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  1. Just to reconfirm the draw will stand. There was an incorrect number read out. This has been confirmed with the below ties: πŸ‘‡πŸ» DRAW CONFIRMATIONS. (After the Thorn bring out twice confusion). It’s @AfcNewshot v @ThornAthAFC And @maryhillthistle v WHITFIELD TAVERN (DSMAFL) or @letham_afc (PAFA). πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻
  2. Someone said Leven were drawn twice too?
  3. Jokes are normally: A) Funny B) Obvious to the reader Thank me later.
  4. I was under the impression that Craig wasn't as interested in the manager's as he was wanting to help YM out with a few other people. But even if he was after the manager's role at YM, they could do far worse. From witnessing what changes and improvements he made at Lochgelly (and that was seen behind the scenes as well), he would be a very good candidate, imo. He appeared to be well respected from the players, his & his coaching team had some very good ideas and it was refreshing to see these implemented and the club making progress. It's no coincidence that Lochgelly have dropped away a bit since he left. But, as I said, I was under the impression that wasn't the role Craig was looking at from what I'd been told.
  5. But then that falls down to the referee who declared the pitch playable at 9am, not Crossgates? Why is it the club's fault is the ref said it was OK?
  6. I had arrived at the ground about 1pm and then saw one of the Crossgates lads returning to their car. I'm sure someone had said this morning's ref who said it was playable made the trip from Edinburgh, I may be wrong?
  7. Thornton Hibs 3 St Andrews 0
  8. Yes, Super League and Premier League is £5 for adults, £4 in the District Divisions.
  9. We had one of these Legends game (same poster style/event) recently at Dalgety Bay in Fife. Was a great success, legit I'd say.
  10. I'd heard that the guy's business had gone down the tubes?
  11. Quite a change of stance in a month, eh? The management team have guided a team into the bottom 4 to finishing 6th, potentially 5th, in the table and beating last season's position. Now you're talking about them being poached by a big club!Also, Chris Gay has kept FIVE clean sheets in NINE appearances. He can't be that bad, can he?
  12. Same with us. Ours subs: Usual sub keeper as 1st outfield sub Manager (not played competitively for few years) Goalkeeper coach as sub keeper A player coming back from 2nd long term injury but never going to play yet.
  13. Easthouses 0 Lochgelly Albert 4 We were very depleted with injuries and late call offs, naming our usual sub keeper as our 1st available outfield sub and the keeper coach as sub keeper. But it was an outstanding performance from us. 3-0 up at half time through a Stevie Brown penalty and two well taken goals from John Ferguson. Second half we continued to dominate and can't recall our keeper really having much to do at all. Craig Bateson scored a cracker in the final 6 minutes from an assist from our outfield keeper. Then due to another injury, Craig Ness made a cameo 5 minute appearance. Really pleased with our performance and hard work today. Page, Colquhoun, Murray were outstanding, but the whole team played really well to be honest.
  14. You charge new season ticket holders more? Really??? Bloody hell, never thought I'd hear that in Junior football. Does anyone else do this? Believe ours is £45 for adults.
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