new and innovative' or 'deep and meaningful engagement'? https://queensparkfc.co.uk/members-and-season-ticket-holders-bus-for-forfar-game/
  14. They're fine. I showed them to a few non-QP mates (who bough the last away top) and they were pretty distraught at Irn-Bru no longer being the sponsors... they took it worse than me Like the detail on the side of the away top. Looking forward to seeing what the people who run this club think capturing the spirit of Glasgow is...
  15. Quite sad to see the back of irn-bru on the jerseys. Guess we must be getting decent wedge from someone else. Will be interested to see who turns up sponsoring the stadium. If and when it’s built. Not many serious brands will be wanting to associate themselves with the current farce.
  16. Think the Clark epo people sponsor the lowland league too.
  17. Just read that myself... he's a confident boy, eh? Not seen much of him - you think he'll cut it?
  18. Really good interview. Interesting that Hearts being in Europe might mean he stays because they’ll need a bigger squad. Touches on different managers and playing styles at QP… look out for one clunking big fucking bombshell towards the end… https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hearts/hearts-in-spain-dutch-philosophy-takes-connor-smith-nearer-tynecastle-dream-3749821
  19. Look out for Suranne Jones appearing as a trialist with a murky past...
  20. Yeah - most exciting season ever coming up and I'm going to need to chuck the membership. Too difficult / too expensive to get along with the kids and if I can't take them, there's no way I can get along with any consistency. Too much cash to 'donate' which is more or less what I've done the last couple of seasons. Real shame as there was such a buzz coming out of the play-offs and I'd lost count of the people who were saying they wanted to get involved.
  21. Members ticket plus 2 kids = a decision to be made. No way I can shell out for an extra 2 season tickets, especially when playing at stenny makes it 50/50 for them to attend (4 and 6 year olds not that committed to 50 mile round trips to the fitba). Alternative is pay as you go an extra £16 a week (£8 each) but no word on how they’ll get to the game if they’re not covered on the bus. Of course, it would be easier to make mind up if I knew how long we were going to be away for…
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