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  1. Tickets for the Dunfermline game priced at twenty quid and no concessions.
  2. Just checked your web site for tickets for the game against the Rovers twenty quid and no concessions.
  3. So no link for away fans to buy a ticket on-line strange but will still be there.
  4. We were toothless up front and let them bully us in midfield to many inexperienced players in the team we are needing one or two oldish heads. Apart from that if it was three corners a penalty we would have won hands down. Onwards and upwards hopefully.
  5. What's the time limit on Spenser returning to the squad? Also how near fitness are the other injured players Vaughn not included in this.
  6. Are season tickets not valid for this game as there is no mention about them on the Rovers web only about buying one. Somebody forget something in the office methinks.
  7. Will be nice to see our near neighbours visiting. Hope they enjoy their day out but not to well. Saw them against Peterhead and they were poor the first half and should have gone in at least two goals down but hey ho a different team in the second half their first goal was scrappy but after that they settled down and played well. So this I think is going to be a (hopefully) good game of football. Not going to predict a score as I am never that confident about the Rovers.
  8. Bring back pay at the gate let's be sensible it worked for years.
  9. Not going and refusing to pay 18 quid for a game I could see for 12 quid.
  10. John Sim if I recall correctly two or maybe three seasons ago wanted the team to be based around a youth policy to build a team to progress into the premier league. Now for some reason that has changed two youth/young players who given time could have been part of the backbone that a team could have been built around what happened sell them quick and kiss their hand, it happened before with a certain Mr Drysdale I have a sneaky suspicious feeling Bill Clark is his nemisis. Because sinse he's reappeared thhe su[[orters have been trated very badly. Another thing when we pated at the gate you didn't have to prove who you were. This nonsense about having to be scanned in , where is this information going ?
  11. What are the chances of the supporters club putting a bus on?
  12. Spot on Specky, Peter Grant is a cheating bar steward. The Celtic team that night were craping it because it was heading for penalties. i also remember going for a pie and they only sold pepsi no coca cola which I found amusing.
  13. Tried yesterday and couldn't get a ticket either It just seemed to be in a loop you got so far and it went back to the start. Things not going to well with modern technology.
  14. Was at your game yesterday and was saddend to hear about Bobby Waddell remember him well from the early 70's when Raith played East Fife he was a player you hated because he was so good. If I remember did his brother not play for East Fife as well? RIP Bobby you were a good player.
  15. Doesn't look to healthy for the game on Saturday Ayr with 6 first team players out due to the virus. Hopefully they will be OK. Was really looking forward to this as it has been a wee while since I was last in Ayr.
  16. See they have drawn the 50/50 ticket for last Friday. I would have thought given that a lot of people may have just disposed of the tickets that the club could have announced that "X" amount had been taken and that 50% of this if unclaimed would be added to the pot for the next home game. Or is that not allowed?
  17. Had the pleasure of doing my "C" coaching badge at Glenrothes in early 1980's with Gordon Wallace and Walter Smith. Both were gentlemen and Gordon especially when he found out I was a Rovers Supporter. This is devastating news as I rembeber him being signed from Montrose and going on to become a hero for us. Myy thoughts go out to him and his family.
  18. Would that be Graeme P the worst fisherman ever. He even makes the East Fife muppets look sensible.
  19. If you were at the game you may have noticed that all the lights in Pratt Street went off as well.
  20. What's the time guys? 5 past Dunfermline Oh the old ones are the best.
  21. I remember that happened once before got the train up and by the time we arrived in Perth the game had been cancelled. A few left the train there to come back to Kirkcaldy but the majority stayed on the train as a few had booked overnight accomodation in Inverness. When we arrived up there the sun was splitting the sky I think they were possibly a tad early in cancelling that day. But who knows what the ground conditions were like.
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