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  1. Yes that's an excellent result for Drumchapel.
  2. Turnout was excellent and fair play to anybody today who turned up to watch.
  3. Tight game. Gutted to be out but all the best to Eastfield going forward.
  4. Congratulations to all at Fallin. Nice big Final to look forward to lads. Commiserations to Cambusbarron.
  5. Scottish Amateur Cup Quarter Final Wishaw High School FPs V Eastfield AFC 2pm ko on the Astro at Wishaw Sports Centre Saturday 29th February 2020.
  6. GAVT67


    Just got to keep working hard and believing, we all know how Amateur football can change so quickly with suspensions, work, injuries, etc. It's easy enough to hit a sticky patch in this division. All very competent sides who can beat each other on any given day.
  7. GAVT67


    CSAFL Premier Div Wishaw High School FPs 3 v 1 Campsie Minerva
  8. Couldn't have written it better myself. Oban do a great job with their reports/photos etc. Always accurate and well constructed.
  9. Excellent result and performance from us up in Oban. Everybody at the club has enjoyed the decent run we have been on in the Scottish. We now face arguably everyone's favourites in the Quarters a week on Saturday and I'm sure it will be another good game to take in especially for the neutral. Looking forward to it.
  10. Oban Saints v Wishaw High School FPs is a 1pm ko on the astro at Oban High School, McCall Terrace, Oban, PA34 4JE. Hopefully the expected winds and rain not as bad as forecast.
  11. Yep all the makings of a good game. Ah hope your tip comes up. Looking forward to it.
  12. Wishaw High School FPs v Oban Saints this Saturday is a 2pm ko on the astro at Wishaw Sports Centre.
  13. A lot of people though we were bang average the last time we won it 😉 lol. All on the day. Any team is capable of having a blinder or a howler from time to time, handing the momentum to a team that maybe normally you might struggle to match never mind beat. At this stage all the managers will be hoping for from their respective sides is for them not to leave anything out on the pitch and give it their all.
  14. Scottish Amateur Cup 5th rd Singer AFC 0 v 3 Wishaw High School FPs Onto next Saturday which see Wishaw High School FPs now take on fellow CSAFL side Oban Saints in rd 6. All the best to Singer AFC for the rest of the season and for the hospitality back at the Snooker Club.
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