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  1. Have all leagues/Associations has gateways to the Scottish Cup & this should include Welfare/Highland Amateur & NCL
  2. A good argument, No abuse (As you have a good deal of intelligence unlike others in this thread) You make a good case. But Scotland needs to be different and think outside the box to ensure more development of players
  3. With Scotland going out the World Cup. we need to invest/Increase in Youth/B team football for the future development and its paramount we have SPL sides having B teams in the Structure this will enable better development ahead of a loan/Reserve system which people from the dark ages want in place to protect there silly petty interests.
  4. What a load of rubbish, the Under 19/21 will need experience in matches that matter against more senior players. Reserve Leagues does not really fill that. Hence B Teams is the way forward. I know this troubles you
  5. Oh yes.....Let me know when East Fife actually achieve something
  6. Cowdenbeath what a poor club. They will struggle next year
  7. Not long before another season for the B Teams in the Lowland League. More game time, More development, More youth gaining experience, More upset Lovely get the downvotes going lads. I want more B Teams
  8. It would be better to have a Knockout tournament instead. Groups are boring (Unless smaller)
  9. Looking forward to the B Teams and seeing how they do. We need more in Scottish Football
  10. IRA are dead fella. I know you want them back
  11. I bet you was gutted that not enough English kids were killed hey
  12. If you hate Rangers you obviously loved the IRA
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