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  1. Even if the Queenies didn't turn the floodlights off deliberately (which I can't help but suspect they did), surely a fine is in order for insufficiently maintaining their ground? A points deduction may be the SFL's course of action mind you, as they maybe slightly sceptical as to how Queens could actually pay a fine whilst carrying the burden of debts in excess of a million quid.... None the less, I second George Adams call for an official investigation.
  2. It has now been over 4 months since I last attended Uni and SAAS are still paying me my monthly £416. Thank you horse-shit-thick SAAS Human Resources employee and your Stevie Wonder-esque manager that hasn't noticed yet.
  3. Mad for a bit of Del Amitri at the moment.
  4. After asking SAAS to suspend my payments while I withdraw from Uni - I seem to be, not at my request, back on the pay-role with this mob having discovered a bizarre £1,530 payment in my account. I'll keep it if I'm allowed - I need to know however, if SAAS will ask for immediate repayment or they'll just add this nonsense to my debt (and take the interest on it) unless I choose myself to hand it back?
  5. I had a small seizure at 2:06. What day is it? I'm confused.
  6. Just received an email from SAAS after I requested yesterday that they suspend my payments untik they receive conformation of my withdrawal date. Gaz, kept most of it aside, March payment plus the percentage that was travel expenses for Semester 2. As for my redeemed travel expenses for semester 1, plus February's payment - they're in tills right across the country. :ninja: I think VT is right though, I haven't come across anything on SAAS's site that suggests I might have to pay it back immediately. I hope to f**k this is the case!
  7. I am in deep shit! Decided at the beginning of semester 2 that I fancied quitting Uni and getting a full time job. Sent a letter to Uni on the 6th of February - still not heard anything back. SAAS require Uni evidence to change your circumstances with them - so despite not actually going to Uni for about 6 weeks now, I have received 2 months of payments plus travel expences. Presumably all this has to be paid back immediately?
  8. Limp Bizkit's album, the one about the Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog flavoured water. Reminds me of my early teens, there wasn't a day it wouldn't get it's turn on the Hi-fi.
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