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  1. What about getting Jimmy Nicholl to cast his eye over the applicants?
  2. He'll be looking for someone with a bit of iron and try not to drive a wedge in between the BOD.
  3. Ballieinleeds Queens Park won the Scottish cup 10 times and also appear in two English FA Cup Finals. not bad for an amateur team eh.
  4. Stop bothering us good teams .Are you lot not going to the level that you should now be at this is for championship teams not seaside league teams now bye bye and don't disturb us again Remember and get your name down for a house on least end park. Have a nice summers break. Yogi must stay.
  5. Brashy, yes am making the trip to Central Park on Saturday. Don't know when I'll be able to go to Wee Jimmy's after Saturday.
  6. I've heard Yogi's got his name down for one of the first houses to be built on East End Park. Is there any truth in this rumour?
  7. How does Dunfermline come into that equation. To be fair you are neither of the two.
  8. Is Craig Brewster a possibility or is he happy where he is?
  9. You cnuts still on here bugger off to where you belong and John Hughes must stay.
  10. Bye Bye might see you in the Fife Cup if you can get past the Shippy.
  11. John Hughes must stay and see the job right through to the bitter end relegation from the seaside league.
  12. Maybe following her hubby out the door and I wouldn't shed a tear. In the same esteem as fat Eric. Effing usless and what about her Jambos connection with regards to the tv coverage. A nasty rumour if there is any truth in it but who knows eh.
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