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  1. Is Geordies Byre still closed as I used to stay and work in Ayr and this was a favourite pub that I enjoyed going to.
  2. Can I buy a ticket on the day at Somerset and or will there be a pay gate ?
  3. Where will you get a decent peh in Dundee as opposed to the over priced crap that they sell at the ground?
  4. Don't thank us thank fat Eric and his brother standrews.
  5. Yes Calderon Fat Eric does have his sticky fingers in at Dens Park, if in doubt count the crowd one of his famous ways from way back.
  6. The championship looks like it will have more twists and turns than a Agetha Christie mystery great if you don't have a weak heart, but fascinating all the same,
  7. That's why we have a squad of players TX to cover these eventualities.
  8. Millen and Connelly last week and this week were superb linking up together and playing for each other excellent left hand side also playing for each other a joy to watch. Well done the team.
  9. Also the X27 from Halbeath takes you into the Town Center fairly regular also there is now a X27A that follows the same route. The bus from Edinburgh airport is the 747 it runs about every half-hour. Failing that get the Edinburgh city buses get on at St James center and get the X60 or X61 from there. Or even a train from Waverly if they are running.
  10. I think there has been a few people who contacted the fans rep but still silence from her.
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