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  1. Yup, he genuinely looked delighted. Hopefully he can push them on. A nice win and a good team performance
  2. He was good, obviously still in a bit of pain. Did his job against a dirty Morton team.
  3. Sorry, I should’ve lengthened that post. How’s Vaughan doing regards to his wee setback
  4. Murray has to Drill that winning mentality into the team now. Hard work still ahead of us. But that’s a nice win.
  5. A valuable three points. Murray must now build on this. How’s Vaughan doing?
  6. In fairness he’s looking ok. No offence to Morton. But the better teams will tear him apart.
  7. I can’t believe how far we’ve regressed as a club. The Goodwillie debacle still looms large. The board are still seething their investment doesn’t get a game. Boofuckinhoo
  8. He was a good player for us. Just way too inconsistent. Glad he’s doing well for Morton. Just hopefully not against us. All you need do is score and the game is won
  9. Ngwenya, Nolan got there arses handed to them quite a few times when Dundee eventually broke through. Dundee were just as awful as us. They took their chance. We squandered ours
  10. Let’s wait till we face Morten. Then my assumptions of this squad is valid. Especially after the dross served up against shite like Stirling Albion and Dumbarton. These were competitive games btw, and we fuckin blew it.
  11. Give me Kent Bergersson any time. Loyal as f**k to us. Too auld noo. But he gave his all for us. was he Swedish??
  12. At least your hopeful, we are in the banter era. I thought Murray was the answer. Jack Ross was the brains behind his early success at Dumbarton, he’s achieved f**k all since. He’s clearly still signing players good enough for league 1. That performance against a shite Dundee team was evident. He hasn’t got a clue. Signing kids for the weakest part of our team just doesn’t fill me with any kind of confidence. He has absolutely no contacts in the game. We used to be a club that gave the most promising of players a chance to shine. Not anymore. Cheers McGlynn, oh I’m glad your Failkirk got pumped.
  13. I absolutely agree, Matej would definitely complete the forward positions. Not many will agree though. He knows the club. Just no more kids.
  14. We still lost though, suppose that’s a saving Grace.
  15. They’ve taken a massive huff because we won’t let their beloved rapist play. Fucking petty as f**k.
  16. Erm, no it isn’t. Let’s just celebrate another defeat YAAAAAAASSSS!!
  17. Shhhhhh, you can’t say stuff like that. They are perfectly able for this league…….apparently.
  18. We’ll probably sign another kid, wonder if Murray was signing players for league 1, he seems to forget that this is the championship. What a fucking joke.
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