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  1. Gary Locke . With regard to hiring him did the CEO at the time not have something to do with it? Just a wee thought that's all.
  2. I had a similar experience with and e-mail timed at 15.50 telling me the game kick off at 15.00. I have since been told I am getting my money back. I will not touch anything ITC or SPFL again in future.
  3. The Celtic player that was feigning injury (cramp) was Alloa's manager Peter Grant (cheating barsteward).
  4. Your a fucking turd now piss off back to where you came from.
  5. Wood you believe it. I do believe that gentleman came from Greeock.
  6. Aye was he not chased out of Starks Park eventually.
  7. Yes,and did you enjoy your Morrisons coffee on Wednesday?
  8. Needing a bit of information,who supplied Cowdenbeath's pies last season. Many thanks if you can help.
  9. First time I saw a Rovers v Morton game was December 1963 just before Christmas. Morton won 3-0 and a certain Alan McGraw played that day. Morton ended up being promoted at the end of that season. I am not sure if Doug Cowie was still the Rovers manager at that time. Stood on the terrace where the dugouts are now,well sat on the wall there.
  10. Will this be the half-time entertainment at East End Park in the future?
  11. cheers,would have preferred a phey supporter to answer that but cheers all the same. I was at that game feckin magic.. As well as simmo's and Lauries goals. Happy days.
  12. I see our cheating neighbours from the west of the county are sitting top of the league. Hopefully this will be rectified soon.
  13. By the way who was that full back that fucked up when we beat you 1-0 at Dens a few seasons ago. Really can't remember his name. Mr Ali get a day job your patters shit.
  14. Gordon Dalziel,Colin Harris,Ian Ferguson to name another 3 off the top of my head.
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