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  1. You could tell that the Dumbarton players lost their head after Buchanan was booked for dissent after the first penalty. Very strange as it looked a pretty clear cut penalty from where I was sitting. The Dumbarton team appeared to be utterly raging at every decision after that. All the cards given were deserved IMO apart from Geggan’s second yellow where Currie played for it. To the old Dumbarton goalie coach: GIRFUY. Angry, angry man. To Paton and Duthie who gave it big licks at the equaliser: GIRFUY. To every man, woman and child in Dumbarton tonight: GIRFUY.
  2. That really was Airdrie vs. Neil Parry and 10 other c***s. We absolutely battered Clyde today, I can’t believe we didn’t score more. I think Clyde are definitely the worst side I’ve watched this season, there wasn’t a single player that stood out today. That midfield 3 of McInroy, Easton and McGill were exceptional. All three were dynamic, energetic and showed excellent composure on the ball. Easton in particular was superb. He ripped the pish out of that Clyde team all afternoon, he was outstanding for our second goal. If only we could play like that every week!
  3. Is there highlights of this anywhere? Can’t seem to find them online.
  4. Difficult to put into words just how bad that performance was today. We will be nowhere near the top of the table unless we make significant signings between now and the end of the transfer window. Montrose were so much better than us all over the park today, and I don’t think they’ll be troubling the top of the league either which is quite scary. F**k sake Airdrie.
  5. 1. Cove Rangers 2. Falkirk 3. Queens Park 4. Airdrieonians 5. Alloa Athletic 6. Montrose 7. Dumbarton 8. Clyde 9. East Fife 10. Peterhead
  6. Really disliked Ally Roy when he was at Airdrie, glad I can continue my dislike of him now he’s gone.
  7. Extremely tinpot that QP didn’t have a stream to watch on Saturday. Sounds like they done us a favour in the end though as by all accounts we were poor again! Really can’t see us doing anything against Motherwell on Wednesday.
  8. Potentially fantastic signing. Completely out the blue which is nice for once!
  9. Didn’t think any of the trialists that started yesterday are likely to add much to our squad. Both centre halfs (no 2 & 4) looked really shaky - no composure defensively or on the ball. The forward (no 7) looked far too lightweight. The striker that came on at half time at least put himself about and ran the channels well. I think our starting 11 for the upcoming season is pretty solid and will no doubt be competing at the right end of the table, however I’m a little concerned with the bench/ squad. We are severely lacking in any sort of depth. Hopefully we’re able to get in another few players before the start of the league season.
  10. My best guess would be Murray not wanting to risk playing him twice in two days after his recent injury/ surgery. Bear in mind the real stuff starts on Saturday!
  11. He looked lively in first ten minutes but I appear to have cursed him.
  12. Don’t know if it’s just me but this must be the worst quality stream I’ve ever watched. It feels like I’m watching it through some dodgy streaming site. From what I can see, Easton looks a real threat. The trialist (number 11) looks decent so far as well. Any ideas who it is?
  13. I accept Quitongo is unlikely to be anywhere near the quality of Leon McCann, however can we afford to have two left backs? Surely we’re better investing whatever McCann’s wage would be into a better centre forward or another holding midfielder.
  14. I’d take him tbh, offers something a bit different to what we have.
  15. I’m sure we will. At the very least Forfar fans seemed sad to lose Allan, which can’t be said for the Dumbarton trio!
  16. I thought Frizzell was a winger in which case he would replace the Thomson/ O’Reilly role coming off the bench to run at defences in the last 20 mins of games. I may be wrong however!
  17. Unless we sign another striker I would imagine so based on the formation we played last season.
  18. With that signing, out starting 11 is looking something like: Currie Watson - Kerr - Fordyce Wardrop - Ritchie - ??? - Quitongo/ McCann Agnew Gallagher - Allan Subs: Walker, Frizzell, Ritchie, Robert?, Pyott Not too bad for this stage of the season, not as doom as gloom as I thought it was. Who we manage to bring in in midfield is going to be absolutely crucial. We simply can’t get away with starting the season with guys like McKay/ Ritchie/ Kerr/ Sabatini/ Stokes playing there.
  19. Happy to see Josh Kerr sign on for next season. He has potential to be a really good defender for us given a good run of games.
  20. Paton is a funny one for me. He was poor on the ball and his distribution was horrendous, but there is absolutely no doubt that we were better with him in the team. Wouldn’t mind him re-signing. I would be pretty happy if we managed to sign Steven Bell. You wouldn’t think he’d be guaranteed to start every game for Thistle in the championship.
  21. Late to the party here, but Jesus Christ that’s mental. Three year deal!
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