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  1. Its something to win. Alas Hamilton will not have to worry about Cup Matches until July 2022
  2. Considering you are already out of the Scottish Cup before anyone with a brain has began to put a Christmas Tree, You would have thought that Hamilton fans would take this seriously and get behind their team even after Saturday's debacle
  3. Shame that Rangers B are out but what a great run, Players have got more experienced and the stars of the future will be found thanks to this concept.
  4. Its not a good league. Standard has dropped throughout the years
  5. But But you dont care for the cup so why are you moaning about getting knocked out to more talented youngsters
  6. What a result. The B Team system is working and beginning to bear fruit, Beating Alloa is a good result. And i hope Rangers B win the SPFL Trust Trophy Get the dislikes going lads
  7. Bottom of League 2 deserves to be relegated. And the Winner of the Highland/Lowland Play off deserves to be promoted No Play-offs
  8. Cowdenbeath deserve Lowland League football. They were laughable on Saturday
  9. Rangers & Celtic "C" in this would be a major positive giving 16-18 years old more exposure
  10. And they can actually do that if they wish.
  11. Hahahaha Racist radio. Cop yourself on Pal The Idea itself wouldnt work
  12. Only Rangers B left of the B Sides. I suggest you stop worrying about it. It's a great competition and good for development of all clubs moving forward The QF's look excellent on paper.
  13. Losing 4-1 is good as well, For the Development all part of the fun
  14. B team's will happen on mass in the next few years. In England its beginning to turn the screw Who shall l believe in the B Team debate Pep or Some idiots on this forum Its a tough one Unlike this post laddies
  15. Wonderful action in this fine competition.
  16. The Thrills The Drama The Joy The Agony This is the Scottish Cup and its Magic
  17. Not a chance, They are a higher quality then a lot of them
  18. Not a chance, Rangers B are playing well and will win 2-1
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