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  1. I've got £125 outstanding - was just gonna donate to youth development and will do so on Monday unless there's a better suggestion?
  2. 8 paid in total - that's all the emails I've had confirmed - I've messaged other people I know or think paid directly and I will donate anything left over come end of August to DFC and post proof of this.
  3. I'll get everyone refunded between this evening/tomorrow evening. Everyone who has given me details will get it back before 10pm tomorrow - I'll keep an eye on here for anyone else sending me PayPal emails over the next few weeks then I'll donate anything left to the club.
  4. I'll level with you - I'd left this around January with the intention I stated on an earlier post to pick this up this season. I have had a bit of a shitemare the past few months on a personal level and I completely forgot about this. That's nobody here's concern and I'll hold my hands up - that's unacceptable when it comes to other people's money and I'll take all the flak that comes my way. I got a phone call from a poster on here this morning (there are 2 posters I know personally) asking me about this and explaining the conversation that was ongoing. I've come on and read it and realised there's (rightly) little appetite or trust for me to sort out the sponsorship so I've apologised and offered refunds. That doesn't make it ok and I'm fucking mortified. This will be my last post on here because A) no c**t wants me here anymore - no complaints from me on that B) I'm mintered up C) no amount of grovelling/explaining will make a blind bit of difference - if I was on the other end I'd be equally suspicious and seething so I'm not about to labour the point and keep stinking the place up. I fucked up, I'll sort it and then ill leave you to it. I am truly sorry and will sort this out - my earlier post on what I'd "prefer" wasn't brass necking it - I'd just like to make sure everyone gets there money back directly - anyone that doesn't raise a request I will donate their money to the club (and provide evidence). I said August to give people time to read the board and pm me or raise a request - no other reason.
  5. Any unclaimed money will go to the club - I'd prefer if everyone who can request it back does so though.
  6. Pm me if you can't request - I'll get her to filter through the old payments if need be.
  7. I'm aware my word is pretty worthless at the moment but all refunds will be paid in full ASAP I've got a full body minter over this - it's £425 and I've managed to make myself look a thief for that - it's not acceptable regardless of amount and I'll have it resolved as soon as I get the refund requests / pm's
  8. I was genned up by someone I know personally. If you want a refund by some other means pm me. Fabcab I appreciate the sentiment but I'd rather give you your cash back then you can make a donation - saves any dubiety. I deserve the flak and won't argue back with anyone - I'd have started a jihad against me by now had the shoe been on the other foot. I'll get it paid back as soon as I can - be aware I think my ex has turned it into a business account so refunds will be from her business name - don't go giving her shite as it really is my fault.
  9. Stick in a refund request and I'll get the ball rolling asap - I'm as desperate to get this sorted as you boys
  10. Right lads - I've fucked up here - I'll get the refunds out by the end of August - I've no longer got access to the PayPal account - long story you won't be interested in. I've not got an excuse - the money's not been stolen or used, just forgotten about which tbh is equally unacceptable. I'll get the refunds out asap - I'm in contact with PayPal to get access - it was a shared account and I am in the throes of divorce - can you please raise PayPal refund requests - if you can't do that pm me and I'll arrange alternative means. If you get a request in my ex has said she'll let me know and I'll pay her and she'll pay out. Sorry.
  11. Send me £5 and I'll tell you where I've been. Thank you.
  12. Not edgy enough for the jail lads. Plus anycunt as handsome as me would struggle big time in that gaff.
  13. Firstly, I'm not Irish, but I get the sentiment... I've got your dough (possibly not yours personally - I'll need to re-check the list) , you've all got my apologies - the only outstanding issue is what we do with it. I've been away for a while now, legitimate and selfish reasons, but none to do with the cash I've got in my PayPal account. If you want a refund I'll sort it on my return from abroad (approx 28 Jan) - no fuss. If not we can do something this season (4 man hospo via draw?) or hold off till next season. I'm open to PM's berating me - I'm happy to explain via that medium as well. Long and short is I got caught up with work abroad with pretty strict security protocols (which ran on beyond the initial contract), then had some "personal issues" which rather pre-occupied me upon my return. I'm now back abroad but home soon. I'll not lie, I have been a w****r and id be hunting me down - but I'll not hide from it. Sorry cunto's.
  14. I've been promised a week in a 6* Dubai hotel at the end of it. I'll be surviving. Thank you.
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