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  1. TxRover Mendy's American agent a true colonial. Does he remember the Boston Tea Party. 😈
  2. Will the jersey that were worn last night be auctioned off as has been done in the past?
  3. Specky you could have played center half tonight and we would still have kept a clean sheet. 🤭😜
  4. Going by the match stats St Mirren were all over you lovely to hear that Peter Grant is your messiah. He was always a wee cheeting barsteward and he is now with the best team for him.
  5. apparently Killie did , seemingly Dan Armstrong was suspended and they used him as a sub.🤪
  6. Great day out a few beers in Wee Jimmy's a bit of sad news though the old guy that used to sit at the top end of the bar passed away. I used to have a great chat with him going to and coming back from the gents. The game itself was good to watch although another one or two goals for us would have been nice, but fair do's to Cowden they certainly didn't lie down and kept fighting for the 90 minutes. But a wins a win and am looking forward to Tuesday night. Disappointed no pies at the game.
  7. Supposedly against Dundee Utd at St Andrews not sure on what day. Might be the University ground or might even be St Andrews Utd ground.
  8. But what would they want after five years a wee bit extra then after a wee while a wee bit more extra. Tell them to get ta fcuk.
  9. Was at the game today and was impressed by Queens Park, I thought your number 10 look a good attacking midfield player. Our defence was caught out twice and we deserved to lose these goals. Good luk in the forthcoming season ond on today's showing you should do very well.
  10. Renton two you missed as trialists then were signed Dougie Hill and Grant Murray. They did ok.
  11. Ordered one this morning it looks good hopefully arrives sooner rather than later, will there be an away strip as well or that red training top looks smart is there any chance that will be on sale to the supporters.
  12. As regards the "New Strips" someone will have to wake up Tom Morgan ?
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