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  1. Would be quite happy to come away from today without defeat and bring them back to Broomfield on Tuesday, albeit I think we’re very capable of winning today given our recent form. It’ll be interesting to see how we set up today. We had good success down the wings against Cove last time out. Maybe start Thomson over Carrick?
  2. Surprised to see only one change tonight. No excuses not to win this now and continue our momentum.
  3. As much as I’d like to go out and put a few past Falkirk, I think the sensible approach would be to rest a few of our key players ahead of the play offs. With this in mind I’d line up something like: Currie P McKay - Crighton - Kerr - Walker Ritchie - Sabatini Thomson - Stokes - Robert Roy I would still like to think that team would compete well enough, particularly given Falkirk’s recent form.
  4. It would be lovely if Peterhead could do us a favour here after we gave you 3 points a few weeks ago
  5. That’s as bad a miss as I’ve ever seen. Fucking hell how did Gallagher miss that?!
  6. Dumb and dumber are offering absolutely nothing down the right side for us here. Let’s get Robert on the right hand side of midfield for the second half - he’s at least able to beat a man!
  7. Delighted to be proved wrong here (however if it wasn’t for a howler from the Montrose keeper I’d have been right!!)
  8. Bizarrely we’ve not played particularly well but we’ve had enough chances to win this. You just know we’ll lose this one though.
  9. Despite how poor a position we look in, a draw wouldn’t be a bad result here with Forfar to play at home on Tuesday. We need to be far more clinical here though, that’s a few good chances we’ve squandered.
  10. It’s an absolute disgrace we’ve got ourselves into a position where we’re forced to play the two McKay twins no matter what. Robert & Sabatini are good players for this level but nowhere near good enough to justify this arrangement we appear to be in with McKay Snr.
  11. We’re going to have to go 2-1 down before Murray makes any changes here.
  12. You just get the feeling we’re going to regret missing all these chances.
  13. This low sun is causing havoc with the cameras. Hopefully should sort itself in the next 10-15 mins.
  14. Jack McKay is a fucking liability. An absolute disgrace that Murray persists with him over Robert, Carrick or Connell. Whether that’s Murray’s choice or not is up for debate.
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