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  1. You chappies no got a cup-tie this week sad sad sad. So this is another decade that you'll no liven up Fife. This'll be a memory one for yourselves.
  2. I remember a fat Dundee polisman standing in front of me the whole game and no listening to what he was told. Ef off ya erse PC 856.
  3. Was he not a lying little p***k when he was here?
  4. Coming home to Starks Park.The wee shiter hates you c***s.
  5. On a more friendly note. I would like to wish the players,staff and supporters of East Fife a good new year.
  6. Reagan Hendry is on a two year contract so don't see that happening and if you were at yesterdays game you would have seen the commitment that he puts into playing for the Rovers. I for one wouldn't want Callachan back not with the mid-field we have just now.
  7. Looks like the musicians from Leven High Street on their annual trip abroad.
  8. I prefer this one myself. https://youtu.be/UOktg4FXw3g
  9. Yes, have a good one and a tipsy new year.
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