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  1. Another predictably disgraceful performance against lesser opposition. If Murray was going to be sacked he would have been weeks ago, so buckle up ladies and gentlemen for the rest of the season. I understand the need to give some of the fringe players game time, but surely not at the expense of any semblance of formation? I couldn’t figure out who was playing CM (apart from Kerr) or indeed what formation we were playing at all. I’m fully expecting another frustrating end to the season in 4th/ 5th place.
  2. Surely we can’t be beaten by the same League 2 team twice in the same season at home? We’ve started very slowly so far.
  3. Purely based on the performances against us so far this season: Chris Smith (Dumbarton) Scott Mercer (Falkirk) Ryan Strachan (Cove Rangers) Kerr Waddell (Montrose) Rico Quitongo (Dumbarton) Blair Spittal (Patrick Thistle) Nat Wedderburn (Dumbarton) Fraser Fyvie (Cove Rangers) Morgaro Gomis (Falkirk) Russell McLean (Montrose) Brian Graham (Patrick Thistle)
  4. Falkirk are utterly shite. They had no chance of winning that, they had absolutely nothing going forward.
  5. We are utterly shite. No chance we’re getting anything from this now, we have absolutely nothing going forward.
  6. Well this is just an awful take. “No foreigners = great success!!!”
  7. Even more baffling when you think that two of those three midfielders are Paul McKay and Josh Kerr. Both offer so little. Kerr’s passing accuracy must be one of the worst in the league.
  8. Wonderful prediction. Ian Murray’s red and white army.
  9. Agreed. Both East Fife & Montrose are decent but not great League One sides and we’ve completely and utterly failed to break them down. We’re now only one point ahead of that honking Peterhead team. Awful.
  10. Iain Murray is a fucking charlatan. No matter how this ends up we’ve been hopeless again. The fact he’s just made another triple substitution replacing the front three tells me he’s ran out of ideas. We shouldn’t be struggling to break down teams week in week out with the players we have in our squad. We have a very good squad for this level and Murray simply isn’t getting anywhere near the best out of it.
  11. Gallagher up front = comfortable Airdrie win. I don’t make the rules.
  12. It doesn’t look like we’ll get anything from this game now. We just do not seem able to get our foot on the ball in the final third. Think we need to make a change here.
  13. Buzzing for next weeks game now. A win gets us right in the mix at the top!
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