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  1. Anyway back to the game apart from 10 to 15 minutes after Stanton scored we were pushed back but weathered the storm and a couple of subs who probably had a point to prove did the business. I unlike others will not criticise the manager or his co manager who in the two spells have worked wonders with this team. Ok, we will have bad days but all teams apart from the ugly sisters go through these spells it's what footballs all about you win some and you lose some especially teams like the Rovers. We've done fairly well in the cups this season still in two and in the later stages of both I am not looking to beat Celtic but it's in my prayers that we do. I am just being realistic and hope that I am wrong. No reason why we can't beat Killie they are just as good or bad as us depending on how you view the team. I for one will probably not go to Prkhead because the last time I was there Scott Thomson kicked the ball out so Peter Grant could get treatment and the rest as they say is history cheating barstewards.
  2. Pram ,dummy tit out the throw. I'll buy you a pint if your that upset pal.
  3. Jealousy will get you nowhere anyway I gave it away diabetic no chocolate for me.
  4. Have to say a big thanks to the Rovers TV boys for the caramel waver that was passed to me.
  5. Aye that's the one The Four Mile stayed in that area when I worked at Akers good little pub and the fish shop was good as well.
  6. What's the chip shop called going out towards the airport at Dyce and the pub quite close to it?
  7. Sunk a few pints in the Prince of Wales a good few years ago now. Is Jimmy Wilson's pub still on Market Street?
  8. Got a ticket in the draw so Aberdeen here we come.
  9. We were fucking pish 1st half fucking last to everything as was the second half to many players passing to opponents and very lackadaisical no obvious effort and from the stand no managerial changes until it was to late. To many misplaces passes to much hump it down the park and when we did try to play it on the ground to fucking many passes along the back line as there was no movement up front. The new signings show no improvement from the ones that have been benched. Seriously doubt that we are of good enough to go up the players who have been given a 2 1/2 year contract have to show a bit more in terms of commitment.
  10. If the manager puts a team out that is fired up for the game it should be an entertaining all out game both teams going for it or not but lets get behind the Rovers and encourage them for the whole 90 minutes. It might be in Embows estimation a scabby 1-0 victory I myself would welcome that. COYR
  11. What are you implying if you have something to say then do so.
  12. Was chosen in the draw but no 200 club on Saturday.
  13. Lucky this time so anyone know if the 200 club is open on Saturday?
  14. We're not desperate just patently waiting for it to happen, he has history for this. I really hope you get yourselves out of this mess but I feel you have the wrong man for the job.
  15. No I don't but was just answering a question. By the way how is your team doing so far this season?
  16. You are where you are because you bought into their bullshit, there is no-one else to blame apart from yourselves, so take your medicine you have worked hard for many years for this.
  17. What's the time guys? 5 past Dunfermline. Yogi must stay and see the job finished.
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