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  1. The majority of Doonhamers wouldnae even bother gan way up there on a Seturday mate.
  2. Why the heck would a company want non business people on board? You would have to make sure with great clarity that any person allocated does indeed have a good business acumen. The idea in principle is a good one but any representative is going to be nothing more than a sweetie wife or local gossip on behalf of the fans and shareholders alike. They are never going to be able to have real input or a positive attitude to change things, you might as well just put a secret microphone in the boardroom.
  3. "About 45 supporters"???? Surely there were 43, 44 or 46 not hard to count, then again Queens have been having problems with counting financially and in crowd attendances over the past few years, so it's no really surprising. Anyhoo, wuz it really worth the bother when so few folk even bother?
  4. That's brilliant, I'll maybe sleep a wee bit better the nicht.
  5. To be honest, if I lived in the vicinity or could make frequent games, I certainly would not go to Palmerston until that lot of scum have been dispersed. In fact, I'm sure I couldn't even go to an away game as I would not want to be locked up in the cells for the weekend and that is what I know would happen.
  6. Ashley's deed noo and Clair is in France. Didnae ken aboot the wabbit.
  7. That's the game Allan Ball scored directly from a corner kick.
  8. Dinnae be sae bloody daft, "the now defuct Maedowbank Thistle" only moved along the road tae Livingston and changed their name tae git a free stadium frae the local cooncil ye silly bugger.
  9. Michelle = Manchester United or City Steve = Tranmere Rovers. That was great from Steve's business partner.
  10. A dinnae really like beer that much, but I dae licht whisky. Got 3 bottles of White Horse today for the price of 2 in the supermarket, so I'm just tasting it.
  11. That Stella looks geed fur her age. As fur Michelle, she's the one I'd like tae be on top!!
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