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  1. Squirrelhumper the closest pub to your end of the ground is the Novar Bar it's a Rovers pub but you will be made welcome. They also do bar lunches and have agood selection of drinks. I am not sure if you are thinking about eating that you may have to book in advance. If you go there it's only a 10 minute walk to the North end of the ground and that is where you'll be seated. As well as the Novar there are quite a few pubs on the High Street as well again within easy walking distance to the ground.
  2. Cheers Beachbum a wee bit of history for the younger supporters.
  3. Embow found a thread on YouTube for the Scottish cup semi-finals in 1951 featuring Raith against Celtic and Motherwell against Hibs it was on a Pathe newsreel of the time. I am afraid I can't load it onto a Rovers site as I am not that clever with computers but if you could I am sure that there will be a few people interested to view this. Celtic won 3-2 but Rovers gave them a good game. Anyway I hope you can manage to do this many thanks.
  4. My cousin and his wife were down from Inverness that weekend and he asked me to take them to the game. He hadn't seen the Rovers since the 1950's and hasn't seen them since. Apart from that he had a guid belated family New Year. It was also in the days when you got to take a wee carry out into the game so a half bottle of whisky was purchased from Blankensteins in Ramsay Road for the game just to keep the cold at bay. Also, if I remember correctly was there not a camera placed up on the floodlights not sure if it was used during the game but maybe for the introduction I may be very wrong about this as it was a good few years ago.
  5. Watched the match then switched off for the penalties can you tell me in what order they were taken many thanks. I fancy going back to Killie getting a decent B&B and having a good away mid-week. Oh by the way I am retired.
  6. Is the 2300 capacity not Cove Rangers ground so if it is somebodies getting confused.
  7. Correct Embow , who's going to pay big bucks for the ground at Pratt Street with a railway line on one side and a narrow road on the other ?
  8. It's been a couple of years since I was last in Arbroath's Wetherspoons , in fact maybe longer and had forgotten where the loo was cheers for pointing me in the right direction. The food was ok then but things change. Is that pie shop still up the road from the bus station?
  9. No there's another pub across the road that you can use if your wee legs are no up for a climb.
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