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  1. League Cup and Challenge Cup should be knockout comps this year
  2. We had B Teams in the 1940s so no reason why they cant happen again
  3. Thats good of the SFA but 8 would make it a more effective competition
  4. We have to limit the Non League clubs due to the nature of the season and aspects such as Testing and when they are playing
  5. Brora, Fraserburgh, Roches, Buckie (Highland) Keity, Bonnyrigg, BSC Glasgow, East Stirling (Lowland) Sample Prelim Round draw Stranraer vs Bonnyrigg BSC Glasgow vs Roches Queens Park vs Elgin Brechin vs Kelty Fraserburgh vs Buckie Stirling Albion vs East Stirling Stenhousemuir vs Cowdenbeath Brora vs Edinburgh City Sample First round Fraserburgh/Buckie vs Forfar Peterhead vs Annan Albion Rovers vs Sten/Cowden Fraserburgh/Buckie vs Dumbarton Cove Rangers vs Clyde BSC/Rothes vs Queens Park/Elgin Dumbarton vs East Fife Brechin/Kelty vs Montrose Partick vs Stan/Bonny Stirling Al/East Stir vs Falkirk Exciting hey
  6. I would have a reduced format,Less non-league sides but with more quality and more of a chance of League 2 sides playing SPL sides when/if the crowds come back, We dont really need pointless rounds for this years edition I would have 8 non league sides (4 Highland and 4 Lowland) 22 top sides into the last 32 28 sides battling out for 10 places Prelim (8 matches) First round (10 matches) More compact and much more easy to follow for the casual viewer which will help the development and forward thinking to Scottsh football which i'm sure that you will all agree
  7. So October before Football is back in Scotland. No fans till 2022. Nicola Strugeon will make sure of that
  8. Would like the colts idea (And i think that will not go away) But 14-14-14 is a lot better
  9. Hearing news the smaller clubs are warming to the idea
  10. The big boys will win and the B Teams will come in Cowdenbeath, Alloa etc are too small to survive we need more dynamic ideas.
  11. I think that this should be an exclusive competition for the top 20 teams in Scotland for this next year
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