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  1. Think it was wrapped up 5-6 years ago .It had about 8 teams in it . Sunday league is now like pub league was years ago .
  2. No ,the Sunday league is lad's who only want a game on a Sunday nothing else. They are not interested in a pyramid set up .The league has went from 2 leagues to 1. Although quite a lot could play S o S because of the standard .
  3. Income tax will go up around 8% plus . NHS will be a priority for more funding . People will moan about everything having to be paid for .
  4. Said so 6 months ago .Anyone who thought this squad of players was good enough was deluded .The transfer window made us even worse .But heyho stay positive .
  5. If we can get in to the thistle half ,we might have a chance . Well , no .
  6. We will be beaten on Tuesday night ,McCall will have them fired up /tactically right/ prepared to battle / giving everything . We will be there .
  7. Wonder if there is a phone call . Skyline will know .
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