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  1. Yeah good idea. Only be in it for yourself. They are giving teams money
  2. I'm excited that the Under 21's will remain in the competition. This is the way forward for the improvement, Development and struture of Scottish Football moving forward
  3. Youth Development will massively improve if the bigger clubs have colt teams in the lower leagues. (17-21 year olds will develop quicker) More focus also is needed for a robust Youth League like they do in England, Coaching needs to be improved as well as the SFA need to invest lots into this. Improvement is there but needs to gain more momentum.
  4. Of course you were all going to hit the dislike button to make yourselves feel better but Scotland has to go down this route and it helps with the development of all players ACROSS ALL CLUBS. Rangers/Celtic Bs will field around 30-40 players next season, Not all of them can make it but if some dont at the lowland league level there could be players signed who have got at least 10-15 games at that level. So it will be more experienced then them playing in Reserve/Youth team football. Germany it works Spain It works Portugal its works I don't see the downsides to this, They are offering money to help the clubs in the division (In these times its more then welcome) & Sponsorship offers should/would come in which will give the clubs even more money I salute the clubs in the Lowland Leagues who voted on this idea and this pitful boycott that people are planning is laughable and hopefully will fail as the world will continue to move on
  5. Its a wonderful idea to allow Colts teams into the Non-leagues (I know i'm in the minority but hey ho) This will improve the product, Enhance sponsorship, Make Rangers/Celtic players better & More experienced, Crowds might get better and plently of Lowland Players will have the only chance to play at Ibrox/Celtic Park. So its all good and i believe its a win win and many fans really need to wake up and smell the coffee and realise that this is progression.
  6. With the increase of teams in Europe to 5 will this have a big factor on Next seasons league cup? or will they offer 1 less place to a 2nd place team
  7. An idea would be to use 4 regional competitions as feeders to this competitions Highland (Highland, North Caledonian & North Juniors) West (All West of Scotland League clubs & Lowland West Clubs) South (South of Scotland League, Lowland South Clubs) East (All East Scotland League & Junior League clubs) The Semi finalists of each region (South may be weaker) go into the last 16. Then they play until the final
  8. Puts the Scottish Cup to shame
  9. Livingston 2-0 Ayr Hibs 2-1 Dundee Arbroath 1-2 Dunfermline Athletic Motherwell 2-1 St Johnstone Alloa 0-3 Hearts St Mirren 1-3 Aberdeen Celtic 4-0 Ross County Falkirk 1-3 Rangers
  10. So what. Its an idea and its different from the one you linked. Ideas happen fella
  11. Would like the Highland, North Caledonian & North Juniors combined to have a cup competition, on the same lines as what they do in the south of the country - 17 Highland League Clubs - 32 Scottish Junior clubs - 12 Northern Caledonian Clubs (59 clubs) First round - 54 clubs involved (5 Highland League teams gets byes) Second Round - 27 winners & 5 Highland League teams will play in this round Its high time that the clubs in the north unite for a competition like their counterparts within the south have done and have done for a number of years
  12. My Formula for this cup Teams Entering - 30 SPL Teams - 18 Highland League sides - 16 Lowland League sides Have all SPL 2 & Below clubs have home ties in the 1st round (Last 64), This will ensure a little bit more interest in the competition From the Last 32 it would be an open draw. Final to be played at Hampden Park and will be on a Sunday.
  13. League Cup and Challenge Cup should be knockout comps this year
  14. We had B Teams in the 1940s so no reason why they cant happen again
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