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  1. Thanks Angus. Had a cracking day, the game was fantastic. And Cheers to the other guys for replying.
  2. Alright guys, fantastic victory yesterday. Fair enjoyed my first trip to Methil. I have a question. When East Fife won eight games in a row last season, was that some sort of record? Had a quick google and all that comes up is you smashing Raith's home record last season. Cheers
  3. Derek Ferguson has predicted a 4-4-2 with Kilday and Oliver in midfield and Murray up front [emoji3061]
  4. I wonder where they got the idea [emoji848] https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p074b2bx
  5. Lots of things to be positive about after that Raith performance, it would have been doom and gloom going into the league season had they lost to Peterhead. MacDonald looks like one of your best attacking outlets and would have been man of the match had it not been for Bowie. He's clearly still raw but he's massive and he has an end product, grabbing a goal and two assist - even if one of those assist was intended for someone else and went in via a miss-hit cross. Hendry and Spencer ran the show in midfield and while he didn't have his best game Allan will take confidence from getting on the scoresheet again. Defence is still the biggest concern but the four that started last night seems the most solid, even if Munro behind them did have a few shaky moments. As for Mendy, well you're stuck with him. I'm not sure I've ever seen a player get a cheer after being directly responsible for three goals (which could have been more) in his first two starts. Peterhead had a lot of the ball for spells last night but they struggled to create until Mendy came on. Even after a minute of taking to the field Bene was screaming at him just so he would stand in line with the rest of the back four. I know he was out of position when Watson passed to him but he had enough time to at least take a touch and think about what he was going to do with it. Positives to be had, like I said, but at the moment they look like a team that will concede a lot of goals.
  6. The drop ball rule has changed this season so they are no longer contested. It's not just given the team that last touched the ball - which is definitely going to lead a few controversial decisions which lead to a week-long Sportsound debate.
  7. Saw Taylor quite a few times last season. Though, admittedly, I didn't see much of him or City once their form tailed off. He was very good at cutting in from the left in a 4-4-2, with the best performance I saw being his double at Hampden in a 2-0 win.
  8. Cheers for that. Why is the text so big? Also, hasn't MacDonald moved to Raith?
  9. Can't believe Broadfoot has come up again. What a riddy.
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