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  1. What a comeback, don’t know what McGlynn told them in that dressing room. But Dammmn....
  2. And yet we are nonetheless new to the league, and any position above relegation is success. I don’t think the team have the drive to push for a play off. The last few games have proved one thing. We are the ultimate Jekyll and Hyde team in the league. We can play some blistering football, the next play like they’ve never met before. Every team goes through spats of bad performances. But we seem to excel at poor displays, especially midweek.
  3. We are so Jekyll & Hyde. We can play utterly sublime football, and yet play like strangers and can’t string two passes together.
  4. Really hope he does well. An amazing prospect for Fulham
  5. Just hope it isn’t as short lived as Ray’s team. A lot of our players are free agents in the summer.I’m sure McGlynn will have the contacts to rebuild.
  6. Please accept my apologies for the use of language on my last post. Even the wife went through me for it. So in future I won’t use aggressive language that offends. I’ll debate sensibly from now on. No I’m not my 14 year old son. I haven’t joined the platinum club so I can’t change my name. I’ve been back in Kirkcaldy for 6 years now. Again apologies.
  7. That’s all well and good. But you can’t expect us to obliterate teams on a Saturday then get absolutely raped without Vaseline on midweek games. That’s not play off worthy.
  8. Let’s hope we get back on track instead of the strangers that played on Wednesday. I hate this Jekyll and Hyde attitude we seem to have.
  9. I got that part about Mendy not being ready for the league. But you do consider him a talent nonetheless.
  10. Tx, your unquestionable loyalty in Mendy is seriously tiresome. He will never be a first team player at Raith Rovers or for that matter any teams in league 2. Sorry man it’s the truth I do agree with your comments about Bene and Davo.
  11. Be honest, he hasn’t been the same since his injury. He doesn’t commit like he did before injury. It’s great having a strong front line. But more importantly having a strong out ball. Those were always the hallmarks of Rovers teams in the past. And yea I know, the past is the past.
  12. We are so Jekyll and Hyde it’s unreal. We were absolutely stunning on Saturday and yet again fall short midweek. Instead of building from the front, we should’ve concentrated at the back. Bene and Davo have been finished for years, and yet we plunder on with them. The “defence” have no answer to teams that press us. Easily beaten last night and Dunfermline taught us a real lesson.
  13. Has McGlynn signed a hatchet man. He’ll be be sent off soon.
  14. Maybe we should use the “we’re gonnae get beat” pish
  15. A clear case of Falkirkitis. Giving it the we’ll lose narrative. You guys have a strong bench to choose from. We were knackered on Tuesday and destroyed because of that.
  16. I watched the video of the Rovers and Hearts just now, and the team looked knackered and disinterested. But hey that’s just my opinion, why Hendry felt the need to stamp on the Hearts player I’ll never know. The game on Tuesday came too quickly with the lack of training needed. Why is our home form lacking, I don’t know that either. Away from home we seem to have it together. Home we play like strangers. I’m also not complaining about the points on the board. Winning at Tynecastle was tremendous. We have to get sorted this Saturday against a very good Dundee
  17. Tbh, the odds are stacked against us, as Hearts will be hurting. I’ll be so happy to park the bus
  18. If we do beat this erm....JUGGERNAUT team then we can get the UP YE gifs oot.
  19. I have a good feeling about tonight. It’s a free hit and if we get beat so be it. But I’ll happily take a hard fought draw
  20. ^^^^this. Unfortunately they keep hiring shite managers. Craig Leven was awful, then they doubled down and hired Stendel. By that time the rot set in. There was no way that team were turning around their fortunes. That’s why they’re here and blaming everyone else.
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