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  1. As regards the "New Strips" someone will have to wake up Tom Morgan ?
  2. Any chance we might see a bit off signing movement around Starks Park soon .
  3. Tx Rover Spencer's name is Brad try and remember these things or are you always on the Dunfermline web ?
  4. When's Tom Morgan going to get his finger out and let the supporters know what's on offer because this happens every year and it's getting a wee bit boring. Tom my money stays in my pocket until I want to spend it not when you tell me I should.ðŸĪŠ
  5. Jacobsladder never been any problems with the mixing of fans as far as I am aware. If any problems there are plenty pubs on the High Street to visit but the Novar has been a football pub for as long as I can remember.
  6. Jacobsladder the Novar Bar on Nichol Street is the best football pub in Kirkcaldy and is quite near the ground does good bar lunches as well.ðŸĨƒ
  7. Greg Stewart released by Rangers might be worth a look. Plenty of experience knows where the bak of the net is. If he's fit invite him to train and have a look at him.
  8. Since we in Fife are at level one on the covid scale will we be allowed to attend the game against Cowdenbeath and at home to Brechin or are we still under restrictions?
  9. It just appealed to my wicked sense of humour, like the time Jim Dempsey got booked for throwing a handfull of snow at a referee way back in the 70's. Or Cammy Fraser offering John Watson his hand to help him up then as he was about to take it he put his thumb up to his nose. Things like this appeal to me that's all and long may they continue.
  10. Your right Yoss we did sign some very good players from Alloa but there was a few that weren't. With regards to Dougie Hill anyone got the video of the game where he took that little Scumfermline tosser Fotheringham I think it was by the throat?
  11. Nice one Tamhain a photo of a real Dick you not got one of Uncle Fester as well.👍
  12. Just two words on signing players from Alloa Ryan McCord. He was very good as a part-time player but for some reason when full-time with us didn't look the same player. He then went to Arbroath and again looked to be a good player. Let's hope lightning doesn't strike twice if he has really signed for us. If he has welcome Liam.
  13. Calderon where would Smugger fit into that? I would have thought Smudger as team manager and John McGlynn as Director of Football. I may very well be wrong and you could have hit the nail on the head. We will find out in the future perhaps.ðŸĨƒ
  14. I would have liked to have seen Dundee take a two goal lead into the second game as long as you don't sit to far back I think your on course goodluck.
  15. Sorry to intrude guys but can you tell me if you still have the curry pies on sale in the ground as I thought they were very tasty. Welcome back by the way I for one thought you were harshly treated.
  16. Have been trying to find the highlights of the Raith v Dundee league game 3-1 for the Rovers but can't find it on Raith Web or Youtube anyone help please.
  17. Tried that before I posted Embow but they are now up. By the way enjoy your winnings spend them wisely.😉
  18. Was looking for the highlights of the 3-1 victory against Dundee can't seem to fid them any help please.
  19. Hear hear Stevoraith. For those that weren't listening to Raithtv last night Mendy was MOM voted by the aps people.
  20. Are Dundee showing the game on their TV as I would prefer to watch it on that than listen to the erses on BBC.
  21. Same Rovers team that started against Dunfermline by the looks of it.
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