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  1. So October before Football is back in Scotland. No fans till 2022. Nicola Strugeon will make sure of that
  2. Would like the colts idea (And i think that will not go away) But 14-14-14 is a lot better
  3. Hearing news the smaller clubs are warming to the idea
  4. The big boys will win and the B Teams will come in Cowdenbeath, Alloa etc are too small to survive we need more dynamic ideas.
  5. I think that this should be an exclusive competition for the top 20 teams in Scotland for this next year
  6. Rangers and Celtic are going to pump money into the lower leagues Why are you all against it.....laughable
  7. And what's your plan apart from being a little kid on these forums
  8. Colts is still a fantastic idea. We need to improve the development of youngsters and keep them in the same environment as their senior counterparts. The Colts can be 18-23 (Plus 1 player overage) Smaller clubs would also benefit as they will have ready made players who are released as these players would have more experience playing in the Scottish Lower Levels then previously before Scottish Football must swallow its pride and embrace this fantastic and forward thinking plan. The Scottish Youth/Senior teams would benefit better in time with their development.
  9. MR Man's plan - Abolish Junior Football That is all, its old and very pointless for 2020.
  10. Rangers and Celtic deserve to bypass potential small sides and have a break for their quest for the title I back this
  11. Hearing this will be the case next year to ease fixture congestion & ensure more rest for the better teams Good idea if true
  12. Love the idea. Time to abolish Junior football its too bigoted for 2020
  13. Would prefer this Draw to be seeded. Ensure Celtic & Rangers have an away tie at a minnow
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