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  1. Heard he scored 2 for buffs v Dalry last night in bounce game at glengarnock. Why would Dalry let him go at this point in the season?
  2. Are these fiends friends of yours? - and, if so, why are you associating with evil & cruel persons?
  3. Merksworth Park playing surface & surrounds have vastly improved over the past 18 mths so hats off to the people at Dalry for all heir hard work
  4. To be fair, it wasn't the club themselves, but I saw a fan who uses the club badge as his picture tweeting something about exciting times ahead for the club or words to that effect. Ah - ok. I have heard they have established a U16 development team to play in West of SCotland Youth League next season & along with the current good management, committee & volunteers this may be what the tweet refers to. Dalry have been rejuvenated over the past couple of seasons so we’ll done to them.
  5. Where have Dalry Thistle made a few noises over the weekend?
  6. The 20.00 Ayr train comes from Edinburgh
  7. Presumably a target of 8th means that you think that at least seven clubs in the division have a player budget greater than Buffs?
  8. Googled it and it seems to be a zimmer - that’s probably why it was going to take half hour for him to get back
  9. Young team especially that wee p***k with the lazy eye and fake cap ( who told us to wait half an hour as he was away to get his marchette and run it through us lol ) are little p***ks which is a shame as the older folk work tirelessly at the club Excuse my ignorance, but what is a “marchette”?
  10. Kilbirnie & girvan for me — both 4/1 at LAdbrokes
  11. I don't have a strong view one way or another as to Abbey Park vs Pennyburn (although I prefer enclosed stand-alone terraced grounds over soulless facilities which are part of a larger sports ground) and I only responded to your post as the quoted figure of £30k per season seemed a bit excessive and my assumption was that this included a big chunk of rent. On the basis now that no rent is payable for Abbey Park are you saying that £30k is the current annual cost for utilities and ground upkeep at Abbey Park? You only pay for electricity/water used so presumably the annual cost would be similar for Pennyburn (unless the deal is that the Pennyburn facility is provided free of charge!). I may be wrong but I don't think that business rates will be payable for Abbey Park. I take the point that annual running costs may be slightly less at Pennyburn but surely not to the level of £30k per season.
  12. Are you saying that buffs pay £30k p.a to rent abbey park from NAC?
  13. Re nothing being said after the game - I heard today that “home truths” will be given to the players tonight at training as manager was too angry after game. Seems sensible to me to let things cool down as immediately after a poor performance things can be said in the heat of the moment which do not help things going forward
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